Surya Shakti Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2022

Surya Shakti Scheme for solar panel set up Subsidy in AP [Registration Form @meeseva, Eligibility, Subsidy]

The Surya Shakti Scheme will be extended to Guntur city as per plans of Southern Power Distribution Company Limited in Andhra Pradesh. As per this scheme, the government will take the initiative to set up rooftop solar panels on subsidy basis in homes at Andhra Pradesh. It would be given at a lower price for the benefit of the households. Only the 1A and 1B households are eligible to install the solar panels for different purposes. However, the interested candidates have to opt for the registration to avail the benefits given by the above-said scheme extension. The following part of the article would take you through other relevant details of the benefits of the extended scheme.

AP Surya Shakti Scheme for solar panel in AP

What are the highlighting features of AP Surya Shakti Scheme?

  • Setting up of solar panels– The central government would setup solar panels in houses rooftops as the extension of AP Surya Shakti Scheme benefitting the households of the state. In addition to this, the households can use the solar energy such as selling it to electricity department after meeting the required demands.
  • Use of solar power units – The households can use the solar power units to meet different household needs after which they can sell the excess to earn from it. However, the solar panel units are worth of rupees 60000 that will be given to the households for rupees 10000 for their help.
  • Households to get benefits – The benefits of the extended scheme would be enjoyed by 1A and 1B households. In the respective houses, the solar power units will be installed by initiative of the central government.

What are the eligibility criteria for a solar unit subsidy?

  • Availability of free area – The households that are willing to get solar units installed in their rooftops should have shadow-free area of 100 square feet available in the rooftops for proper installation. Without the required area, it may not be possible to set up the solar units in the rooftop area.
  • Granting of solar units –Only after proper inspection and going through feasibility report, the households will be given permission for the solar unit installation. However, this inspection will be done by the MeeSeva center after your registration for the benefits of the scheme and make the required payments. Along with this, APSPDCL will look after the solar units for a time of five years free of cost.
  • 1KW capacity users – The subsidy for the solar unit will be given to families who have 1 KW, capacity users. However, other than penthouses and water motors, there would be other purposes as well that would be served with the help of solar power units.

Documents required for the scheme

  • Property documents – To get shadow-free area of 100 square feet, the candidate has to produce property related papers in support of the claim that they have enough space in the rooftops to set up the solar panel units. These documents would be required at the MeeSeva center for inspection.
  • Electricity coverage – The households have to produce details of electricity consumption of the house. This would be required to know whether it the house is a 1KW capacity user or not. Only then, the family will be eligible to get the subsidy from the government.
  • Income details – The household have to produce relevant income details. It would be required to consider whether the household is suitable to get the subsidy benefits under the scheme or not. This required document should be produced at the time of registration for the scheme.
  • Residential proof – The households have to produce residential proof and related documents during registration. This will be required as only residents of Guntur city are allowed to get the subsidy benefits under the scheme. So, they have to produce identity proof such as Aadhaar card, voter ID card or ration card.

What is the registration process for the setup of solar power panel units?

For proper installation of solar panel units in the rooftop, it is important that the interested households should register for the same. Some of its steps are mentioned below.

  • For registration under the above said extended scheme, the interested candidate should visit the nearest MeeSeva Center. In the centers, they have to register in order to enjoy the subsidy that would be given for the solar panel unit installation.
  • At the time of registration, the interested households should pay rupees 50 as application fee. However, the actual cost of the solar power units is rupees 60000 that will be given to the households for rupees 10000 for their help.

Therefore, by proper extension of the above-said scheme, the households in Andhra Pradesh will get photovoltaic units for their home. However, the benefits of the subsidy scheme would be given only to the households of Guntur.

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