3 years of Modi government (Vikas Parv) | 3 Saal Modi Sarkar

3 years of Modi government (Vikas Parv) | 3 Saal Modi Sarkar

With the completion of two years by the Modi Government, we have come up for identifying the hits and misses of this present government. From the pulse of the nation, it can be surely determined that the country is both optimistic and worried about the future. One thing that we can definitely saw is, for a short period of time, the image of India shone across the world, and the citizens of the largest democratic nation on the earth claimed to bring about a change. The government was replaced with another and a bit short of two years, however, there have been some changes, but not a huge change has been observed.

2 Saal Modi Sarkar

3 Saal Modi Sarkar The economy

  • Considering the economy, it is not doing badly, even though the growth rate has been disputed by 7.5%. On the other hand, the falling of oil process though benefitted the government, but it has not passed to the customers yet.
  • But it has helped in controlling the inflation and also allowed the reduction of the official rate of interest. After the completion of one year by the government this nation initially got divided on the question, whether the government has been a success or not?
  • The straight answer to that question is the government has been partially successful. The Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana, mission to start smart cities within 5 years, the initiatives for foreign policy and the land boundary agreement was also successful. On the other hand, where the government failed was the protests that were held by ex-servicemen throughout the country for the demand of one rank one personnel.

3 Saal Modi Sarkar Secular tolerance

  • Considering the aspect of secular tolerance, freedom of speech, on the function of institution and many other liberal democratic markers, the image of India has been damaged. What majority of people feared was, it might turn into a capitalist government.
  • Along with that, there was the report of the world’s most 20 polluted cities, 13 cities are in India, including the capital of India, Delhi.

3 Saal Modi Sarkar Quality of relationships

  • Now, let us delve deep into the quality of relationships that people thought would be better after our PM made several international trips. The relations with US went along the same way as it was during the previous government.
  • Though, the level of understanding between India and Japan has improved to a considerable extent. But in the neighboring countries like Nepal and Pakistan, the anti Indian Feelings have grown to a huge extent. And, it is quite evident from the consistent terrorist attacks of Pathankot and similar other locations, that the condition of relation between India and Pakistan cannot be enhanced overnight.

The innovative schemes in 3 Saal Modi Sarkar

  • Another important movement started by this present government was the stand up India This event led to the entrepreneurial spirit among the youngsters of India. The majority of people rated this performance as above average.
  • Apart from this project, other projects like Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima yojana for replacing the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme, Gram Uday se Bharat Uday Abhiyan, Sukanya Samridhhi, PM Awas Yojana and many more. With the development of all such innovative schemes, it cannot be denied that the present government has been actively working for the benefit of common people.
  • On the occasion of completing two years of the present government, the centre has decided a step for appreciating the power sector. According to the reports, the power sector is going to receive wooden framed appreciation letters for one million employees who are working under coal, power and renewable energy ministeries.

All in All, there may not be a huge change in the conditions of India after two years, but we need to remember that certain factors have started to show positive signs and it is also too early to expect immense change. But the craze and thrill of expectation is gone.

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  1. apke 2 saaal har sarkar ke kam pe bhari lage raho modi sarkar agali bar bhi apki hi baari
    india ko apke jese hi leader ki zarooorat h modi sahab

  2. Very Good Modi Sir, Keep it up

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