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The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed around 259,403 lives. In India, the number of infected people reached the 50,000 mark today. With no comprehensive remedy in sight, medical professionals predict that things will not get better anytime soon. The central government has already extended the nation-wide lockdown till the 17th of May 2020. In recent past, the central government launched the Aarogya Setu Mobile App. The mobile users can use this application to gather information about infected people in their area.

Aarogya Setu Mitr Website Launched in India

On the 6th May, 2020, NITI Aayoag launched a separate portal, called the Aarogya Setu Mitr Website. The portal will provide common people relevant information about the disease, and what precautions must be taken to eliminate the chances of infection. Apart from this, people can log in on the website can consult with physicians.

They can also get in touch with the registered laboratories, and pharmaceutical drug shops. If any person has the Coronavirus symptoms, then he/she can log in on the portal, and book the services of the testing labs. The lab technicians will come to the person’s house, and collect samples for testing. If any person needs medicines, then they can book the drugs through the site.

Several organizations, agencies and NGOs have registered on this portal. They will make sure that the people get the services they require. It is another weapon that can minimize peoples’ need to step out of the house.

How to apply on the Aarogya Setu Mitr website?

  1. Online portal

    Any organization that wants to join the Aarogya Setu Mitr portal must click on the official link .

  2. Application option

    Once the webpage opens, the candidate must get to the bottom of the page. There he/she will see a button that is marked as “Apply to Join.”

  3. Application form

    Clicking on the button will trigger the portal to bring up the digitized application form.

  4. Form fill-up

    In the form, the applicant needs to type in his/her name, designation, contact number, email address, name of the organization etc in the correct fields.

  5. Submit the form

    After filling in these details, the applicant must click on the specified button to submit and save the digitized registration form.

Main facilities that Aarogya Setu Mitr website offers

  1. Online consultations with the doctors – The central and the state governments have advised the people not to go out of their homes unnecessarily. However, some people may need to consult with doctors. By logging on this site, the patients can consult with the doctors via chat or video call.
  2. Home lab tests – Collecting samples is another important task. Registered laboratories have joined this site, and will send trained specialists to collect swab or blood samples, from the residence of the patient.
  3. Connecting with e-pharmacies – Online pharmacy plays an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of the people. Several e-pharm companies have enrolled on this site. If any person needs specific medicines, then they can get to the official site of these pharmacies, and book the drugs. The medicines will be delivered to the registered address of the patient.

Details of virtual consultation organizations

Sl. No.Name of the OrganizationOfficial Portal
4Tata Bridgital Healthhttps://tatabridgital.com/citizen/
5Tech Mahindra Connectsensehttps://connectsense.techmahindra.com/

Details of Home Test Labs

Sl. No.Name of the OrganizationOfficial Portal
2Dr. Lal Pathlabshttps://www.lalpathlabs.com/
4SRL Diagnosticshttps://www.srlworld.com/

Details of e-Pharmacies

Sl. No.Name of the organizationOfficial Portal

The central government is hopeful that in time, more organizations will register on the site. Cooperation of the people, service providing organizations and the authority can avert the serious Coronavirus pandemic. The researchers, all over the world, are working with new compounds, which may become successful in defeating the virus once and for all. Till that time, isolation, social distancing and other preventive measures can safeguard common people from COVID – 19. The medical professionals are working round the clock to treat the Coronavirus affected people with the medicines, available at their disposal.

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