Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana (APY) Details : Statement, Calculator

Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana (APY) (Account Statement, Apply,Chart, Calculator, SBI, )

Named after the ex-prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Atal Pension Yojana also know as APY Scheme was launched in continuation to the Jan Dhan Yojana Scheme to bring those employed in rural and unorganized sector under the ambit of Pension Schemes.  The idea of the scheme is to provide a definite pension to all Indians.

Quick Look of Atal Pension Yojana in tabular format

Parameters Details
Scheme Name Atal Pension Yojana (APY)
Launched By Narendra Modi
Brand Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan
Last Date NA
Age Criteria Minimum 18 Years, Maximum 40 Years
Objective Social Security
Target Audience Un Organized Sector
Scope Across India

However, in order to get pension during your old age, you need to contribute accordingly.  The more you can contribute the more pensions you would get during old age.  The scheme is backed by Ministry of Finance, Government of India.  The scheme would mostly touch those working under unorganized sector.

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Atal Pension Yojana (APY)

Eligibility for Atal Pension Yojana

Any Indian national within the age group of 18 to 40 years is eligible to contribute under APY.  However, any member of a statutory social security scheme is not eligible to get the governments contribution for this pension scheme. But he will get all normal benefits of APY. If your age is 40 Years then you are eligible but if you are 40 years and 1 day then you are not eligible.

Government Contribution in Atal Pension Yojana

As all the previous schemes launched by Narendra Modi, this scheme to has an early bird incentive attached with it. If you would enroll in it on or before 31st March 2016 then you would be getting a government contribution.  Government will contribute maximum of rs 1000 per year for first 5 years.  Your yearly contribution should be more then rs 2000 to get this amount. If your yearly contribution (X rs) is less then rs 2000 then you will get Rs X/2 as government contribution.

These subscribers will not get governments contibution

  • If you are an income tax payer
  • If you are any state or government employee
  • if you work in a private company and have EPF or EPS account.

How to Apply | Process to get enrolled.

In order to apply for APY an Indian national needs to have a working bank account.  Date for submission of forms has started from 01st June 2015. There is no last date for enrollment. You have to fill the form in any bank and you are done. Please make sure this bank account have sufficient money each month before premium is deducted.

Premium payable under Atal Pension Yojana

There is also a policy under the scheme, wherein if the pension account holder dies, the contributions would go to the family or the nominee of the account.  The premiums to the pension account would be paid through your bank account and it would be auto-debited from the bank account.

Calculator or Premium of APY can be paid through 3 options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly

Premium Chart of Atal pension Yojana for Rs 1000 Pension

Sn Age Vesting Period Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
1 18 42 42 125 248
2 19 41 46 137 271
3 20 40 50 149 295
4 21 39 54 161 319
5 22 38 59 176 348
6 23 37 64 191 378
7 24 36 70 209 413
8 25 35 76 226 449
9 26 34 82 244 484
10 27 33 90 268 531
11 28 32 97 289 572
12 29 31 106 316 626
13 30 30 116 346 685
14 31 29 126 376 744
15 32 28 138 411 814
16 33 27 151 450 891
17 34 26 165 492 974
18 35 25 181 539 1068
19 36 24 198 590 1169
20 37 23 218 650 1287
21 38 22 240 715 1416
22 39 21 264 787 1558
23 40 20 291 876 1717

Premium Chart of Atal pension Yojana for  Rs 2000 Pension

Sn Age Vesting Period Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
1 18 42 84 250 496
2 19 41 92 274 543
3 20 40 100 298 590
4 21 39 108 322 637
5 22 38 117 349 690
6 23 37 127 378 749
7 24 36 139 414 820
8 25 35 151 450 891
9 26 34 164 489 968
10 27 33 178 530 1050
11 28 32 194 578 1145
12 29 31 212 632 1251
13 30 30 231 688 1363
14 31 29 252 751 1487
15 32 28 276 823 1629
16 33 27 302 900 1782
17 34 26 330 983 1948
18 35 25 362 1079 2136
19 36 24 396 1180 2337
20 37 23 436 1299 2573
21 38 22 480 1430 2833
22 39 21 528 1574 3116
23 40 20 582 1734 3435

Premium Chart for Atal pension Yojana for pension of Rs 3000

Sn Age Vesting Period Monthly Quarterly Half yearly
1 18 42 126 376 744
2 19 41 138 411 814
3 20 40 150 447 885
4 21 39 162 483 956
5 22 38 177 527 1045
6 23 37 192 572 1133
7 24 36 208 620 1228
8 25 35 226 674 1334
9 26 34 246 733 1452
10 27 33 268 799 1582
11 28 32 292 870 1723
12 29 31 318 948 1877
13 30 30 347 1034 2048
14 31 29 379 1129 2237
15 32 28 414 1234 2443
16 33 27 453 1350 2673
17 34 26 495 1475 2921
18 35 25 543 1618 3205
19 36 24 594 1770 3506
20 37 23 654 1949 3860
21 38 22 720 2146 4249
22 39 21 792 2360 4674
23 40 20 873 2602 5152

