Amma Bio Fertilizer Scheme And “Uzhavan App” in Tamil Nadu

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Amma Bio Fertilizer Scheme And “Uzhavan App” in Tamil Nadu

Farmers play an essential role in the progress of the nation. If the teeming population does not have food in their stomach, then the nation will never be able to develop. India is mainly an agricultural nation, and thus, central and state governments try to bring new schemes and projects for the benefit of agricultural workers. The Amma Bio-Fertilizer program in Tamil Nadu has been implemented recently with the hope of providing multi-pronged benefits.

Amma Bio Fertilizer Scheme And “Uzhavan App” in Tamil Nadu

Launch details of the scheme

The Tamil Nadu government has taken the necessary steps to implement the scheme as soon as possible. But it is not a new scheme. The state was already promoting use of bio-fertilizers, under government scheme for the last 2 decade. They have altered the name of the scheme so as to honor the late former CM. But it does have new highlights for the farmers. These announcements were made by the CM of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi K Palaniswami on 5th of April, 2018.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Promotion of bio-fertilizers – Chemical fertilizers are readily available in the market. With the implementation of this program, the state authority wants to promote the use and advantages of bio-fertilizers.
  2. Maintain quality of soil – Too much utilization of chemical fertilizers in the soil will not reduce the soli-fertility. In that case, the farmers will not be able to reap a good harvest after a certain time. With the use of bio-fertilizers, this issue can be removed easily.
  3. High crop quality – Chemical fertilizers get into the food crops, and reduces the nutritional qualities. The consumption of crops, which have high level of chemicals, is bad for health as well. The use is bio-fertilizers are a safe option that will yield good crops but will not harm people’s health.
  4. Affordable alternative – Fertilizers are necessary for a good harvest. But not all farmers can purchase these as the cost of chemical fertilizers is high. It is here that the importance of bio-fertilizers comes to the forefront. They are cheap alternatives.
  5. Facilitation centers – Only development of bio-fertilization manufacturing companies is not enough. The state needs to make all farmers aware of its benefits as well. So, the task of disseminating information and linking all farmers will be done via 880 facilitation centers
  6. Distribution of bio-fertilizers – The state will take necessary step to distribute bio-fertilizers among farmers. The state authority has the aim to distribute liquid bio-fertilizer amounting to 6 lakh litres. It also desires to start the distribution of 3,000 metric tonnes of carrier bio-fertilizer.

Mobile App “Uzhavan App” Launch

The state government has also launched a new mobile application that will offer the farmers to get connected with technology. The name of this unique mobile application is Uzhavan App. The application will offer agricultural workers the necessary information in local language as well as in English. One can download the app from Google PlayStore without any extra charges. The farmers will be able to acquire nine different services from this application. Apart from information on crop health, they will get weather updates, crop insurance related details, subsidies, farm gear bookings, and other associated stuff. Clicking on the link will offer direct access to this application.

A lot depends on the proper implementation of this program. It will not only offer several benefits for the agricultural workers, but will also preserve the environment. The Tamil Nadu government is all set to embrace the environment-friendly schemes for overall development.


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