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One Rank One Pension{OROP} – Latest News, Table, Chart and Other Details

More than 25 lacs of armed forces retired personals will get their enhanced annuities under the scheme of OROP (One Rank One Pension), in the month of January 2016, top Ministry officials of Defence Department stated. The enhanced annuities will cost about 7,000 crore rupees to the government. The Defence Ministry, in the meantime, is thinking again and again whether it ought to debar odefence personals who quit their job before finishing their term from the advantages of One Rank One Pension.

One Rank One Pension{OROP} – Latest News, Table, Chart and Other Details

About 80% of officers and Jawans leave the armed forces after failing to get the promotion which they expected. The advantages of the present One Rank One Pension scheme are refused to those defence personals. For instance, a Colonel rank person who quits the armed forces prior to finishing his term as he did not make it to get the promotion to the rank of Brigadier won’t be allowed to enjoy the benefits of One Rank One Pension.

But the sources stated that Manohar Parrikar, the Defence Minister of India has ordered to rethink on that particular issue and is tending to strike this condition off.  If it is done, it will tackle one of the chief apprehensions of the Indian armed forces.  “On the off chance that officers of the armed forces who left their term incomplete in addition to quit the service for not getting the desired promotion are barred from the advantages of OROP, the armed forces would be loaded with the passed over armed forces officers. Worse, these officers will have to continue their duties under the authority of the junior officers” the ministry source stated.

Please read this for One Rank One Pension (OROP) in Hindi

Response of the Government to the Scheme of OROP

In the year 2014, the central government accepted the demand and about 1000 crore rupees was allocated at the Budget of July 2015. Though, this system hasn’t been executed till now. It is said that because of some technical issues, it could not be implemented.

Latest News Connected To The OROP Scheme

Honorable PM Narendra Modi assured the retired army personals that the government will solve all the issues so that the implementation of OROP can be done in error free way. At the program “Man ki Baat” Prime Minister Modi has advised the retired personals to not to believe those people who are attempting to politicize this issue.

Possible Obstacle That Obstructs The Way To Implement The Scheme Of OROP

  • Different Financial, Legal and Administrative Problems, which are to be determined prior to executing this system are –
  • Granting Full OROP would further blow up the expenditure of the Government.
  • It will require huge administrative discussions to pass the entire advantages to the retired Servicemen.
  • There’s a possibility that other Employees of the government might also demand for the same pension scheme.

This scheme of OROP counted from the month of July 2014 – prior to the end of the financial year and it will cost about 11,000 crore rupees to the central government.  War widows as well as the winners of the Gallantry award will get their arrears at one fell swoop — the rest persons will receive it in 4 equal payments.

The execution of One Rank One Pension Scheme – a pre-election assurance by the government of BJP — was declared this September subsequent to prolonged discussions. This scheme could, on the other hand, not be put into practice immediately due to the elections in Bihar. In recent times the government released a notice which contains directives regarding the implementation of OROP and one can download it from WWW and read the directives.

Latest News on OROP 2016

Budget of defense for annuities is predicted to rise from 54000 crore rupees (2015-16) to 65000 Crore rupees (2016-17), therefore a boost of about 20% of the armed forces pension expenditure. 86% of total expenses owing to the OROP will profit JCO’s along with other officers of different ranks.

Military and Army personals have been insisting for the system of OROP for quite a long time. The present system of pension takes into thought, the last pay drawn while making a decision about the amount of one’s pension. Though, the OROP term proposes that the personals of armed forces holding the similar rank plus same span of service should be given similar pension, despite the last pay drawn. Another crucial point of this system is that some hike in the rate of pension will be implemented automatically to the precedent military pensioners.

Reasons Behind Demanding for the One Rank One Pension Scheme

  1. After having a glance at the non-defence employees, it has been seen that they leave their jobs after attaining the age of sixty. Though, in the Military employee’s scenario the annuity age is quite less. Therefore, the responsibility of the family for such military personals becomes an issue of worry and the option of second career is not quite easy.
  2. Sepoys in the armed forces retire quite early i.e. at the age of 35-38 years whilst NCO as well as JCOs get their retirement at the age of 40- 45. Only ten percent of the Sepoys make it up to the JCO rank.
  3. Maximum numbers of the army Officers retire at early 50.
  4. We all know very well that the service of armed forces is much dangerous and hard compared to any other service.
  5. Personnel of armed forces are posted in different regions and the most of these regions where they get their postings are very risky. WE can say – they are always in the danger to lose their lives.
  6. In addition, there was a space of the amount of pension due to the succeeding pay commissions.

In view of, all the aspects mentioned on top of, one must consent that the OROP demand is legitimate and ought to be applied soon.

Latest Table of OROP PBOR

These two complete tables given below contain the latest data, which are shown in the recent OROP authorized document.


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