(sbireality.in) SBI realty portal for Home buyers


(sbireality.in) SBI launches SBI realty portal for Home buyers

State Bank of India has announced the launch of a web portal for anyone who is interested in buying home. The web portal service is termed as SBI realty and will offer the convenience where you can make your selection from over 3000 approved projects any where in the country.

SBI realty portal for Home buyers

Launch Date

  • The web portal was officially launched by SBI on 18th July 2017 by the bank officials.

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Web portal

  • The official web portal termed as SBI reality can be reached by anyone online via browser on sbireality.in.
  • The web portal has been developed as a single stop for anyone home buyer across the country.
  • The website offers presently around 9.5 registered projects and units for home buyers.
  • The web site shall display information to home buyers presently from over 13 different states and UT that is spread over 30 cities nation wide.

Key features of web portal

  • The web portal has been launched for the home buyers and will offer them with the convenience where anyone can make a comparison of prices for present and past value for the home in different localities across the country.
  • It is also certain that home buyers can now log on to the web site and then make perform the total calculation of the loan amount that he or she has to apply for when purchasing any home.
  • The web site shall provide with the related information to the home buyers after performing full calculation related to the credit score rating of the customer.
  • It is certain that with the new web portal services the customers will be able to check with the score and then decide about purchasing their dream home depending on the overall credit score.

Website developers

  • According to the sources the web portal for SBI was developed by company named SBICAP Securities and PropEquity which shall be providing all possible data handling, and other project related information for the project.

Main aim of launching website

  • According to the sources in SBI it is certain that SBI has launched the new web portal with an aim to emphasis on the present market trend for home buyers.
  • It is also certain that it shall focus on all other aspects before approving the projects which shall include providing with quality construction projects, perfect project execution and quality architecture.
  • It is also certain that with the launch of the new web portal SBI will help home buyers purchase their quality homes constructed and developed by reliable projects.
  • This will help SBI gain better credibility and at the same time earn goodwill from most satisfied customers across the country.

Budget set for project

  • It is certain that SBI has already invested around RS 25.85 lakh crore in the project. Apart from this it has also announced the involvement of its 194 offices with over 24,000 branches in 35 different countries across the globe.

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