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Government may hike agri-credit target to Rs 10 lakh crore 

As the entire nation is looking forward the submission of the union budget 2017 by the finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley in the parliament section on 1st of Februarys 2017, there has been lot of predictions and assumptions revolutions around the nation by the experts.

Government may hike agri-credit target to Rs 10 lakh crore

Speciality of the Union budget 2017

The upcoming Union Budget of 2017 which going to be fall on the beginning of the February month of 2017 is the budget section going to be presented by the Mr. Arun Jaitley right after the implementation f the demonetization by the Prime minster of India. Since the entire nation face some heavy blow because of that banning activity of central government, now every common man is about to expect some reforms and benefits from the budget section of 2017

 Expectation in the Union budget 2017

With lot of expectation among the political sectors and as well among the common men across the nation, currently the budget section is about to provide some serious changes in the nation’s taxations policies.

Apart from the expected changes in indirect taxation policies, every individual are expecting the increase in the income tax slabs which might be beneficial for all including common man, women, senior citizen and even for super senior citizens too. Also there has been some prediction going on the agri-credit limits which the current finance minster Mr. Arun would increase the limit in this union budget of 2017.

Expected Amount of Increase in the Agri-Credit Target on budget 2017

We are know that agricultural in the backbone of the country India, and the current PM is making some serious move in order to boost the agricultural sector in the nation. And the upcoming budget section would have strong note about the credit flow in the agriculture sector which might boost the farmers to work freely without worrying about the investments. So far, the central government of India has allotted about 1 Lakh crore for the agri-credit flow across the nation, in order to satisfy the farmer’s needs.

Key points about the upcoming budget 2017 on agri-credit

  • The union budget of India 2017, would includes the some series changes in taxation amount and also higher credit flow for the farmers to work more efficiently without worrying about their investment.
  • It is expected that the farm sectors of the India is likely to get the whopping increments under the agri-credit policy. Earlier it was fixed with the slab of 1 Lakh crore and there may be chances as it can be increased to the maximum limit up to Rs. 10 lakh crore with the intention of boosting agricultural sector in India.
  • In spite of waiving the farmer’s short term credit loan by the central government, now the farmers is going to enjoy the higher agri-credit for the cultivation process. It will be a real treat for the farmers to get higher investment features from the government.

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