About Us




Hey guys, I am not sure how to start with writing this column on our blog. It has been a long journey for me and for this blog. It took me about around 4 years to build this blog. It took almost 4 more years to buy this domain.

Who am I,

I (Swatantra Agrawal) was a Mechanical Engineer by degree and IT Engineer by profession. After spending almost 31 years of my life I realized that I had to do something more in my life. It was not like I was not liking my current job, but just the sence of owning something was missing. This led me to start with something different and here you are reading this.

Why this domain and Niche

We have to go back to the 2014 election time. Modi wave have griped entire nation and after 30 years a full majority government was formed. I soon saw our PM anounsing schemes after schemes and my parents had no idea what they ment. I was explaling then each scheme in details and how it could be very helpful for each and every Indians.

My parents were so impressed by my explanation that they forced me to explain this in very easy terms to our each and every India. This Inspired me to took this domain and start my blogging career.

What Does this blog Contain.

I started this blog by covering all the government schemes that central government have launched. Soon we started covering all the major state schemes.  After demonetization we covered some other topics that were requested by our regular readers.

How Many People are associated with this blog

There are 2 caategory of people assosiated with this blog first are readers like you who have made this one of the most famous blog around India. Second and most important is my team of 4 writers and 1 editor, they spend there life in writing and updating each and every minute details. This is the reason you will always find all articles up to date.