Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Who is better for India


Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Who is better for India

The biggest buzz that roams around at this moment is the US President Election that is going to take place in recent future. The two nominees, Donald Trump from the Republican and Hilary Clinton from Democratic Party are in full swing to make best out of the last few days of their election campaign. Both the nominees are trying their level best to gather as much as voters in their support. Various polls that are conducting at this moment are speculating the expected results.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Who is better for India

Not only the US inhabitants but also the entire world is waiting for the election and hence the result. Indians are also in queue. On the one hand the hottest topic for the US media is who is going to get the Chair and on the other the hottest topic for Indian media is who will be better for India. Here are some of the points that will help one to think who is better for India. At the face of it most of the Indians are in favour of Hilary Clinton as Indians don’t find any connection with Trump till now. On the other we get some unexpected results as well where people are considering Trump as the better option for our nation.

Donald Trump – Arguments against him

  • Donald Trump once came to India to inaugurate the Trump Tower in Mumbai when some of the government officials got to know him for a short time. After that there is nothing much connection or rapport has ever built with him with the Indian officials.
  • On the one hand it is commendable how Trump has taken the stand against terrorism and Islamic States. It is no doubt something to support him. But on the other it might create trouble for Indians as well. Every year on an average 60% to 70% software people travel to USA from India. Needless to say that Muslims are included there too. The trouble might happen for them to get Visa and immigration.
  • With PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign, Modi Ji has already managed to bring large invasion of foreign capital. With Trump taking over the President’s Oval Office there can be a massive curtail in FDI as Trump has already started giving vent against the companies that shift to offshore countries.
  • In recent past Trump has made some unpleasant statements on Muslims, women and even on immigration which is hard to digest for India. Even after being a strong contender Trump was nowhere to be seen in any Indian’s dream as President of USA.

Donald Trump – Arguments for him

  • According to some people Donald Trump is a good option for India. Meera Shankar, the former Indian ambassador to US said if Trump comes to Oval office it will be helpful for Indians. He has already taking initiatives against ISIS. So if he will come to power it will be significant for not only the global climate but for India as well.
  • Another argument stated that if Trump gets the Oval Office then the golden time for India will be started. As per the reports for next few years (4 years almost) India will witness the golden time as the foreign policies Trump has taken are much more practical than Mrs. Hilary. if Trump comes out as POTUS then India will be benefitted for next few years or more.

Hilary Clinton – Arguments for her

  • While Donald Trump has more haters than supporters in India, the scene for Hilary is completely opposite in India. Most of the Indians including the government officials are hoping to see Clinton in Oval Office as POTUS. The first and foremost reason is that Indians have more connection with Clinton than with Trump.
  • Talking about the international trade, Trump has already vented manufacturing corporations that are shifting to offshore countries, as mentioned. On the other Clinton totally agrees with the fact that economic as well as trade climate is changing drastically and countries should perform accordingly to maintain a decent balance in world economy. Clinton clearly accepts the changing trend of trade and so does the policy unlike Trump.
  • A group of people believe that Hilary Clinton will be proved to be the second Bill Clinton for India as well as USA. According to history USA had witnessed the most peaceful time during Clinton’s period. At that time India and USA had shared quite a friendly relationship. Being the POTUS, Hilary Clinton can get back those days to the world economy again. She is experienced and also has the ability to take things in better way.
  • According to Congress biggie Shashi Tharoor, Trump is an unknown entity that can turn to be anyone after the election. Whereas Hilary is known to India. Again Trump has off late given some unpleasant and unacceptable statements that made people think twice before betting on him. So in every aspect Hilary is getting more positive response from the Indians and government officials.
  • Trump has taken some policies that will adversely affect the IT hubs in India. On the other the Democratic Party has made many benefits for the same across the globe. Trump’s immigration policies are stopping Indians to support him. Hilary on the other gives assurance of giving proper access to the nation for the Indians.

Arguments against her

  • Hilary Clinton is against Jihad but not as much as Trump. Many a people believe that in future Pakistan or China will get a chance to earn the back up from USA if Hilary takes over the Oval office. But if there is Trump then Pakistan or China will not get benefitted or cannot go against India.

Apart from one reason there is not much against Hilary Clinton in Indian respect. The nation as well as the government officials is mostly supporting Clinton for better future of India, especially the capital mobility between the two countries.

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