Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Scheme (Self Reliant India Campaign) 2022

PM Narendra Modi announces Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self Reliant India Campaign) 2020, 20 Lakh Cr package, check beneficiaries, sectors, benefit, 4 L’s factors

As we all know we face many critical situations in this time, to resolve these pandemic corona virus situations PM Narendra Modi has taken many successful steps and address the nation from time to time. As far latest lockdown 4, he announced he addressed the nation today dated on 12 may at 8 pm and the main focus of speech was on “AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT” scheme for poor and needy people. In this scheme PM announces 20 lakh crore economic package for the poor people who don’t have money to survive, fooding and many other facilities which might middle class or high class people have. He also said that India is producing more than 3 lakh N95 masks each day. Country like India, it believes in “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” world is one family. He also touches the disastrous earthquake in Gujarat that wreaked havoc in Kutch but still we Indians got up and worked towards progress.

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PM Narendra Modi announces 5 pillars in the scheme of “AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT” which are given below:-

  1. Economy- quantum jump not incremental change

PM Narendra Modi tended to a gigantic assembling in Mumbai tonight at the dispatch of the Make in India week. The FDI condition for the nation, he stated, has never been something more, itemizing the most optimized plan of attack development the nation has seen since his administration came to control.

  1. Infrastructure- for modern India

As china is spreading this pandemic virus, many large scale companies plan to shift their headquarters in India, so Pm Modi announces that he will give those companies land to build upon the buildings and provide cheap labour to do work in a very cost effective manner.

  1. System- technology driven for 21st century

Innovation influences nearly all that we do today and it additionally impacts the vast majority of our arrangements for what’s to come. Regardless of whether we experience the advantages of a portable amplifier or a consultation embed, utilize a cell phone, tune in to music and radio, surf the web for news or turn the GPS on in our vehicle, we are continually getting a charge out of the advantages of a greetings tech life.

  1. Demography- vibrant demography as world’s largest democracy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India’s biggest advantages are demography, democracy, and demand. If we compare between India and other countries India is one of the world’s vast economic demography

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Demand- optimise demand and supply chain in the economy

Demand determining structures a basic part of the graceful chain process. It’s the driver for practically all flexibly chain related choices. While request anticipating is unquestionably significant, it’s additionally one of the most troublesome parts of gracefully chain arranging. The demand is frequently unpredictable making requests determining both a workmanship and a science.

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