Premium Chart for Atal pension Yojana for pension of Rs 4000

Sn Age Vesting Period Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
1 18 42 168 501 991
2 19 41 183 545 1080
3 20 40 198 590 1169
4 21 39 215 641 1269
5 22 38 234 697 1381
6 23 37 254 757 1499
7 24 36 277 826 1635
8 25 35 301 897 1776
9 26 34 327 975 1930
10 27 33 356 1061 2101
11 28 32 388 1156 2290
12 29 31 423 1261 2496
13 30 30 462 1377 2727
14 31 29 504 1502 2974
15 32 28 551 1642 3252
16 33 27 602 1794 3553
17 34 26 659 1964 3889
18 35 25 722 2152 4261
19 36 24 792 2360 4674
20 37 23 870 2593 5134
21 38 22 957 2852 5648
22 39 21 1054 3141 6220
23 40 20 1164 3469 6869

Premium Chart for Atal pension Yojana for pension of Rs 5000

Sn Age Vesting Period Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
1 18 42 210 262 1239
2 19 41 228 697 1346
3 20 40 248 739 1464
4 21 39 269 802 1588
5 22 38 292 870 1723
6 23 37 318 948 1877
7 24 36 346 1031 2042
8 25 35 376 1121 2219
9 26 34 409 1219 2414
10 27 33 446 1329 2632
11 28 32 485 1445 2862
12 29 31 529 1577 3122
13 30 30 577 1720 3405
14 31 29 630 1878 3718
15 32 28 689 2053 4066
16 33 27 752 2241 4438
17 34 26 824 2456 4863
18 35 25 902 2688 5323
19 36 24 990 2950 5843
20 37 23 1087 3239 6415
21 38 22 1196 3564 7058
22 39 21 1318 3928 7778
23 40 20 1454 4333 8581

Can Government Employees open Atal Pension Yojana Account

Yes Government employees can open it but will not be eligible for the government contribution on this account

Important Atal Pension Yojana Features

If a subscriber Joins APY and opts for a 5000 pension plan and pays his premium as mentioned in the chart then he will start getting rs 5000 pension till he is alive after attaining 60 years of age. After subscriber is dead then his/her spouse will get the pension amount that subscriber was getting.  After both are gone then Nominee will get the corpus amount of rs 8.5 lakhs.

Atal Pension Yojana Form

You can use and download APY Form using Atal Pension Yojana English Application form Link. Nominee details are very important in this scheme. Spouse  is considered to be the default nominee so please make sure you make nominee other then you spouse.

Please use this link to download Atal Pension Yojana Form in Hindi

Can a subscriber close his APY account (Voluntary Exit) before attaining 60 years of age.

Initially it was not possible but after getting reviews from people government have allowed closing of APY account in between. You will have to give a closing application in the bank to get your account closed. Banks will refund all your investment with interest. You will have to pay a small penalty to avail this facility.

APY Account Statement using eSOT and ePRAN

Now you can see your apy statement online. Initially it was not possible.

  1. Browse this site
  2. fill the mandatory details
  3. click submit button

Tax benefits in Atal pension Yojana.

So the great news is in, now you can avail the same tax benefits in atal pension yojana as you do in NPS ie now you can claim the premium paid in this scheme under section 80CCD.

Atal Pension Yojana (APY) VS New Pension Yojana (NPS)

1 The maximum age limit that one can join is up to the age of 40 years. Here one can join up to the age of 60 years.
2 NRIs cannot join this plan. NRIs can also join this plan.
3 Here, the pension is paid monthly which ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000. Here, half of the pension amount is paid after the beneficiary retires and then he/she receives the rest amount in monthly payments.
4 Premium amount can be claimed under 80CCD There is tax benefit and beneficiary can avail tax benefits of up to Rs. 50 lakh.
5 Here withdrawal cannot be made before maturity, unless there is a special case. Here the beneficiary can withdraw the amount before maturity.
6 Here, unique PRAN number is not provided. A unique PRAN number is provided to get accessibility all over the country.

Some Interesting APY Updates


You should have savings bank account if you want to opt for this scheme.


Swavalamban Yojana would automatically converted into APY


You can opt for a pension plan but switching the plan after opting it possible only once in a year. But the Procedure of the same is not known.


The Pension that you will get after completion of term would be taxable.


Amitabh Bachchan is the current Brand Ambassador of Atal pension Yojana.


You can apply for Atal Pension yojana in SBI, PNB, HDFC, ICICI and many other banks.


PFRDA have notified that APY is doing pretty well and fund managers have generated above 13% returns on this investment.


Reaches 62 Lakhs Subscriber Base. Aadhaar Card have now become mandatory to enroll in APY. Premature Exit form in now available in banks (updated on Jan 10 2018)


You can now open your APY account on any of government recognized payment banks like paytm, airetl banks etc, this step is surely going to increase APY reach.


The Modi government has planned to increase the monthly pension limit from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 as per the proposal by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) considering that 20-30 years down the lane, the current pension limit of Rs 5000 per month for people with age 60 years would not be enough. The proposal also includes auto-enlistment of APY subscribers and increases the maximum age limit to 50 years to ingress into the scheme.

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  1. I am venugopal from ballari Karnataka. I want to know one more thing…… now BJP government is there, but in future no guarantee…. when the pension claiming, other government came and exist ? is it helpfull or not…..

