Assam Orunodoi (Arunodoi) Scheme 2022

Details of Assam “Orunodoi” Scheme Arunodoi 2020 – 21 – Rs. 830 Per Month Financial Assistance to all Families [Women List, Form, Eligibility Criteria, Direct Benefit Transfer]

The Assam “Orunodoi” scheme has been initiated by the Assam government with the focus to empower women of low-income families. By making the scheme launch a successful one, it shall also contribute to improving the economic condition of the state. However, the financial help will be given on the 1st day of every month, and it will be credited in their linked bank accounts. The main beneficiaries will be the women who are divorced, unmarried, widow and the like. The following part of the information will enlighten about other relevant details pertaining to the entitled scheme. 


Assam “Orunodoi” scheme

Main objective

Offer financial help to poor women

Launched by


Target group



Rupees 830

Number of beneficiaries

25 lakhs

Money sanction

Rupees 280 crores

Date of implementation

2nd of October 2020

Mode of transfer

Direct benefit transfer

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Assam Arunodoi Scheme Benefits

Main focus of the scheme – The main idea behind the scheme launch is to offer financial help and empower women. Resulting from this, it shall improve the economic condition of the state.

Target Group – Under the scheme, priority will be given to the women belonging to poor families. This includes unmarried, widow, divorced, separated or women having disabled person at home. A total of 17 lakhs beneficiaries will be benefitted under the scheme. After this, the help will be extended to 25 lakhs families and empower women.

Financial Help – Rupees 830 will be given monthly to beneficiaries with additional rupees 10, 000 to meet medical, household, nutritional and other requirements.

Budget– However, Assam government will have to spend a total of rupees 210 crores monthly in the name of the scheme.

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Assam Arunodoi Scheme eligibility criteria

  1. Economic criteria – To become eligible for the scheme benefits, the annual income of the woman’s family should be less than rupees two lakhs yearly.
  2. Residential proof – As the scheme has been started in Assam, only the legal residents of the state are allowed to take the scheme benefits.
  3. List of belongings – Individuals having assets, houses, vehicles, land and gadgets in their names are not allowed. Also, government and semi-government sector employees are not included in the scheme benefits.  
  4. Active bank account – The beneficiary should have bank account as the financial help will be directly credited in the linked account.

Assam Arunodoi Scheme Document

  • Income certificate – It is necessary to produce suitable income certificate to justify that it is less than two lakhs yearly at the time of registration for scrutiny by higher authorities.
  • Residential certificate – The residential certificate should be produced at the time of registration to ensure the claim is justified.
  • Identification details – The candidates have to produce Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card and the like for registration.
  • Bank documents – The beneficiary should furnish bank account number, details of passbook, ifsc code and the like details.

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Assam Arunodoi Scheme Application Process

The scheme is a newly launched by Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and so, the details of online application are yet to be declared. as the official portal of the scheme comes up, the beneficiaries can get suitable updated from the portal. For this, they have to frequently visit the portal for the correct feedback. However, the state government is trying their best to make the scheme launch a successful launch and improve the economic condition of the state.

FAQ on Assam “Orunodoi” scheme

Q.1 What is the main idea of Assam “Orunodoi” scheme?

Ans – Empower women and improve economic condition of Assam

Q.2 Who will be benefited under Assam Arunodoi Scheme?

Ans- Divorced, widow, disabled women and the ones belonging to poor families

Q.3 How much beneficiary amount will be given?

Ans. Rupees 830 monthly

Q.4 Is the official portal of the scheme launched?

Ans. Not yet

Q.5 How many beneficiaries are covered up under the scheme?

Ans. Scheme benefits are given to 17 lakhs beneficiary families  

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