Apply Bhamashah Yojana Card Online in the state of Rajasthan


Apply Bhamashah Yojana Card Online in the state of Rajasthan

As in the Rajasthan, condition of women is not very good and they face many problems from their childhood. Even in the rural area little girls had no rights for education and even they are married in their early childhood age. They are totally dependent on the man for any kind of the financial help. Approximate half of the women in the Rajasthan have no bank account. To solve this problem Rajasthan Government launch this scheme named “Bhamashah Yojana”.  The scheme was inaugurated by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on 15 August 2014.

Bhamashah Yojana in the state of Rajasthan

S.No Things need to know  Detailed Information
1 Scheme name Bhamashah Yojana
2 State which launches this scheme State Government of Rajasthan
3 Who Launched this Scheme Chief Minister of the State Vasundhara Raje
4 Date in which the Scheme launched August 2014
5 Official Website

This scheme of empowering women in the state of Rajasthan was named after the great general Bhama Shah, who lived during the time period of 1542 to 1600. He, Bhama Shah was well known as the great general, effective minster and also the close and trustable aids for the ruler Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap was a popular ruler of the north-western region of India which is now officially named as the Rajasthan State. He remembered as the great Rajput king, Bhama Shah one of the finest minister in the kingdom of Maharana Pratap. On considering the ability and successive approach the ruler Maharana Pratap promoted his minister Bhama Shah as the prime minister of Mewar which his now known as the Rajasthan state. So, the Bhama Shah was known as the valiant administrator and a great fighter in the history. The people of Rajasthan have great respect over the Bhama Shah because of the his supreme administrations.

The state government of Rajasthan launched this women empowerment scheme under the name of the legend Bhama Shah in order to gain respect and to attract the people’s attention.

Info about Bhamashah Yojana:

This Scheme is introduced by the state Government of Rajasthan to directly transfer financial and non-financial benefits which are offered by the state government’s policies to the beneficiary.  The main motive behind the launch of this Bhamashah Yojana is to sort out the practical difficulties faced the women in the state on the issues like finance, services and so. Under this women empowerment scheme of Bhamashah Yojana, women across the state offered with free bank accounts along with the Bhamashah Card.

The Bhamashah Card which is provided for the bank accounts opened on the women under this Bhamashah Yojana has various financial benefits, also the bank accounts plays a handy role when it comes to public welfare schemes by which state government transfers subsidy amounts directly to the families. In addition, the Bhamashah card provided for this account will be helpful for family ladies to perform the NON-Cash transaction, especially in the demonetization period the handiness of using Bhamashah card is truly awesome.

This scheme is like the Prime Minster Jan Dhan Yojana where all beneficiaries have to open the Bank Account. But there are differences in both the scheme. Bhamashah Yojana is basically for women of Rajasthan to transfer cash and non-cash benefit direct to each beneficiary to make a transparent system.

Prime Minister Scheme is for every people of India, who have no account in banks; all the benefits of various schemes which Central Government wants to give to beneficiary will be transferred directly to recipient account. The scheme already started from August 16, 2014.

Bhamashah Card a quick Glance

Bhamashah card just like the normal ATM cards provided by the banks for their account holders, here the bank account holders under the Bhamashah Yojana are eligible to receive the Bhamashah Card which has salient features when it comes to financial aids and cashless transactions.

Banks accounts which are created for family women across the state, would receives the direct credit of subsidy amounts that will be offered by various welfare schemes of state government. Since, the bank accounts under this Yojana was created on the name of women who are living in the family, the entire finance control able to monitor by the women of each and every families. With such acts, the empowerment of women across the state will grow as they have control over the financial needs of the entire family.

In addition, the enrollment processes of Bhamashah Cards are carried along with the details of individual identity and also the Aadhaar card details. With such highly secured bio-metric information, the mis-use of the Bhamashah Card will be avoided and benefits of the using Bhamashah Cards would reach the rightful beneficiaries across the state.

Under the scheme, each family will be verified and a comprehensive database of the entire state will be created. Any duplication, through it, can also be detected. All demographics and social criteria for eligibility by the various departments will be involved.

Features of the Scheme

  • The entire scheme is introduced in order to transfer the benefit offered by the State Government schemes to the poor women of the state directly.
  • The scheme will be register a one and half million women in the state of the Rajasthan and open their bank account.
  • To avail the Bhamashah Card it is necessary to open a bank account for the registration. Which can be easily build by filling the online form
  • Under the scheme, the leading lady of the family issued biometric card and an estimated biometric data of all women in the state government created, which is available now.
  • Under the scheme, students and handicapped persons will be issued a special card. By which a special funding will be given to those who does not live with his family.
  • Not only women but men too have made this card by for this they have to pay some extra amount i.e. will be paying twenty-five extra.

Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana

The Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana, one of the sub-schemes of Bhamashah Yojana, which is specially launched to provide health insurance for the state people. Under this health insurance scheme, beneficiaries would able to receive medical insurance for the amount of Rs.30k and for treating critical illness about Rs.3Lakh.  The main motive of introducing this health insurance scheme is to offer quality health care treatment for the people of the state Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan state government merges this insurance scheme with the Bhamashah Yojana, owing to that the beneficiaries would able to receive quality health care in cashless mode. In this current demonetization period getting quality health care treatment by cashless mode would be truly helpful for the state people.

This scheme will be revolutionize in the health care of Rajasthan State.  This will improve the health standard of citizen of Rajasthan.  Moreover this scheme reduced the burden on Government Hospital and Private Hospital will encourage opening in rural area.

How to Apply for Bhamashah card:

Below mentioned table defines the step by step processes which are needed to follow for applying Bhamashah card under this Bhamashah Yojana.

  •  Open Browser & enter URL State government provides the entire required on website which is easily accessible to anyone.
  • Select the option “Apply Online”. One can apply online by filling the online form. Which is very easy step by step process?


Important Tips to follow while registering for Bhamashah Card in online

The below mentioned table illustrate the vital things to be remembered and essentials things to keep while registering Bhamashah card in online. The Bhamashah card offered by the Rajasthan State Government which is specially launched to ensure the scheme’s benefits launched by the state government processed in a transparent way.

Important things and vital things to be keep while registering in online for Bhamashah Card ·         Citizen Registration – Under this step one have to prove that she is citizen of state and to prove it represent the ID proof.

·         Upload Document – Ask to upload the required requirement. Then one can easily upload the document which the registration form asks for.

·         Acknowledgement Receipt – After filling the form she get the Acknowledgement Receipt which is proof of the registration

·         Citizen Registration for is use for Inclusion of Name. Here in form enter your information like name, address, family name, mobile number; you will receive a verification code in your phone.

·         Now fill the application form and submit it after that get the printout for future assistance.


With the introduction of this Bhamashah Card, the Rajasthan Government pretty keen to gain the trust factor from the its state people as the card ensures the transparency of the scheme’s benefits reaching the target peoples of the state. If the card system seems to be a success, than it will be huge benefits for other state governments who all interested to gain trusts from their own state people.

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