Adarsh Station Yojana Details

Adarsh Station Yojana Details

Adarsh Station Yojana is a scheme to upgrade the facilities provided by several stations across India. This scheme was launched on 2009 and since then 986 stations have been upgraded under the scheme. The government aims to upgrade the facilities of 1252 stations within 2017-18 fiscal year. The stations which have been upgraded under the scheme has various upgraded facilities such as drinking water, toilets, waiting rooms, catering services, lights and so on. This scheme is mainly envisioned to upgrade the quality of the stations in India.

Some facts about Adarsh Station Yojana 

Scheme Name Adarsh Station Yojana
Launched On 2009
Ending Year 2017-18
Target To upgrade the stations under this scheme
Number of Stations selected for upgrading 1252
Number of Stations upgraded 986
Current Budget Rs. 838.27 Crore

Adarsh Station Yojana 

Adarsh Station Yojana Key Features

  • This scheme mainly aims to upgrade the suburban stations of India to Adarsh (Ideal) stations. These stations will be beautified and modernized to make them look better and act better.
  • The stations will be upgraded with all facilities. The ticket counter, toilets, over-bridges, porters will all be redecorated under this scheme. The redecoration process will be monitored by the Indian government and Indian Railways.
  • This scheme has been carried through in phases and the 1st phase started in 2009 and the last phase is expected to conclude in 2017-18 when all of the stations mentioned in the list will be upgraded.

Budget for Adarsh Station Yojana 

The scheme has been carried through by the government from 2009 to the current year and it will be continued till 2017-18. In 2009-10, the government set a sum of Rs. 526 crore as the budget for this scheme. In the next three years, the government added more stations under the scheme and thus extended the sum of the budget. After that the government followed a planned way from 2013-14 to the year 2016-17 in terms of fixing the budget. The budget for 2013-14 fiscal year was Rs. 914.40 Crore. For fiscal year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 the budget was respectively Rs. 1047.90 Crore, Rs. 1211.81 Crore and Rs. 838.27 Crore.

Pros and Cons of  Adarsh Station Yojana 

Pros Cons
This scheme has already upgraded almost 1000 stations across India There have been several complaints that a lot of the stations have not received proper facilities under the scheme and haven’t been upgraded fully.
The scheme aimed to redecorate the interior and exterior of the stations and made them ideal A lot of Adarsh stations haven’t been redecorated properly and they haven’t received toilet and over-bridge facilities of yet.
The government planned this scheme properly and spent the money on it wisely There have been claims of mismanagement of expenditure on several stations and improper and unneeded expenditure on some of the stations.
The Indian government is managing the scheme and employing the staffs The major problem in this scheme has been the number of staffs as a lot of stations have complained for lack of staff.

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