Reliance Jio Prime membership

(Apply) Register for Reliance Jio Prime membership @ rs 99 for One Year and then Get free 1GB data daily and free voice calls @ Rs 303 Per Month. 

Ever since the entrance of Jio in the Indian telecom industry, lots of chaos experienced among the top telecom operators of the nation. On the eve of the New Year 2017, the RIL’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani extended the Jio’s free offers by naming it as Happy New Year Offer up to March 31st of 2017. Now as its getting near to the deadline, the owner of Jio telecom Mr. Mukesh recently announced the Prime membership plan to its new and as well as the existing customers of Jio network.

Reliance Jio Prime membership

Impact of Jio in Indian Telecom Industry

Reliance Jio made a huge entry in the Telecom Market by the mid of 2016 after a long wait. Ever since, it never fails to grab the attention of the mobile users particularly the youths who loves to stay connect with their buddies. Apart from offering hi-speed 4G internet connectivity, the Jio network offers voice and internet usage at free of cost, Yes! You heard it right, the telecom operator offering unlimited voice and unlimited internet for free. However, internet usage will be restricted based on the speeds, as far as the current plan Jio offers 1GB high speed 4G for 1 day and beyond the limits it will be shifted to low speed connections.

Reactions of Telecom Operators after Jio entry

On witnessing the huge positive response of Jio in the Indian telecom industry, the existing top operators Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and so are making various adjustments in their plans in order to satisfy their customers. In fact, in recent day’s news are confirmed that the Indian telecom giants Vodafone and Idea getting merge in nearby future. Similarly, the operators Aircel and MTS getting merged with the Reliance network, all these happening because of the Jio effect.

On replying to the unlimited frees offer provided by the Jio network to its customers, almost every network now offering unlimited plan for the special pack which cost by around Rs. 350 per month for their customers. The Jio network holds the unique record of gaining over 100 million users base in very short time frame which is 170 days that never done by any telecom industry all over the world. This clearly shows the interest of Indian consumer’s interest over the freebies.

Announcement of Jio Prime Membership plan by Mukesh Ambani

As the days are getting numbered for the deadline of the Jio’s extended Happy New Year Plan, the owner of Jio Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced the Jio’s prime membership plan details to the public on the live press meet. With reference to the details conveyed by the Jio’s owner, the telecom giant planned to hit a lot to the existing telecom operators by offering cheap plans to the existing customers and upcoming customers.

Key Features listed by the Mr. Mukesh Ambani

  • The all new Jio enrollment will starts from the month of March 2017 and runs throughout the entire month up to 31st of the same month.
  • In order to get enroll into the Jio’s new prime membership program the existing users and the upcoming users need to download the My Jio app or visit else they can easily walk into the nearest Jio store for completing their enrollment.
  • So far the existing Jio customers enjoys the free unlimited voice calls and free unlimited internet usage (1GB of 4G) on daily basis. The same plan will be extended to another 12months under this newly announced prime membership program announced by the owner of Jio telecom network.
  • With reference to the data released by Mr. Mukesh ambani in recent press meet, the Jio’s prime membership comes with price of Rs. 99 for a year. And there after the existing customers and new customers need to pay Rs. 303 on monthly basis in order to enjoy the unlimited free services which are offered by Jio currently.
  • In addition to those free unlimited voice calls and free unlimited internet, the Jio prime membership holders would able to enjoy the full access of other value added service like Jio Tv, Jio play, Jio Beats and so for free of cost.

While addressing the nation, the Mr. Mukesh Ambani exclaims that the Jio network pride of being a top telecom operator of the nation in short time, also he pointed that the Jio network is experiencing about 7 new customers per second at an average count.  With such huge customer base, there’s no doubt that the telecom company would be experience a long run.

Claws to be fixed by Jio Network

The major problem which the existing Jio’s customers facing is the call drop outs and poor quality calls also that’s the main issues forecast by the opponent telecom industries in the Indian markets. On replying to those issues, Mr. Mukesh quoted that our technicians are working hard to sort out the call qualities issues which the Jio’s network customers are facing. Very soon they will enjoy quality services in terms of voice calls from the Jio.

On responding to the announcement made by the Mukesh Ambani recently about the Jio’s Prime membership program and plan cost, the competitor of the Jio are yet to respond officially, however, it is assured that there will be huge offer will be announced by the prime opponent Bharti Airtel with response to the plan cost released by the Jio. Few experts all over the nation suggest that the there’s no history in telecom industry about an operator winning the market by announcing cheap plans and offers to its customers when they are entering in the industry especially in India.

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