    • new government usually do not touch the popular scheme. They may change the name but do not stop them.

    • the banks are not accepting my request for cancellation of my APY plan. please can you help. i have my account in State Bank Of India

    • Hi,

      My Query is APY premium calculation.

      Can understand that premium for APY is fixed based on pension amount and age [completed years]. e.g. for 5000 pension premium[Rs. 902] will be same for the persons with age 35 Years 1 month and 35 years 11 months. The younger person will pay 10 additional monthly premium installment and end up getting the same pension.

      Am I missing something. It will be great if someone can clarify this.

  2. I am state Govt emp.
    (1) What is the difference in corpus and pension amount between govt emp and non govt person. Please clarify.
    (2) I am not going to get govt contribution. What does it means?
    (3) Is there any difference in pension and corpus for govt emp. and others?

    • 1) Pension amount would be same, Corpus amount may differ but will be very nominal difference.
      2) Read the government contribution section of this article.
      3) same as question 1

  3. HI SIR ,


  4. Checked with Axis bank to open Atal Pension yojana but the reply from them is they have not received GR yet. Please guide

  5. Kindly clarify if i’m eligible if i pay income tax and covered under statutory regulations, if yes what are the criteria to join this scheme

    • income tax payers can join atal pension yojana. If your age lies in between 18-40 then you are eligible.

  6. Sir i have heard that the tax payers cannot get join with this apy
    I wants to confirm that is this true
    And i m a student and i have my pan card so shall i joint my account with apy

  7. Suppose, I opted for 5000 pension and I die after 5 years of installment. What will happen? Will my wife get 500 pension per month straight away? Also 8.5 lac will be given to nominee after wife death?

      • It means if i die without completing 60 years then my wife will not get pension and nominee will not get Rs. 8.5 lacs if wife is not alive. Kindly make it clear as some bank is saying that it does not matter wheter you alive or die during these 60 years your spouse and nominee will get pension/ amount depends on sheeme you choose.

  8. i have submitted by atal pension form on 2nd june 2015 to sarastwat bank kamothe they have still not open my account stating that the scheme is still not in force .please help.

  9. Dear Sir, I am in 30% income tax bracket and is over 40 yrs of age. My wife is housewife and 38 yrs of age. Can I enroll her under this scheme? She has valid PAN and bank account but she is not working/earning.

      • Over yrs, how do you say both can apply? Only the wife is eligible. I suppose,u rectify ur response n don’t misinform. How do we get the transaction details, tell that.

  10. Sir, I am Madhu, If the subscriber of APY dies after 60 years of age and if the subscriber nominee is his child. Upto how many years (after the death of the subscriber) the child get the pension every month.

    • If subscriber dies after 60 years then his/her spouse will get the pension if alive. Nominee gets the corpus amount after both subscriber and his/her spouse are dead.

  11. Hi,
    I am 24year, salaried person but my income tax is zero in last two years. I have an LIC policy(new jeevan Anand) and Rs. 12 pradhan mantri insurance policy.

    I want to know will government contribute as I don’t pay income tax and non government employee?

    • do you have an epf account? if yes then government wont contribute. If no then yes you will get government benefits.

  12. When I contacted Union Bank of India, Kottayam branch on June 29th, they informed that they didn’t received any notifications regarding Atal Pension Yojana.

  13. My date of birth 26-08-1975,eligible for atal pension yojana scheme,deposited amount in any bank

  14. Hot cancel and get the money back to my account. I have paid 2 instalments and want to cancel now. Please help…….

  15. Meri age 29 year hai,5000 pension ke liye 529/- per month pay karna h, mujhe pata karna hai ki ye same amount 529/- mujhe 60 year tak pay karna ha ya ye age ke hisab se per month change hoti rahegi
    like- 30yr to 577/-
    31yr to 630/- every year this amount change or same
    if I die at the age of 61 or 62 then what will happen scheme will contiu to my wife or not
    & if wife also expire then.
    if I die at the age of 51 or 55 then what will happen scheme will contiu to my wife or not
    & if wife also expire then.

    • Your premium amount would remain same. In case you die after 60 years then your wife if alive will get your share of pension. After you wife expires your nominee will get rs 8.5 lakhs. If you die before 60 years then your nominee will get the amount you have deposited with interest.

      • I am also 29, there is a premium of Rs.529/pm for 5000 pension.

        if I die at the age of 50 then what will happen scheme will continue to my wife or not
        & is she liable to pay premium for next 10 years ?

        if both husband and wife die at the age of 70 or 75 then what will happen scheme will continue to nominee (children) if they get the 8.5 lakh amount ?

        I think there should be a proper training for Bank employees interacting with us. They confused us a lot and don’t know the exact scheme properly. They told me that if i got the pension and died at the age of 61 (both husband and wife) Children (nominee) get nothing, Its all bullshit if its right. Plz answer. I only continue with it if there is a provision of nominee 8.5lakh amount after or before death of parents.

  16. If you are saying for tds deduction they are giving you interest @ 8.5% and in APY person is getting 8 % so this means this is already tds deducted amount.

