Aadhaar Card can be Linked to JDY

Aadhaar Card can be Linked to JDY

On Thursday October 8, 2015, The Supreme Court has lifted the restriction which was imposed on the use of Aadhaar cards only on ‘ration shops’ distributing the subsidized food items and non food items like kerosene oil and LPG subsidy. With the new Supreme Court order, the Aadhaar cards can now also be used to subscribe to various pension and PF schemes, Jan Dhan Yojana and MGNREGA. However, the use of Aadhaar card is not made mandatory.

On August 11, 2015, a bench comprising of three judges, has ordered that the use of Aadhaar card will only be limited to the public distribution system (food grains, sugar, kerosene oil etc.) and subsidized LPG. The central government and different other regulators like RBI and SEBI have requested the Supreme Court to remove this restriction and allow the use of Aadhaar cards on voluntary basis for availing the benefits of various public schemes. Supreme Court directed this request to the constitution bench of at least five judges.

Aadhaar Card can be Linked to JDY

Consequently, a constitution bench comprising of five judges was set up to listen to the appeal for lifting the restriction on linking the Aadhaar card to other schemes as well. The bench was to hear any issues regarding the modification and relaxation of the pro tem order. On Thursday 8th October, the bench modified the previous order and relaxed the use of Aadhaar card for other government schemes.

However, as per the Supreme Court, it is not mandatory to produce the Aadhaar card to avail these services. It further clarifies that the people will not be denied the benefit of any of these services if they do not have the Aadhaar card. To avail the benefits of these services, people can provide other identity and address proofs and the use of Aadhaar card is only on voluntary basis.

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