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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or the MSME is one department that is monitored by the central government. It offers medium, small and micro ventures with financial assistance. There are several loan packages, which are active. But the central government has launched a new portal that makes it possible for interested candidates to apply for loan in just 59 minutes.

Launch details

Scheme Name MSME Business Loans in 59 Minutes
Launched by Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister
Launch Date September 2018
Supervised by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department
Target beneficiaries Small Entrepreneurs
Other Govt Loan Scheme Pradhan Mnatri Mudra Yojana

MSME Business Loans in 59 Minutes

Key features, Interest rates and Subsidy

  1. Financial assistance and encouragement – The MSME has come up with this new loan scheme for offering financial assistance and encouragement to the interested entrepreneurs.
  2. New and existing ventures – The scheme will help both new businesses as well as established companies to attain financial assistance from the central government.
  3. Total amount attainable – As mentioned by the Finance Minister, candidates will be able to attain any amount, as long as it does not cross the Rs. 1 crore mark.
  4. Money in bank account – All monetary transfers will be made via the active bank account of the applicants. After enrollment, the central authority will send the money within 7 to 8 days.
  5. Banks associated – The finance department has suggested that all loans will be sanctioned through small industries development banks or SIDBs. The central government has also picked 5 Public Sector Banks for this task.
  6. Interest rate and Subsidy –  Interest rate would range from business to business and your credit rating. No information has been given on any subsidy or interest subvention.
  7. Personal and Home Loan also available – Now Personal loan and Home loan also available in 59 minutes. People often need to apply for personal loans to meet financial emergencies. Individuals apply for bank home loans if they want to purchase a new home. But customers complain that the application scrutiny process is long drawn. Such loan enthusiasts can now acquire bank loans for house purchase or personal credit within 59 minutes. Reputed financial institutes like State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and Punjab National Bank have already registered for the PSB Loans in 59 Minutes. Applicants, who want to opt for loan, can log in on the ‘59 Minute portal’ and fill in a digitized application form. The documents will be verified online and the loan will be issued before the completion of one hour, starting from the minute you clicked on the application submission button.

Eligibility Criteria for 59 Minutes Loan

Though the central government has not mentioned anything about the eligibility criteria, it is clear that only companies, which fall under the micro, small or medium scale will be allowed to apply for this credit scheme.

Documents Required for 59 Minutes Loan

  1. GST verifications – The company owners must also keep their GST details handy so that they can type in the necessary GST ID codes.
  2. Income Tax verifications – Income Tax codes and e-filing details are also necessary for linking the application with tax system.
  3. Bank account related details – All applicants have to upload a PDF version of their bank statement, spanning over six months.
  4. Ownership details – As funds will be offered for business development, applicants need to upload the ownership papers of the venture, along with academic papers.
  5. KYC – Applicants will also have to upload a digitized version of the KYC form.

How to get application form and apply through new portal?

  1. MSME loans were offered earlier as well. But the process was long and took considerable time. With this unique portal, applicants will be able to complete the entire procedure in just 59 minutes.
  2. The interested applicants will have to log on to the official website to get their hands on the digitized enrollment document. This is possible by clicking on the link
  3. The applicant will have to complete the sign up process. This is the primary registration that will pave the path for actual registration.
  4. He/she has to type in the name, personal email ID, and active mobile number.
  5. Then he/she needs to click on the green button that is marked as “Get OPT.”
  6. This will trigger the site to send a unique code to the registered mobile number.
  7. After typing in the OTP in the correct slot, the person has to click on the blue button that is marked as “Proceed”
  8. The candidate may change the password for security purposes. After this, he/she has to click in the link that is marked as “Need Fund for Existing / New Business”
  9. This will bring up the actual MSME portal-based enrollment form on the monitor.
  10. Applicant needs to read and fill in the form carefully. The next step involves selection of the bank that will offer the loan.
  11. Once this is done, the approval will come promptly.
  12. After this, the applicant has to link this enrollment request with his/her GST and IT accounts. This helps the site to identify that the candidate is already a part of the formal economy. The bank statement details are also necessary for prompt transfer of funds.
  13. Only new members need to gain access through this process. In case registration has been done prior to this, applicants need to enter their mobile number or email ID to gain access to the site.

Financial Inclusion Index

The Financial Inclusion Index or the FII is a scale that will come in handy to measure the percentage of use of authorized financial facilities. It will also measure the percentage of access that people have to these facilities. The system will require three dimensions to make a correct measurement. They are “Access, Usage, and Quality of all financial products and services”

Jan Dhan Darshak Application

Apart from all the new initiatives, taken by the central government, a new app has also come up. The name of this application is Jan Dhan Darshak App, and it will come in handy to make banking facilities easily accessible for all people. For this, the app will be linked with 5 lakh bank touch points. Post offices, branches of several banks, ATM booths, common service centers and correspondents from the banks will fall in the list of bank touch points.

Many people don’t get the banking facilities as they live in rural areas. Creating banking touch points will bring these services within their reach. According to the attest announcement, the finance department wants to create a thick network of bank touch points so that one touch point is placed within the radius of 5 kilometers of any household in India.

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