Apr 142016
Real Estate Regulatory Bill: Major Changes

Real Estate Regulatory Bill: Major Changes, Benefits and All That You Should Know It’s not hidden from anyone that Indian real estate market is a maze that can baffle anyone. Almost every Indian who doesn’t own a house knows this. Buyers are almost always on the mercy of private real estate builders. Those builders, as […]

Apr 112016
Vidya Lakshmi Educational Loans Yojana

Vidya Lakshmi Yojana for Government Scholarships and Educational Loans in Hindi/English PDF “Education”. How important is that? It is an undeniable fact that education and the knowledge gained through it is the greatest asset that a human can possess. This is perhaps the only asset that can never be taken away from a person. It […]

Apr 082016
Anubhav and Sankalp Schemes

Anubhav and Sankalp Schemes Anubhav Scheme With the intense outage in the mid 90s, over the scams of certain companies that promised to provide double or triple interest rates than the government banks are able to provide, there was a huge pressure on the government to take up certain actions against these schemes and companies. […]