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The new technique of income tax to ensure e-filing account

It is true that the income tax department has been really careful about the filling of forms through the online process and it has opted for an appreciable number of security measures to keep your online application forms completely safe. To enhance this procedure, one more security feature that has been added is, the “e-filing-vault”. To avoid any phishing emails we already have carefully protected passwords and OTPs.

e filing vault

To doubly enhance the security of tax payers, e-filing account has been added with the facility of e-filing vault. To use this facility, the tax payers need to go to their profile page and click on the “e-filing-vault-higher security”. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the Internal Revenue System shall never ask your personal information through electronic communication that includes e-mails and text messages. It is also advised to not reply in case if any such mails are received. Now before we delve deep into the details of e-filing-vault, let us give a brief overview about what e-filing-vault is.

What is e-filing vault?

The income tax e-filing form is actually a dual authentication security feature that adds more security to your account. In general we log in to our account using the PAN card number, DOB and password and once we log in, we have full access to our IT portal. Now, for making it more secure, once you activate the e-filing vault, you have to authenticate it once again, and then only you can have complete access to the IT portal.

Who can make use of Income tax e-filing vault?

  • To have the log in access, you need to have complete access to the e-filing portal of the IT department and then only you become eligible for activating this e-filing vault system. Along with that, you need to fulfill any of the criteria mentioned below.
  • To activate the e-filing account, you need to have the e-banking facility. Because, you have to log in to the e-filing portal through the internet banking facility. So, without the e-banking facility you cannot activate the e-filing vault.
  • Using the e-filing portal you should link the Aadhar to PAN through e-filing portal. Or you have to register for the DSC facility before you avail this option.

What are the options for income tax e-filing vault facility?

The facility offers two options, they are as follows:

  • As it has been mentioned earlier that the Net banking, Aadhar OTP, DSC are the three features and you can use any one of them to activate the e-filing vault. Any of the three facilities shall activate the dual authentication procedure.
  • In case you forget the password, you can activate the e-filing vault by resetting the password. You have to register for “lock reset password options” of the income tax e-filing vault feature.
  • The additional e-filing vault options comprise of bank account validation, using the ATM, or the Demat account validation is also shortly going to be introduced. These options shall also be available for the higher level of security for both login and resetting the password.

What additional steps can you take?

When it comes to protecting the e-filing of the tax forms, there are some additional preventive measures that individuals can take. They are as follows:

  • While you register for an online filing of tax, make use of passwords with special characters and try to make it different than the general passwords we use for our social accounts. This makes it difficult for the hackers.
  • While you are filing up your taxes, do not do it in public places like starbucks. Yes, it is true that a large number of cyber cafes and shopping malls do offer free Wi-Fi; it is also true that those open networks are easy to hack by cyber criminals sitting in comfort of their houses. So it is better that you file your taxes online from your houses.
  • The e-filing of taxes are completely legitimate and it has been developed for the convenience of tax payers. So you can rest assured because cybercriminals leave their trail behind, but for your protection and safety, the above mentioned factors should be followed.

A brief overview about the prevention of online tax filing and usage of e-filing vault facility

SL NO Factors about e-fling vault Brief details
1. What is e-filing vault? This is actually a dual authentication procedure that enhances the security of the online taxpaying systems. After logging into your account, you have to authenticate it with additional passwords to reach your IT portal.
2. Who can make use of e-filing vault? Any individual with access to online tax filing system can have the e-filing vault. But to activate it, online banking facility is important.
3. The options for e-filing vault You can use any one among the Net banking, OTP and DSC for activating the e-filing vault

In case the password is forgotten, then you can opt for the lock reset password options.

The additional options comprises of bank account validation, usage of ATM and also the Demat account validation.

4. Additional steps to prevent e-filing Make use of passwords with special characters

Do not file online tax at public places through open Wi-Fi networks since those are easy to hack.

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