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As demand of electricity is increase day by day and resources are not sufficient if compare with usages. For common man it becomes difficult to pay heavy electricity bills for their household usages.To solve this problem, government suggests solar energy asa good alternate of electrical energy. Solar energy is obtained from sun. Solar energy is less costly compare to electrical energy. This energy solves all of your purpose that electricity does. This solar energy can be used for household purpose as well as for commercial purpose

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme

In solar rooftop system there is electricity production solar panels inside the system. This solar panel is used to get energy for different usages. One of great benefit of this system is that it takes only small space and produces energy that can be used for different purposes.

Scheme Name Solar Rooftop Scheme
Funds allocated by India’s Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) for Solar Rooftop Installation INR 50 billion
Schemes gets modified on 15th March 2012, by increasing subsidy amount to 40%
To apply in online visit
Solar Energy Helpline No. 1800 2 33 44 77

These days this system is very popular in urban areas. And maximum people are trying to use this system to save electricity and keep away from heavy electrical bills. Solar rooftops installed in households, manufacturing, institutional, and commercial buildings can be used to partly fulfill the energy requirements in other occupants in the building.

Solar rooftops installed in households, industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings can be used to partly fulfill the energy needs in other occupants in the building. To give more boom to Solar Rooftop system govt Launch a scheme calledSolar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme. Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme is a Government of India plan to encourage use of solar energy in the country. This scheme will surely encourage the employ of renewable energy in the country as govt provides subsidy on Solar rooftop installations to the consumers. As at this scheme is limited to some state but govt plan is offer this scheme to all state of India so that people can take benefits of solar energy system and save resources and environment both

Benefits of Solar Rooftop System

As this system is installed on roof so lave lot of land area that is needed to produce electivity.Make the work easy as consumer need not depend on grid power. Also solar roof top system Decrease the usages of diesel generator and hence save the environment.Solar Rooftop System is Most suitable for commercial organization as can do max generation for the period of peak usage time. And also It is less costly then the grid power

Total cost for the Solar Rooftop system

The rate of solar system set up is not so costlier than electrical generator system. It’s a onetime investment which saves lot of money from paying as electric bills. Also after installation of this solar system it needs no other expenses. Also people can save lot of their cash by using this Scheme.

Benefits given by govt under Solar Rooftop Scheme

Govt launch this scheme for few states of nation. These states includes many North Eastern States including Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep can get up to 70% discount on the solar system setup.

This subsidy is applicable for household, industrial, and social sector i.e. for hospitals, educational institutions etc. Also commercial sector can take benefits of this scheme. For this central government give budget of Rs. 600 crore to Rs. 5,000 crore over a period of 5 years up to 2019-20 under National Solar Mission (NSM).

Who usages this solar energy system has to pay only Rs.6.50/kWh which is very less compare to diesel generator and norm electricity. The implementation of the scheme also assists towards defensive the weather as a result of abatement of concerning 60 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. So finally it is safe for environment and health both.

Procedure to Apply Online for Solar Rooftop Scheme

  • To take benefits of this scheme govt is taking online form. These forms are available on govt official website
  • The applicant who wants to take benefit of Solar Rooftop Scheme must browse the site and can download the form from there. They can also fill it online. The scheme is being run and monitored by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy under the Government of India. One can do the online payment for this scheme.
  • No doubt govt this scheme will save the electricity and also lot of pollution. As at present this scheme is for few states. According to govt if this will good result then govt will apply this scheme all over the India. And all the Indian can take benefit of this scheme. India will soon become solar system dependent country. It will also lot of money. As total cost of installation of this system is very less and monthly cost is also less.

So all the Indian should take benefit of this scheme and give their contribution in growth of country.

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