    Secondly the person who are not falling under TDS criteria, they are more interested in this scheme.

    There should be one change in this scheme that if any person die before 60 years than this account should remain active and the nominee should get pension immediately after death of the subscriber. In this case you can set the half amount of Pension. Suppose any subscriber apply for Rs 5000/- pension scheme and dies before the age of sixty his wife or nominee should get at least pension of Rs 2500/- per month immediately after his death.

  17. I am a house wife ,I have no Adhar card but i have pan card ,voter i card and passport. can i apply for Pradhan Mantri Pension Yojana,Can i apply for this Yojana.

  18. I have submitted 2 applications myself and my Wife , mine application was processed but her application for atal pension yojana is still pending from last one month. Initial they processed my application after complaint to axis bank The bank does not want to promote these scheme, some action has to be taken.The application was submitted in Civil Lines Branch, Jaipur.

    Sachin Kothari

  19. Sir i am 33 i want to know that if i want Lum sum amount after my age of 60..this is possible or not???

  20. Sir
    Till now my adhar card not available. But Voter ID & PAN card present.
    My Bank (BOI) told me that I can’t applying the “atal pension ” scheme without adhar.
    I crossed my age limit in Nov -15. Please suggest how I apply these schemes.

  21. sir,
    meri age 29 sal ki hai,5000 pension ke liye plz mjhe btao ke mujhe monthly kitne paise dene hoge, or kitna time
    or sir main handicaft b hu plz give me ans

  22. sir,

    I am 34 years old, If i opt for 5000/- per month pension scheme at the age of 34, then I have to pay monthly installment of Rs. 824/-. My question is that monthly installment of Rs. 824/- will be change year wise or it will remain same i.e. Rs. 824/- because i have opt this scheme at the age of 34.

    My second question is it possible that husband and wife both can avail this Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension yojana and can nominee each other?

  23. Is Adhar card mandatory for Atal Pension Yojana. I am yet to get the Adhar card, however would like to start the pension scheme for self and spouse. Please advise.

    • According to supreme courts order Aadhar card cannot be mandatory for availing any government scheme. Thus aadhar card is not required to avail apy as of now.

  24. My age is 32 year and if I will pay in next 5 year in APY; after 5 year my financial condition will not allow me to contribute in this scheme then my deposited amount will be refundable with interest or not; please advise
    Akhil Dixit

    • government has not come up with a clear statement on this scenario. As of now you cannot stop this scheme in between under normal conditions.

  25. Hello Sir,

    My question is if both me and my husband do two apy plans for 5000 rs pension but say i will die before or after 60 years, then my husband can get 10000 as pension or only 5000 and nominee will get the corpous amount.
    In that case cant my husband get that corpus amount?????

    Sir one more question is now i am at bangalore, suppose after aometime in near future i go to my native state odisha and settle there and i create a new sbi account in that branch…in that case can i cpntinue this apy in this account or i have to close this bangalore sbi account, if anyone creates 2 account in same bank is there any peoblem will be created ???

    • Case 1) If you die after 60 years and then husband is alive then he will get rs 10000 as pension and after you husband dies then your nominee will get 1.7 lakhs (your and your husband share)
      case 2) If you dies before 60 years then your husband/nominee will get the amount that you have deposited with interest.

    • yes central government employees can join atal pension yojana but you will not get the governments contribution.

  26. Sir,
    I would like to know that in between 18 to 60 years, if pension holder is expired then what is the benefit of the nominee.

    Warm Regards

  27. Dear Sir,

    – My age is 36yrs ( how much premium should i pay to get pension of Rs.5000)
    – Till how much yrs i have to pay the premium amount.
    – Is this facility available for ICICI bank.

    Thank you

    • your premium is rs 990 per month
      you have to this premium for 24 more years.
      yes ICICI bank offers atal pension yojana

  28. ICICI is avoiding account holders to open this accounts and trying to market their products by confusing the customers so its beeter to goto other banks

    • Yes..I am also facing the same issue.I ahve my account in ICICI bank for 15 years..they are saying corpus amount will not be given which is misleading. B’se of these kind of misleading info, we are not able to decide. May I know in which circumstances the corpus amount will be given?.Please share all the possible situations.Thank you

  29. what if my nominee is my wife ? will my kids get the 8.5 lakhs on not ? if my kids dont get th emoney then i need to change teh nomnee to my kids so tell me how to change the nominee

    • yes your kids have to be nominee to get rs 8.5 lakhs as corpus amount in atal pension yojana. Walk to your bank to change the nominee.

      • The bank says , there is no provision in their website for changing the Nominee. Can you please provide the details how and where the nominee details have to be changed.

    • there is no certificate provided by banks as of now if you would enroll in atal pension yojana. Banks would credit pension amount in your accounts.

      • Is there any profs or card will be provided? I have not received anything as of now but SBI is saying that certificate will be couriered by Govt agency directly.
        I am little bit of worried on what happened post 60 yrs on this investment.
        Also please let me know if there is any way to withdraw this scheme.

  30. If applicant of APY die before 60 year then what benefit provide to spouse / nominee.

    If applicant & her spouse both die before 60 year what benefit to nominee.

