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The state government of Andhra Pradesh has recently launched a new scheme to facilitate the women. The scheme namely Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme has launched to help the women and their families that cannot afford children’s marriage. Under this scheme, the women, belonging to the backward class, will get financial assistance from the state government. Application for registering the same has already started.

Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme Andhra Pradesh

Launch Details

The scheme has launched on 18th April 2018. Before this, the authority has decided to launch the scheme on 20th April which is the birth date of the chief minister Shree Chandrababu Naidu. However, the scheme has launched by the CM on 18th April.


Key Features

  • Aim: The main aim of launching the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the women belonging to the backward class. This scheme aims to reduce the financial burden of the parents who cannot afford children’s marriage.
  • Beneficiaries: The scheme will facilitate around 25,000 families from backward classes. Also women from scheduled class, scheduled tribe categories will be beneficial from the scheme.
  • Budget: The state government of Andhra Pradesh has allocated Rs. 100 Cr for the scheme. The ministry of Information & Public Relations has stated that during a press meet.

Financial Assistance

Scheduled Caste Girl weds Scheduled caste Boy Rs. 40, 000/-
Backward Class girl weds Backward Class Boy Rs. 30, 000/-
Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribe Bride weds Groom from different class Rs. 75, 000/-
Backwards Class Bride/Groom weds Intercaste Groom/bride Rs. 50,000/-
Physically Challenged either Bride or Groom or both Rs. 1 Lac



  • Citizenship: The bride must be the permanent domicile of the state of Andhra Pradesh. If the bridegroom is not a resident of the state, it does not affect the benefits of the scheme.
  • Category: The women or the beneficiaries will have to belong to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and backward classes. Women belonging to general caste will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • Age: Bride, under the scheme must be aged above 18 years as of the date 01.01.2018. On the other, the groom must be aged 21 years of age to receive the benefits of the scheme.
  • BPL card: The families of the beneficiaries will have to carry BPL cards and white ration cards. Absence of either of these certificates, application of the beneficiary can be cancelled.
  • Marriage Date: The marriage should take place on or after the date 1st January 2018. Any marriage that was taken place before the mentioned date will not be eligible to enjoy the benefit of the scheme.

Documents required

  1. The beneficiaries have to submit birth certificate and school leaving certificate or SSC certificate (if the candidate is educated) for the age proof.
  2. Birth certificate can also be produced as the proof of address and nativity of the beneficiaries. Besides that, the beneficiaries have to submit the proof of Praja Sadhikara Survey participation of GoAP as residential proof.
  3. White ration Card or Income certificate of the earning member will also need to submit as income proof. Also, the beneficiaries have to submit BPL certification as well.
  4. For the people who are physically disabled, the authority will be asked for SADAREM certificate. This certificate, authorised by Mee Seva will be required in case of physically disabled beneficiaries.
  5. The Aadhaar card of both bride and groom is required. Along with that, wedding card should also be submitted. In case of online application scanned copy of all the documents must be submitted.

How to get Application Form

To get the application form, the beneficiaries have to visit the official website of the scheme http://www.chpk.ap.gov.in/CPkDashboard/index.html. The online form filling up and application process started from 20th April 2018.

How to Apply – Online

How to Download App

The state government has started a mobile app for the scheme as well. The app namely Chandranna Pelli kanuka App will be available on Android platform only. People who have a Smartphone that runs of Android platform can download the app from Google Play Store.

How to Apply through App

  • After installation of the App, you can open it easily. On the first page, the beneficiaries have to provide their Aadhaar card number and click on the Login button.
  • The app also allows the beneficiaries to login with Face Detection facility. In that case, the beneficiary has to hold the phone properly, maintaining a proper distance from face properly to capture their faces.
  • Once you logged in, you can easily find the application form in the app. Anyone can fill up the form and submit through the application on the mobile phone.
  • After logging in the system will send a reference number to the beneficiaries, that number must be entered to the app to check the application status.

How to Apply – Offline

Other than online application and app application, the beneficiaries can dial 1100 number to apply for the scheme. Apart from that, Mee Seva offices and Mandal Samakhya Offices in tribal Areas will also assist the beneficiaries regarding registration.

Under this scheme the state government will provide 20% of the total financial assistance before marriage. On the marriage date, the remaining 80% will be given to the families of the beneficiaries.

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