Dec 192015

The extension of RuPay cards increased to 90 days for insurance claim

The time period of claiming the personal insurance has been increased to 90 days from 45 days and this shall be with immediate effect. The issue has been taken up by the government along with the national payment corporation of India (NPCI). According to the reports, the NCPI has issued almost around 22 crore of cards, but it is essential for us to know that the intimations on the RuPay classic cards where accidents took place before the date of November 24, 2015, shall not be considered for the extension time period.

The extension of RuPay cards increased to 90 days for insurance claim

Though this factor might inhibit some people in attaining the benefit of the extension period, this will not be a major issue and a considerable appreciation has been received with the 90 days extension. It is reported that a considerable number of claims have been disposed off in s very short period of time.

Enhanced flexibility

It is really appreciable for us, the common people who shall be able to make the transactions through the different channels like merchant establishments, e-commerce, ATMs, the business correspondents and micro ATMs. According to the governmental reports, the condition was posing a major problem for the RuPay card holders and a huge number of requests were received for increasing the number of days for the claim of insurance.

In case of a lot of situations, it happens that an individual had to undergo different formalities for attaining the claim and in this process; the limitation of 45 days might get over. In that case, the individual is not provided with the accidental insurance claim. With this extension, the claimants are much more relieved.

One successful transaction

The only regulation is the card holder has to make a transaction within the 90 days period of time for being eligible of making the claim for personal accident cover. The transaction can be financial or non financial, and it can be done from any merchant establishment, ATM, micro ATM or any e-commerce transaction shall also be considered as valid. It can be definitely said that this extension will offer much more flexibility for the RuPay classic card holders that also includes the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. This extension has made it much more convenient for a huge number of people to ensure their claims in case of any accidental death or a permanent disability.

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