    If applicant want to change his / her bank in future how it will be done.

    • spouse in this would get the amount deposited with interest. If applicant and wife both die then as nominee will get the amount deposited with interest. Bank change in atal pension yojana is not clear.

    • Only your wife is eligible for this PM Pension Scheme. Please walk the bank in which you have a savings account and submit apy form to get your wife enrolled.

  31. If me and my wife opt for 5000Rs pension per month.

    1) If any one of us die before 60age then what will happen???

    2) If any one of us die after age of 60 then what will happen.

    3) If I am paying premium monthly as for pension of 5000Rs. If I keep on increasing premium every year by 1000Rs pm then how much pension I will receive after the age of 60.

    Please inform.

    Akash Salunkhe

    • 1) In this case survivor will get the amount deposited with interest of his partner
      2) Then Survivor will get a pension of rs 10,000 and nominee will get the corpus amount of rs 17 lakhs when the remaining survivor dies
      3) You cannot do this in Atal pension Yojana

  32. Sir,
    mera age 30 runing hai, pension k liye me jo premium jama karunga, 5000 pension ko chhod k jama kiya hua paisa hume kab milega tell me please.

  33. Sir.
    I have not received the PRAN number since 23 May 2015. I have the reference number from SBI. But the PRAN is not yet received. Kindly help. What to do ?

  34. Sir i am income tax payer and as per your reply answers i can join atal pantion yojna but i will not get only government benefits, my quotation is can my wife also join this yojna, she is house wife.

  35. Sir , I have opted for 5000 pension and when i turn 60 years my corpus would be worth around 8.5 Lakhs.Suppose if i live till 80 yrs and my wife lives 8 more years as she is younger to me by 8yrs the total pension that we would be taking is for 28 yrs.In this case would the governmnet be paying us only 5000 rupees a month and keeping our corpus amount of 8.5 L for 28 years ? if they are keeping it for 28 years then would they be giving our nominee a amount of 8.5 Lakhs or the quarterly compounded value of 8.5 Lakhs for 28 years ?

      • Thx then this policy has dual benefits , one is it would be providing pension to me and my wife and later support my kids with financial support for carrying out our last rites.

  36. Hii,

    Suppose in future we are not using our ac and we need to close our ac then can we transfer our atal pension yojana to our another ac?

  37. Sir After the downloading and filling the form I should directly go to a bank or should i send it to the branch ? I am planning to have my ICICI bank account for Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana

    • Few of my readers have commented that ICICI bank is not accepting APY form. I cannot give the guarantee of this information. It would be better you talk to customer care of ICICI bank before taking any action.

  38. sir

    I am 40 years completed only after july 20th. i can start apy?? and one more doubt. if we get back our amount after 60 years for daughters marriage or the amount will not be refundable??? if we do not want the pension after 65 we can get the total amount ????

    • yes you can apply atal pension yojana. There is no provision to get the corpus amount to the subscriber. Subscriber and his/her spouse will get the pension and their nominee will get the accumulated corpus amount.

  39. Sir,
    Please clarify the following:
    1) Presently I am non tax payer and don’t have an EPF/PF account.In future If avail the facilities will this scheme be invalid?
    2) Once I join the scheme how can I withdraw in future in case I want to at that time will I get the money that has been deposited till withdrawal date
    3)My freind has joined the scheme he got his SBI account debited and also got a reference no and PRAN number but when he checked the same in website there were no details.Is it fake?

    Please kindly reply will be useful to others also.

    • 1) Tax Payers can also avail this scheme so it dosent matter
      2) You cannot stop atal pension yojana in between under normal conditions. But if you are severely ill then it is allowed.
      3) I am not sure about your friends case.

  40. dear sir/mam,
    if i start APY in my saving account, then if i want to change my bank branch. then after, will my APY continue?

  41. Sir

    How to start this scheme? ?.

    Somewhere it is written that last date is 01 June 2015, Is it true???
    So government dont want all citizens to get pension, what will happen to upcoming generation who will attain age 18yrs. Or this scheme is first come first serve basis.
    This scheme should be kept open fr life time. so that anyone can avail this scheme.

    I have accounts in two banks ICICI n Axis.

    ICICI told me to check online to avail this scheme n also informed that scheme is closed now.
    Axis told me that they have not yet received the circular. please inform how to get this scheme.

    In this scheme can I opt fr 10000Rs pension fr myself by paying more premium monthly. Plz inform.

    Akash Salunkhe

    • there is no last late of atal pension yojana
      You can call the customer care of ICICI or Axis bank to get your self enrolled.
      maximum pension as of now is rs 5000. If you are married then you can apply it for your wife also to get a combined pension of rs 10,000

  42. Dear Sir,
    I want to know about Atal penssion Yojna. Now I m in 27 years old many years will pay money. Can I start any private bank Axis, Hdfc~~~~.please inform me.

  43. I am 27 yrs young wana enrolled APY atal pension scheme as per information detail am not married to whom I’ll be add for nominee. Could you reply for that. In case add younger sister,after marriage shall I add to my wife as default nominee????? Please reply soon.

    • you can change your nominee any time. You can make your kids as your nominee and wife by defaults becomes nominee in this yojana.

