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Oct 092016

Airtel and Jio iPhone 7 Free Plans

Telecom Company Airtel will be providing iPhone 7 for just Rs. 19, 990. The monthly plan for buying this iPhone will start at Rs. 1,999. An individual will also be able to get free and unlimited local and international calls along with 5 GB internet data with 3G/4G speed and other useful features.

Reason behind Airtel’s launch of iPhone 7 at Rs. 19, 990

Apple has recently launched iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus. These two iPhones are currently available in India and several ecommerce sites are also selling the iPhones with lucrative cashback and exchange offers.

Thus, Airtel has also stepped up into the field and now they will be selling the iPhone 7 for Rs. 19, 990 under a contract of 12 months.

Airtel and Jio iPhone 7 Free Plans

How to avail the Airtel iPhone 7 offer

If an individual wishes to buy the iPhone 7 which has the storage of 32 GB and which is priced Rs. 59,998, they will have to pay an initial down-payment of Rs. 19, 990. Then an individual will be obliged to choose between three Airtel infinity plans priced at Rs. 1, 999, Rs. 2, 499 and Rs. 2, 99 per month. After the completion of one year, a user will be able to return their iPhone or else they will also be able to purchase the iPhone by making a balloon payment which will cost them Rs. 24, 000. If an individual opts for the balloon payment they will be paying an amount of Rs. 80, 000 for one year even if they opt for the lowest priced Airtel Infinity Plan.

Benefits of different Airtel Infinity Plans

Airtel Infinity Plan costing Rs. 1, 999, 2, 499 and 2, 999 per month will provide an individual with the feature of unlimited local and international calls and also, the infinity plans will provide 5GB, 10 GB, 15 GB 3G/4G Data respectively.

Details of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus offers by Airtel

Model Storage Total Price (Rs.) Down Payment (Rs.) Infinity Plan options (Rs. Per Month) Balloon Payment (Rs.)
iPhone 7 32 GB 59, 998 19, 990 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 24, 000
iPhone 7 128 GB 69,998 29, 490 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 24, 500
iPhone 7 256 GB 79, 998 35, 990 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 28, 000
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB 72, 000 30, 792 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 25, 200
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB 82, 000 37, 292 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 28, 700
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB 92, 000 43, 792 Rs. 1, 999/2, 499/2,999 32, 200

Reliance Jio’s iphone 7  Free offer

Reliance Jio is also offering iPhone 7 with an annual plan costing Rs. 18, 000 to the buyers. They will also provide home delivery service. This offer of Reliance will be valid till 31st December, 2017. An individual will be able to buy previous versions of iPhone too. Also, a user will be able to get the facilities stated below with their iPhone.

  • Unlimited local and international calls.
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 20 GB 4G Data per month
  • Unlimited High Speed Data at night (2-5 AM)
  • 40 GB Wi-Fi data on Jionet Wi-Fi data
  • Complimentary access to the premium apps of Reliance Jio.

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