Jul 062017

Apply Anila Bhagya Scheme Yojana In karnataka for BPL (Free LPG Gas Connection)

The Karnataka state government has announced its plans to launch the new Anila Bhagya scheme. This is an LPG scheme for families that are below the poverty line. This is different from the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana scheme that has been established by the Central Government for many of the same purposes. The scheme will officially be released in the middle part of July.

Anila Bhagya Scheme Yojana In karnataka

The scheme is free to access and will provide free LPG connections to those who qualify and apply for access to it. It is specifically for BPL card holders. All families that qualify for it will receive the cooking fuel that they require. This helps them with staying healthy and protected as the risk of harm from the use of standard fossil fuels will be eliminated.

Proper Qualification Standards

The qualification standards for the Karnataka scheme are much easier to handle than what the central government is requiring. The central government asks that people be on the SECC-2011 list in order to get free LPG services. The Karnataka Anila Bhagya scheme will not require people to bet on that list in order to get the LPG one requires. In total, about 1 crore families will be able to get into the program.

Keys About the Scheme

Several additional keys can be seen through the scheme. This particularly relates to costs and additional features that will be provided to those who get into the scheme in particular:

  • A BPL card is all that a person needs in order to get into the scheme. This can be applied for quickly through proper access to a local government office for extra help.
  • A gas stove will be offered to all those who get into the scheme. Details on what the particular stove has to offer have not yet been released to the public.
  • The state government will cover the general cost of the scheme. There will not be any central assistance provided either. This allows for the coverage plan on the scheme to be fully simplified.

When Will It Be Released?

The Anila Bhagya scheme is expected to be released at some point in July. The state government will be responsible for informing the public about when it will be open and how people can qualify to get into it. This is to allow people to get into the scheme as soon as possible so they can benefit from what it offers.

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