  44. my name is Amit , I m 26 year old . my question is

    1) can I join apy after 2 years.
    2) can nomenee can be changed any Time i.e aftet 5 years
    pls rpy

    • 1) Yes you can join atal pension yojana after 2 years (since your current age is 26)
      2) yes nominee can be changed any time in apy

  45. hi…
    i have a saving account in SBI with internet banking.
    any online registeration available through internet banking on sbi for this pension scheme…?

    • SBI should come up with online facility for atal pension yojana in future but currently they do not have this.

  46. Respected Sir/Madam
    With due respect I would like to say that I filled a form for Atal Pension Yojana in SBI with correct information but after few days I got a message that Rs 376 was deducted from my account which was not correct as my age is 27 and the deduction was for the age of 25 when I went to my bank they said the date of birth in my account was 3/9/89 and hence the amount deducted was Rs 376. they asked me to fill the KYC form and even blamed me that I filled my date of birth wrong which is absurd and impossible but after listening to that I submitted my KYC with copy of my passport and they said my APY will be corrected and after I went to my bank I was astonished bye the behavior of bank employees as they said nothing can be happen and there is no problem with wrong D.O.B. When i requested them that we should comply by law of the land they started lingering me and I am now writing you this to get help from your side and the concerned authority. The ifsc code of my bank is SBIN0010079.
    Monarch Sharma

    • you can call the customer care of SBI and lock and official complaint regarding this. You can ask or search the email id of branch manager and can email the complaint. This process may take time but will reap you result.

  47. iam not eligible for atal pension scheme but i have paid amount how are the deactivate
    please give the suggestion

  48. Hello,

    1. If person’s age is 35 year and one month then what would be monthly amount he/she has to pay to get 5000 after 60.
    2. If person’s age is 35 year and 11 month then what would be monthly amount he/she has to pay to get 5000 after 60.

    If for above both cases premium is going to be same then should that person wait until he/she just turn before 36 ?
    Or there monthly premium will vary for age like 35 years 1 month, 35 years 2 month, 35 years 3 month..etc.

    • 1) rs 902 per month
      2) it would be same as above.
      in the second case you will have to pay your premium for 10 more months.

  49. how to deactivate atal pension bima yojna ? i have not deposit any premium or payment. so sugges for deactivate atal pension bima yojna ?

  50. Sir,
    If husband and wife both have taken this facility and one get died after 60 age ,then will left one get the both pension or he/she will get the fixed amount.
    If one died before 60,then spouse will get the amount or nominee

    • if one dies after 60 years the other will get others share of pension along with his own. If one dies before 60 then other will get the amount accumulated by other with interest

  51. If husband and wife both have enrolled and one dies after 60 then he/ she will get both pension amount or will get fixed amount

    • other person in this of atal pension yojana will get the pension. I mean he/she will get both the pensions.

  52. Dear sir

    Amount for my Atal pension yojana is deducting from IDBI bank i want to sift it to SBI can it possible, if yes what is the procedure.


  53. Sir

    Is it possible to change the nominee after submission of form.
    presently i have no child.
    but soon I will be mother.
    I want my child as nominee

  54. My date of birth is 22.05.1981 if i am opting Atal pension of 4000/-month for how many years do i have to pay the premium and what will be the pension per month if i am eligible to take 8.5 lak after 60 years

    • for the first part of your question you will have to pay the premium of rs 824 per month for around 26 years.Can you please clarify the next part of your question

  55. what the guarntee atal pension yojana in future …is work . customer have no one any document related jan yojana

  56. ”any member of a statutory social security scheme is not eligible to get the governments contribution for this pension scheme. But he will get all normal benefits of Atal Pension Yojana”

    please explain about this

  57. Sir, i have 2 question.
    when atal pention yogna will start, because in axis bank kalol asked that this yogana not to be started.
    And second – I have joint account with my wife, i can open seperate yogana for both or not?

    • Axis should have started atal pension yojana. You can call the customer care of axis bank to get yourself enrolled. In the joint account case the person having the first name can apply for apy. Person having the second name need to open a separate account.

  58. Just a single question. What do they exactly mean by this line?

    After both are gone then Nominee will get the corpus amount of rs 8.5 lakhs.

    Who gets this amount and when?

    • Suppose you have enrolled in Atal pension Yojana. You will start getting pension after you have turned 60. After you die then your spouse will continue to get your share of pension. After both of you are gone your nominee will get the corpus amount which is rs 8.5 lakhs for rs 5000 pension plan.

    • you should get an sms as soon as you are enrolled in atal pension yojana. Since this is a new scheme the sms function may not be working properly. You can call the customer care of the bank to ask this.

  59. Hi Team, I have an existing NPS account with Tier-1 as I work for an IT company. Recently I applied for APY in Axis Bank. While entering the details on the site, the bank official entered my existing NPS account number in the site as it is mentioned, if you have an existing NPS account, please enter the PRAN number. However, what I am confused is, the receipt which the Bank has given me has a new PRAN number in it. When I asked about it to the Bank, they said, this is the standard print format from NPS site made available to the banks and we need to check with APY on why a new PRAN number is shown in the receipt. One thing I can confirm is the Bank official has entered my existing PRAN number in front of me in the site. I am witness to it, but still I got a new PRAN number. Can you please help me understand if there is any problem with this and will I be able to view my APY details online in the NPS website along with my existing PRAN number? Please advise.

