Krishak Bandhu Scheme in West Bengal 2019


Krishak Bandhu Scheme in West Bengal (WB) 2019 [Farmers, Application Form Process, Eligibility Criteria, Life Insurance Amount, Crop Assistance]

The state government of West Bengal has planned a special gift for the farmers and agricultural labors. It announced a new agricultural assistance aid for all farmers as well as a family insurance package for the candidates. With the implementation of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme, applicants will get several monetary benefits, which will help them to lead a better life.

wb krishak bandhu scheme

Launch details

Name of the scheme Krishak Bandhu Scheme
Launched in West Bengal
Launched by Mamata Banerjee
Date of announcement 1st January 2019
Estimated implementation date 2019
Registration commences from February 2019
Target beneficiaries State farmers
Supervised by West Bengal Agricultural Department
Helpline number NA
Official Website NA

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of the agricultural sector – The primary objective of the state government behind the implementation of this scheme was to help poor farmers and related labors. They often don’t get enough crop production due to faulty farming practices. With financial assistance, farmers will no longer have to worry about this.
  2. Financial assistance for farmers – The state government announced that each eligible applicant will attain a financial aid of Rs. 5000 on an annual basis.
  3. Crop assistance – The specified sum will be given once during the sowing of the Kharif crop and again during the Rabi crop season.
  4. Payment in installments – This money will be given be divided in two equal installments, and offered twice every year.
  5. Family insurance policy for all farmers – Apart from the crop support amount, the state government will also provide an insurance policy to farmers as well as agricultural workers. The family members of the insured farmer will attain Rs. 2 lakhs after the death of the policy holder.
  6. Total number of beneficiaries – An official estimates states that the state government will be able to offer these benefits to as many as 72 lakh agricultural workers, living within the state.
  7. Transfer in bank account – All monetary transfers will take place in the bank account of the respective beneficiary. It will not only ensure that the correct person gets the monetary assistance, but will also put a stopper on the activities of middlemen.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential criterion – The West Bengal state government has implemented this scheme for the betterment of the farmers. Thus, all interested applicants will have to submit their residential documents.
  2. Professional criterion – As the scheme has been targeted towards the agricultural workers, only agricultural labors with necessary registration certificates will be able to apply and attain the benefits.
  3. Age related criterion – The state government highlighted that all applicants, who come within the age bracket of 18 and 60 years will be able to submit their registration to get the insurance cover.
  4. Personal ID – Candidates, registering under the scheme will have to furnish their Voter or Aadhar cards copies.
  5. Bank account details – All monetary transfers will take place via the bank account. Thus, applicants must submit their bank account related details for the ease of the authority.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

The West Bengal Chief Minister has just announced the scheme as a New Year gift for the needy farmers and such labors. She has not mentioned anything about the registration procedure. It is expected that the state government will either launch a new portal for this scheme. Applicants will be able to log on this site and get their hands on the digitized application form. If not a separate website, the state authority may arrange for all application to come through the official agricultural portal of West Bengal government.

West Bengal’s CM has always highlighted that her government will work for the overall betterment of common and poor people in the area. As the financial condition of the farmers is by far the worst, she has started these projects to offer better support to agricultural workers. The state is already facing financial crunch. The announcement of the scheme as well as the farmer family insurance will surely put additional pressure on the state authority. The CM also suggested that the task of implementing these projects will star as soon as possible.

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