Nov 122015

Modi Meets Apple CEO Tim Cook. Company to Set Manufacturing Base in India. CEO Praises the Digital India Initiative.

In a meeting held between Tim Cook and Narendra Modi at Hotel Fairmont in San Jose, the Apple CEO showed much interest in the Digital India initiative, which aims to improve the online infrastructure of the government services in India, increasing the internet connectivity in the rural areas of the country and to raise awareness of digital knowledge. The Ministry of External Affairs said that Tim Cook envisions that Digital India initiative has a potential to make significant shifts in the coming times.

modi meets cook

According to the sources, the talks of opening a manufactory by Apple in India are also going on. The Apple CEO seems to have an optimistic stance on the subject. Narendra Modi has also conversed about the vast potential offered by India for the company. The subject of utilizing Apple Pay for the Jan Dhan Yojana and other initiatives was also discussed in the meeting. Jan Dhan Yojana aims at ensuring easy access to the financial services for all.

Cook also mentioned that the connection between their company and India is remarkable. He says that, as a youthful person, Co-founder Steve Jobs’ visited India. His experience in the country encouraged him to create the company. As such, every employee of the company feels a unique connection with the country.

A resource from the MEA suggested that Cook was positively interested in the App development economy. Cook said that with this development, the individual developers of different apps can come under the umbrella of the larger app development industry. He further mentions the example of
China, where the company has created around 1.5 million jobs.

Apple has been in operations in India from nearly two decades. As per the company, there is a lot of advancement and innovation happening in terms of design in India and the company is looking forward to reach the untouched markets of the country. The Indian sources said that as the company will start expansion in the country, the prospect of app development will be brighter in the future. This could have a huge impact on the Digital India strategy.

There are currently four thousand places for buying Apple products in India, but the company still does not have an official App store in the country. The company is now looking to expand its operations in the country by setting up a manufacturing base. This could bring a huge impact on the app development front.

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