  60. Sir.My age is 39.I am applying this pension scheem in SBI bank,baguihati dhakshinpara branch.Here you have written default nominee is my husband and give the another name of nominee inthis scheem.This information I did not know when I fillup the form.I already submitted the form ,where I written the nominee name my husband.As husband is by default nominee .So can I change the nominee name in my APY.,If yes Please advice me,If not then what happened after our death .Please Answer this.
    Thank you.

  61. Say i am joining this scheme for Rs.5000/-, and the current age is now – 35, so i will pay the amount of Rs.902/- p.m i.e. yearly 10,824/- p.a. and it will continue for 25 yers long. But if may it will happen that i or my family cant pay the amount further after 5 or 10 years. then what will happen with my deposit money ??

    • if in future you suffer from some critical decease then you can request your bank to stop this scheme and get your money with interest refunded. In other cases you have a buffer time of 2 years in which you can replay your money. You can opt for a less pension amount if you are not sure of your future finances

  62. Kindly clear below queries :-

    1) Now my age is 34 yrs. If i unable to continue after 15 years what happen then?

    2) I want to get lump sum amount after 60 years age, it is possible or not?

    3) After my death (age of 65 yrs.), Nominee will get lump sum amount of Rs.8.5 lac?

    4) Any Critical or Urgent situation will come , then can i get the deposited amount with interest at that time?

    • 1) If die to medical reasons you are not able to continue then you can stop this scheme. Otherwise you cannot. You have a buffer period of 2 years in which you are allowed to repay after then account is frozen
      2) No this is not possible
      3) After your death your spouse if alive will get your share of pension after both of you die then your nominee will get rs 8.5 laks for rs 500 atal pension plan.
      4) I could not get your point, can you please elaborate

      • Kindly clear my query :-

        1) After account frozen what is the procedure to getting my principal amount & when?

        2) Any critical situation (like:- Daughter marriage/Family medical expense) will come, then can i received the amount which i already pay.

      • 1) Government has not disclosed much about the frozen Atal Pension Yojana accounts
        2) Subscriber can request for a discontinue in case of any serious health issues.

  63. Dear Sir, I was looking for this reply. My questions is , how? How do I make sure that the PRAN for my Tier 1, Tier 2 and APY are the same ? Will the APY module of the bank sync this info with PFRDA and make sure they remain unique? Or the NPS subscriber will have to write to some authorities to make sure that they stay unique.

    • i do not have the answer to your question that is why i just approved it so that if any other reader have any such kind of situation he could comment and let us know.

  64. Dear Sir, I subscribed for APY on 29th June 2015 at my SBI branch. I have requested the debit of the premium on every 2nd of the month. The branch promptly entered all my details in the APY module of SBI. Since I already have a NPS Tier 1 and Tier 2 account and is currently having a PRAN. I also informed the branch of the PRAN that I already have. But till date the premium has not been deducted, neither I have been sent any SMS of a new PRAN or enablement of this scheme. Will the PRAN for APY be a new one or will it be merged to my existing PRAN containing Tier 1 and Tier 2? SBI has entered in APY module, but how do I know if the CRA has alloted me a new PRAN or done somthing with my old PRAN. The Bank is unable to say anything since they only know to enter the data in the APY module and know nothing beyond that.

  65. My daughter is student. She has opened Atal Pension Yojana a/c with BOB. Can you tell me if she get the job with Govt.organization then how this APY will function for him ?

  66. dear sir i had joined Atal pension Yojana scheme last month but still the amount was not debited for the month from my account…i asked my home branch bank they i didnt aware about the details..kindly clarify me when the amount was debited every month

  67. I want to opt for the pension scheme but my account is zero balance account in the scheme of pradhan mantri dhan jan yojna and the bank officials are saying you cannot opt for the pension scheme if it is zero balance account. Is it True?? Can’t we go for the pension scheme with zero balance account??

    • Atal pension yojana would require a monthly debit of certain amount each month for a long time. So you should have some balance in your account for auto debit to take place.

  68. Sir,

    I deposit first month instalment for APY. But i want close this plan. How to close this plan? bez every month auto deduct from my account

    waiting your reply

    antony martin

  69. I want to Rs. 15000/-pension in APY , can I obtain this amount after paying triple premium in this Atal pension scheme

  70. 1. I am homemaker and i am 31 yrs can i start Atal Pension scheme?
    2. My husband and me both are able to start i mean per family 2 account will be able to start?
    3. I have 2 kids in nominee shall i write one kid name or shall i write both kids name?

    • Since government of India is the guarantor of this scheme so even if a there is a change in power they cannot overrule the previous schemes. They may not allow new apy subscribers but they have to fulfill the already enrolled persons.

