Sep 302016

Amma Free Wi-Fi Scheme in TN

Jayalalitha who is fondly called ‘Amma’ in Tamil Nadu has issued notice to set up Wi-Fi across 50 places in the state. Hailing from the ruling party AIADMK there, she has set forward to make India digitally connected and has sought provide free Wi-Fi across Tamil Nadu.

Amma Free Wi-Fi Scheme in TN

What is Amma Free Wi-Fi?

Since Jayalalitha is a much loved public figure in the state, the ruling party is chasing in on her brand and launching several programmes and facilities in her name. Previously the programmes that had been launched were Amma Cement, Amma Water, Amma medicine and the one that was most talked about recently – Amma Canteen. The latter provides food to people at subsidized rates.

This new Wi-Fi programme was promised to the school and college students. They were said that they would be given free access to the internet and it seems like the state government has just kept its promise.

Things to know about the project

  • In the first phase of the project around 50 schools will be covered and the cost for covering all of these schools would be around 10 crores.
  • There is 2 lakh acres of area under the Special Economic Zones which will be converted into Integrated IT complexes under the directions issued by Jayalalitha or ‘Amma’ herself.
  • The government will set up 650 e-registration portals. This will be a part of the e-governance scheme whereby people can easily handle their government services. To do this, the government shall spend 25 crores.
  • Customers will also be able to pay bills and make use of government services using mobile applications. For this an Assured Multi-Modal Access will also be launched. Therefore, the new Wi-Fi programme will help facilitate the smoother movement of all these plans.
  • The Amma Free Wi-Fi Zone will be the areas that are common for people such as bus terminuses, parks, industrial complexes, etc. These places will enable daily commuters and common public to use these services

Present scenario

At present, the Tamil Nadu e-governance agency and the Arasu Cable TV Corporation of Tamil Nadu are working out of a rented office. Hence infrastructure needs to be made to support these agencies and for these new offices need to be constructed. For this purpose another 5 crore rupees need to be shelled out from the government.

Also, the proposal to construct the IT complex in the Sholiganallur Special Economic Zone was also against the backdrop of exports. These were as much as 25% and their value was Rs. 16536 crore to be exact. This is one of the things that have been talked about a lot.

1 No. of spots to be covered 50
2 Cost of centers 25 crore
3 No. of schemes launched 25

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