Dec 192016

Railways to reward Ra 12 Lakhs to People for Innovative Ideas on New Coach Designs

Railways are all set to increase its passenger capacity in the coaches. For this reason it needs some innovative designs to be made. They have asked the public to come up with some innovative ideas so that they can hold more passengers.

Railways to reward People for Innovative Ideas on New Coach Designs

Here’s all you need to know about it

  • The Railways have announced rewards for suggesting efficient transport and loading of the commodities. You can suggest designs for the same including the designs of wagons and passenger coaches.
  • This scheme has launched because almost every person in the country has an experience of traveling in trains. They may know best what is needed to improve the design of the railways.
  • People will be given a prize equal to Rs. 12 lakh. Total six prizes will be awarded for the top entries in this category.
  • The railways have assorted five challenges for the people. These are all aimed towards improving the specific problems that the commuters face. They want innovative solutions for regular problems.
  • The Railways minister also said that a campaign will be launched for this project and will be announced in the next budget. He also said that today’s youth is highly tech savvy and innovative and there’s a chance that they’d help make railways digital.
  • To see the terms and conditions, eligibility criteria and other details you have to log on to log on to Remember the last date of application is 20th December 2016.

Why are the citizens asked to come up with ideas?

The reason the citizens are being asked to help give ideas is because they are the ones that are first hand experiencing the services. It is just like a company asking its customers to answer a few questions so that they can rectify the services of their company. Railways is trying to take a more people friendly route by implementing this.

They are also trying to focus on the specific problems faced by the government and in doing so they are trying to promote innovation.

Another idea is to take the help of the next generation in building the country. The government is of the notion that the next generation is highly tech savvy and that they can improve the working conditions of the railways. This is one of the reasons the assistance that is asked from the people is of digital innovative nature.

Here are a few more things you should know about railways

Serial No. About Info
1 Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu
2 Aim To improve railways
3 Application mode Online
4 The budget for this will be announced during Fiscal Budget Plan 2017-18

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