Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by PM Modi


Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Scheme Yojana by PM Modi Registration

In the much-awaited address to the nation by PM Modi, the present Prime Minister of India opened up a bag of goodies for Indian citizens. Spanning over consumer space, agrarian space and of course, manufacturing segment of the nation, the announcements made by PM Modi came as a delight for millions. The celebrations punctuated the celebrations of the New Year’s Eve as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced financial and social inclusion benefits for businessmen, farmers, home buyers and even women of the nation.

Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by PM Modi

One of the highlights of the address to the nation was the announcement of social inclusion scheme for women in India. This scheme can be aptly referred to as Pregnancy Aid Scheme. The highlights of the scheme, as announced by Narendra Modi, are briefly mentioned below:

Pregnancy Aid Scheme: INR 6,000 Financial Aid for Pregnant Women

It is an ugly truth, a social evil that we Indians have been dragging for long – it is not other than maternal mortality. India is one of the several countries in world where maternal mortality is high. As per estimates for 2015, the MMR or Maternal Mortality Rate stands at 174 deaths for every 100,000 live births.

The question is, ‘what really is Maternal Mortality Rate?’

This mortality rate is not the count for number of deaths of newborn children. Rather, it is the count of number of female deaths that are caused during child birth. Death of women during pregnancy, during childbirth or post pregnancy can be caused by a number of reason with most common being poor physical condition aggravated by immense physical stress caused by pregnancy. Even improper pregnancy management can also lead to deaths.

174 out of every 100,000 may not sound too big a number but that is significantly high compared to various other nations in the world.

In order to combat this problem, PM Modi announced that a financial aid will be provided to pregnant women in the country. The salient features of the so-called Pregnancy Aid Scheme are:

  • INR 6,000 financial aid for every pregnant woman in selected districts of India.
  • 650 districts in India to be covered under the scheme.
  • The financial aid will be injected directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries (that is, pregnant women).
  • The provided money will cover some of the various expenses related to pregnancy such as, expenses for vaccination, expenses for admission in hospitals, expenses for purchase of nutritional food that women need during pregnancy etc.

Why Direct Bank Transfer?

This is a really vital question that should be addressed. There is definitely no rocket science behind it! There are two simple reasons:

  • Prevention of leakage in the system caused by corruption.
  • Lower management cost.

In case you haven’t already forgotten, PM Modi announced demonetization – a move to combat black money and corruption. It is known to everyone in the country that money allocated through government schemes barely reach beneficiaries as corrupt government officials and politicians hog over the money. Direct bank transfer from government treasury to beneficiary bank account will mean complete removal of indirect channels and hence, no corruption.

Also, direct transfer will eliminate the need for installing government officials for channel maintenance and hence, lower management costs. This will reduce financial burden on the government.

Pilot Project Already Operational

The government has already made a pilot project operational. The pilot project has the following highlights:

  • 53 districts have been selected for implementation of the test run of the scheme.
  • Initially, the beneficiaries (that is pregnant women) will receive INR 4,000 of financial aid instead of the proposed or intended INR 6,000 of financial aid.

As of now, there’s no word on what will happen to the balance INR 2,000 and how and when the balance amount will be provided to the beneficiaries of the pilot run. Hopefully, the government will resort to the same direct transfer method to provide the balance.

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