Solar Charkha Scheme Generate 5 Crore Jobs (Employment) For Women by Central Govt. Maharashtra


Solar Charkha Scheme Generate 5 Crore Jobs (Employment) For Women by Central Govt. Maharashtra

Solar Charkha Scheme is a new scheme which is soon going to be launched. It is aimed towards making women employed. This scheme will launch in the state of Maharashtra very soon.

Launch details

According to officials, it is going to be launched in April. Beed district, which is a renowned district in the state of Maharashtra, is going to get its full benefits. Let us know more about this scheme.


Objectives of the scheme

  • One of the basic aims to ensure that there is a full scope for employment generation. This is why the services are being decentralized to create more jobs.
  • Another very important objective is to revive Khadi production and its usage so that it becomes a proper means of livelihood for the poor.
  • Khadi Fabric is highly environment friendly. By promoting its usage, the government also aims to strengthen the environmental conditions of the chosen regions.
  • One of the main and the primary objectives of this scheme is to make a sustainable and replicable rural livelihood that encompasses a fruitful venture.
  • This scheme will eradicate rural poverty through indirect as well as direct intervention when necessary. Also it will do the same through its services and additional support.

Features of the scheme

  • Budget: This scheme has got a huge scope for employment generation and therefore the government has investment a lump sum amount in there. Around Rs. 40,000 crore is allocated for this scheme.
  • Solar energy harness: The entire idea is to harness solar energy and to create jobs around it. This way both energy conservation objective as well as employment generation shall be realized.
  • Benefits: According to the experts, this scheme will ensure that there is development in the rural section of the country and that the development is decentralized.
  • Solar spindles: Solar spindles are the main crux of the idea. 500 solar spindles will be set up – all of which will make a 4000 spindle cluster across the district.
  • Investment: The government has decided that in every constituency it will make equal investments, that is, an investment of Rs. 40,000 crore shall be made.
  • Expectation: The government expects that this scheme will contribute towards the standard of living of the rural society. As a result, it will contribute to the development of the society as a whole.

If you add to this the fact that the government has also asked that the government undertakings make 20% of their requirement from MSMEs, then the situation becomes clearer. The main idea is to ensure that the rural society is self sufficient and built on an environment friendly platform.

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