[Apply] AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2021

AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2020 [Rythu Bharosa Kendras, Download Cattle Health Cards, Check implementation, bovines, sheeps, goats, Eligibility Check]

The importance of cattle health is now accepted by everyone and that is the reason the state government of Andhra Pradesh is about to launch cattle card. The families who earn their living from the cattle will be benefitted by the Cattle Health Card. The Andhra government will launch the card this year. The government has conducted Livestock Census and from that the government came to know how many of the families rear cattle for living. The families will be eligible to apply for the Cattle Health Card Scheme. There will be volunteers who will help the families to perform the entire process.


Name of the scheme

Cattle Health Card Scheme

Date of launch

End of May 2020

Place of launch

Andhra Pradesh

Launched by

State government of Andhra Pradesh

Target beneficiary

Families who have cattle

Key features of the scheme

  • Facilities – Under the scheme the cattle of the beneficiary families will receive all types of facilities related to health. Among the facilities there will be breeding, foot and mouth disease control, de-worming, enter toxemia disease, etc. The scheme will cover the health of the cows but also the sheep.
  • Vaccination- Under the scheme the vaccination for the cattle will be held for two times in a year. The new born calves will also get health card.
  • Compensation- The scheme will provide compensation to the families who rear cattle if they have ever faced loss.
  • Compensation amount- The country-breed rearing family will get 30, 000 rupees, for the common breed cow the family will get 15000 rupees. Although the government can exceed the amount up to 6000 rupees considering the situation; the authority has allotted 1, 20, 000 rupees for 20 animals under one owner.
  • Total budget for the scheme- In order to provide monetary help the authority has allotted 50 crore rupees for the scheme for a year.

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Eligibility criteria

The Andhra Pradesh government has conducted a census in 2019. The census identified 25 lakh families who have cattle. According to the authority each owner will receive health card for the cattle.

How to apply for the card?

The people who rear livestock can apply for the car online. They need to go to the 11,158 Rythu Bharosa Kendras.

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It can be concluded that the cattle health card scheme will save the cattle owner from huge losses. The government also taken the stay livestock into consideration and civic body will be formed to adopt them. The card will have all the data regarding when the last vaccine was given, what the current health condition is, etc. the card will also help the owner in buying and selling livestock. In order to take care of the cattle best doctors will be appointed. The cattle owner will be given suggestions regarding how to prevent infection. So, it is a comprehensive scheme and cattle owner can get all the facilities regarding cattle. The scheme will work for all 1.6 crore cows and 2.37 crore goats and sheep.

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