Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by PM Modi

Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Scheme Yojana by PM Modi Registration

In the much-awaited address to the nation by PM Modi, the present Prime Minister of India opened up a bag of goodies for Indian citizens. Spanning over consumer space, agrarian space and of course, manufacturing segment of the nation, the announcements made by PM Modi came as a delight for millions. The celebrations punctuated the celebrations of the New Year’s Eve as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced financial and social inclusion benefits for businessmen, farmers, home buyers and even women of the nation.

Apply for Rs 6000 Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by PM Modi

One of the highlights of the address to the nation was the announcement of social inclusion scheme for women in India. This scheme can be aptly referred to as Pregnancy Aid Scheme. The highlights of the scheme, as announced by Narendra Modi, are briefly mentioned below:

Pregnancy Aid Scheme: INR 6,000 Financial Aid for Pregnant Women

In India, more than 60 per cent of the population lives below poverty line, wherein many women from these houses earn their bread and butter through daily wages which is not sufficient even for their nourishment. The government of India has recognized the importance of such under nourishment in the pregnant women and has introduced many schemes and programs to facilitate their health while in pregnancy and make their health better.

One of such scheme is the Maternity Benefit Program which mainly focuses on providing financial support and benefits to the pregnant women in the down trodden sects, so that they will be able to cope up with their financial requirements and be able to keep their nutritional levels at an optimum level.

Furthermore, the pregnant women need bed rest after the delivery of the baby child and also require medicines to keep their health at the optimum levels. Through this cash transfer scheme made available by the government of India, the pregnant women will be able to cope up with those health requirements needed for an after birth woman and child and go on safe with their lives.

About the Programme

The Maternity Benefit Programme is nothing but a conditional cash transfer scheme for the pregnant women who are willing to do institutional delivery. Under this cash transfer scheme, the pregnant and the lactating mothers are provided with cash incentives, mainly owing for the health status of the pregnant women and child in the womb. Moreover, since most the population lives under the poverty line, it is particularly for these downtrodden people that the scheme is mainly oriented towards.

Significance of the Programme

The main points that needs to considered while providing cash incentives to the pregnant and lactating women are:

  • In order to reach out to the wage loss and enable the pregnant women to be able take necessary rest before and even after delivery.
  • One more important aspect is to improve the health and nutrition status of the pregnant women that they need during and after the pregnancy.
  • To breastfeed the new born child during the first six months of the birth, this is very vital for the development of the child being carried.

If the nourishment of a pregnant women fails to reach optimum levels, then the under nourished mother inevitably gives birth to a low weight baby. Another important aspect of the programme is that most of these women who avail this scheme mainly depend on the daily wages. So, they need to resume their works immediately after their pregnancy, in order to go with their lives. They have to do so, even though their weak bodies might not permit them to do so. So, in order to cope up with this issue, this programme helps these women to manage with the expenditures for health issues.

Highlights of the Programme

  • During an address to the nation on the eve of the New Year 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the pan-India expansion of MBP in all the districts of the country. The scheme is scheduled and begins from Jan 01, 2017.
  • Before implementation of this special pregnant women’s care taking scheme it is estimated to benefit annually about 52 lakh beneficiaries women (particularly from rural) from all over the nation.
  • Cash transfer under would be Aadhaar linked through individual bank or post office account etc, in Direct Benefit Transfer mode (DBT). So that duplicates and misusing the scheme’s benefits gets avoided.
  • The benefits under this special pregnant welfare scheme are applicable only for the first two live births of the women and also women must be from poor or from BPL family.

Cash Incentives offered in Pregnancy Aid Scheme

As per the scheme, the eligible beneficiaries would be able to get Rs. 6k from the government in order to have healthy diet and proper medication during their pregnancy period.

The pregnant women and lactating mother’s who delivered and about to deliver their child in the institutional will get that cash allowance from this MBP scheme in 3 different installments on various time period. So that the government can ensure that the amount is being utilized on right time for right need.

S.No Cash Transfer on Installments Amount
1 First installment Rs. 3,000
2 Second installment Rs. 1500
3 Third installment Rs. 1500

Budgetary share between Central and State governments

Though this women welfare scheme is implemented by the central government of India, the implementation cost and also the maintenance cost for this entire Maternity Benefit scheme (MBP) was shared between the state and centre governments of India at a ratio of 60:40. While the total cost for the implementation of the proposed scheme has been expected to be at around Rs. 13k Crores, the share of the Government of India is totaled to be at around 8k Crores.


The implementation of the scheme particularly benefits the pregnant women in terms of their health and further provides financial assistance. It is most evident that an under-nourished pregnant mother carrying a baby child almost gives birth to a low weight baby child. In order to meet their daily requirements implied through economic and social distress, many poor pregnant women are forced to work for their daily livings even after the giving birth to the child. In such situations, the scheme benefits the pregnant women to take rest for two to three days after giving birth to the child.

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