Aadhaar Card Seeding or Linking in Jan Dhan Accounts

What is Aadaar Card?

The unique identification authority of India (UIDAI), which is a part of planning commission of India, has issued a 12-digits unique identification number for each registered Indian citizen. This unique identity card with the digits is known as Aadhaar Card. This is an attempt to digitise the identity of each Indian resident. It seems to be inspired by the Social security number scheme in USA.

Aadhaar card makes the use of demographic as well as bio-metric records to generate this unique digit number. Thus no two persons have same identification number. This facility can also be availed by non-resident Indians.

Aadhaar card is more than an identification card. It is applicable to all states and can be used in all government related schemes as proof of their identity. The formation of this card starts with the enrolment. Each person can enroll for this card free of charge.

At the enrollment centers, one must have to carry some related essential documents. After that the iris of both eyes and fingers of both hands are scanned. This data is then linked to the demographic particulars of the person.

Once this procedure is complete, the Aadhaar card is dispatched and become available within three months of registration. The information will also be available online and can be printed out from the official site.

Aadhaar Card Seeding (Linking) in Jan Dhan Yojana Accounts

aadhaar Card Seeding in Jan Dhan Yojana

Jan Dhan Yojana is not just a bank account. It has lots of benefits attached to it. You can refer this article for Jan Dhan Yojana Benefits. But to avail these benefits you should Link or seed your aadhar card with Jan Dhan Yojana bank accounts.  Aadhaar card have not been delivered for most of us but do not worry about it. You can download your aadhaar card and it have the same value as the original one.

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