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Samajwadi Kisan and Sarvhit Bima Yojana in UP

The Samajwadi Kisan Bima Yojana is a completely new insurance scheme that has been launched by the Uttar Pradesh government for the benefit of more than 15 crore individuals. After the present central government has come into action, there has been the launch of different insurance schemes by the government that has proved to be really beneficial. And this is one of them. This insurance scheme shall now be implemented throughout the state. In this article we are going to discuss about the different details of this scheme.

Samajwadi Kisan and Sarvhit Bima Yojana

What is the primary objective of this scheme?

The objective is to offer the social and financial security for the farmers to the weaker section of the society. It is true that the farmers really need a lot of support from the government. The draught has caused devastation for the farmers and their families. Innumerable farmers have taken the ultimate option of committing suicide. The agricultural aspect of our country is facing an imminent threat. And this is why, this scheme is going to be a great help for the farmers. This scheme also marks the end of the previous scheme called “Krishak Durghatana Bima Yojana”.

What will the scheme offer?

According to the reports of this insurance scheme, it will be launched formally very soon. And within this scheme, the government will be offering insurance coverage to more than 3 crore household families. The scheme shall be beneficial for the farmers between the ages 18 to 70 years. But they need to be registered within the Khasra and khatauni. The insurance coverage for the Samajwadi Kisan and Sarvit Bima Yojana will also be extended for those needy people who do not have a family income of more than 75000 rupees.

What are the benefits that will be provided?

The benefits that will be offered to the beneficiaries under this scheme are as follows:

In case of death, temporary or any permanent disability of the beneficiary, he/he will be provided with an accidental insurance benefit of Rs 5 Lakh. Also apart from that, additional accidental assurance shall be provided with Rs 2.5 Lakh for the beneficiary and his/her family for treatment.

The victim shall be provided with cashless facility. The eligible candidate shall be offered with the free Samajwadi Kisan and Sarvit Yojana card.

The BPL and members of already included Samajwadi Pension Yojana beneficiaries do not need to show any income certificate for availing the scheme benefits. The insurance coverage shall also be offered in case of any snake bites or harm from animals.

In case there is any mutilation, up to Rs 1 Lakh shall be provided because of the mutilation of the artificial body part. The scheme shall also be applicable even if the beneficiary is not within the teriotory of the state.

A medical assistance will be offered up to Rs 25000 at the initial period as first aid within any nearest medical center in case of any emergency accidental case.

The card of Samajwadi Kisan and Sarvit Bima Yojana

The state government is going to issue cards for all the candidates who are eligible and that can be used for availing the benefits of this scheme. But in case you do not have the care card, then also the scheme benefits would be provided to the beneficiary. The first approval has already been given by the central government for its implementation. And presently the state government has appointed the very popular actor of Bollywood, Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the brand ambassador of this scheme.

Claiming the Samajwadi Kisan Bima Yojana

To avail the benefits of this insurance offered by the Samajwadi party, the beneficiary will need to provide the claim form by offering certain documents that are mentioned within the table below. Apart from that, if any individual is facing any issue with the insurance scheme, they have the facility of calling on the toll free number of 1502 that will be available at any time of day or night. The interested candidates can call at this number to get further details about the benefits.

A tabular overview of insurance scheme

SL NO Facts to Know about tender of Samajwadi Insurance scheme Brief details
1. Tender Value Rs 15000000
2. EMD Amount Rs 100000
3. Tender fee Rs 1150
4. Period of work 180 days
5. Bid submission start date 1st Aug 2016
6. Bid submission end date 9th August 2016
7. Bid opening date 9th August at 2:00 PM
8. Documents to get the Samajwadi insurance scheme Age certificate

Khasra Khatauni certificate

Income certificate (Not necessary if belonging to BPL)

Family distribution letter

Copy of FIR

Certificate of disability

Heir certificate

Saving bank account number

9. Date of approval of Samajwadi insurance scheme 1st April 2016

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