  71. Iam Unnikrishnan.A.R from Attingal kerala,

    My DOB is : 25-march- 1975. (40 years)
    Need 5000/- atal pension yojana – pls advise Premium : __________
    Will pay from this year – 2015
    Advise No. of years to pay ____________ upto _______ Year
    Pension will start From which year __________
    Government Contribution:_________?
    I visited my bank here they said I am not eligible for this APY. why I don’t understand. In this scheme they said minimum 20 years & maximum 42 years of premium payment that means age between 18 & 40.if I join now I can finish 20 years of premium payment then why I am not eligible for this APY. please give me the guidance on my e-mail.

    • according to policy document you should be eligible for atal pension yojana. But banks and even customer care sometimes have different versions. I would request you to please call the customer care of the the bank to discuss this.

  72. Sir, please clarify the following quarries:

    1. Is there any provision to change the nominee name?
    2. If yes, kindly provide the procedure

    • 1) Yes you can change the name of the nominee any time
      2) Please walk to the bank in which you have atal pension yojana account. They will ask you to fill the nominee change formalities.

  73. Can I get to know the Mode of Re-Payment for Pension Paid after 60 years.
    Also If I and My spouse dies how and will the Nominee get corpus amount of Rs 8.5 lakh I mean what is the Repayment procedure.

    • you will get the pension in your savings account in which you have deposited apy premium. You nominee will get the corpus amount from the same bank but the process has not been clear.

      • The process for paying the corpus amount is not clear then how to enroll for the same. Before enrolling we need full details of the scheme. reques to let us know the details for the same.

        One more query what will be the rate of interest paid on the amount collected if the subscriber dies before attaining 60years of age.

      • Hi Rutesh,

        Please call the official call center 1800-180-1111 / 1800-110-001 to get more details.


  74. Hi, I have applied for Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana
    and it got activated also, i have a received an SMS and amount also got debited

    But i didn’t received any kind of acknowledgement for the yojana

  75. Dear sir,
    I am a income tax payer,

    1, am elligible for this pesnion scheme ?
    2, as said tax payers won’t get government contribution , please clarify about my returns

    • 1) Yes Income tax payers are eligible for this scheme but wont get governments contribution
      2) You will get all the benefits mentioned in the article.

  76. Sir, my wife’s date of Birth is 27th May 1975, which means she is 40Yrs 2 months old as on date. Is she eligible to join the Atal Pension Yojna scheme? She is holding savings account in Punjab National Bank. Yesterday whe went to the Bank to enrol herself but she was told by bank staff that she is not eligible since she has crossed 40 Yrs.
    Please let me know sir.

    • as per government notification she should be eligible. But some banks and customer care have different versions. You can try SBI for the same.

  77. Sir,

    I can understand that the Plan holder would get monthly pension after exceeding 60 yrs and till alive but Please let me know what is the benefit my nominee would get after my death and what is after his/her death too?

    • subscriber will get the pension till alive after 60 and then his/her spouse will get the pension after that Nominee will get the corpus amount.

  78. Hello Sir,
    I am currently working in India. So, I hope I can enroll for APY. However, if after few months/ yeas, I move abroad for few years, can I still continue APY contributions?

  79. in case of husband & wife , if one person is die then benefits paid to spouse, if both die then benifits paid to nominee my question is that nominee is spouse or other person

  80. Dear sir/madam,
    I enrolled in APY last month in SBI and i got my PRAN number. I didnt recieve the 50% amount in SB account which govt needs to contribute.

    For information-
    1. I left column blank for the question whether you are enrolled in any social security schemes in the application form
    2. I dont have any pension scheme other than APY
    3. I have PPF Account in the same bank, but not in the same branch where i maintain my SB account

    Am i eligible for 50% contribution of Govt.

    Please Reply me.

    Thank You

    • Are you an income tax payer? if yes then you wont get the government contribution. Government have not clarified when will they credit the government contribution amount.

  81. Dear sir,
    I am very much happy about this scheme and myself also joined to this scheme for my future life.
    Sir, in this regard I have small doubt that if I died before finishing the scheme period then the government will pay any fund to my nominee or my spouse should continue the contribution to the scheme.
    Sir, please clarify me on my above doubt.
    With regards,
    Mrs. Madhu praveen
    Karnataka, India

    • if you would die before attaining 60 years of age then you will have to the accumulated amount with interest would be given to your wife/nominee.

  82. I submited my application for pension yojana in June 2015, still the debit is not done from my account. when will this start?

  83. Hello;
    i have opened APY scheme from June’15 on wards. My first month’s premium was deducted by State Bank of India (home location branch where I have opened the scheme) on 7th June’15 & I also received an acknowledgment copy stated that monthly deduction will be done on 7th of every consecutive months. but surprisingly in July’15 no deduction done on 7th though there were sufficient funds and no posting restrictions given in my linked SB A/C. i waited for next few days and when contacted the branch for not deducting the 2nd month’s premium they are also not able to help me in this regard.
    Please let me know the concern person / department where should I escalate the issue?

  84. kindly define mis happening before contributor turn 60. Also provide reference from official website of APY that in case of death of contributor before he turns 60, the amount that he deposited , will be given with interest to his wife/nominee.

  85. may kindly provide reference regarding participation of a worker of pvt company who contributes epf from his salary can also join to PM atal pension yojana.

  86. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Om Prakash age 35 . I had applied Atal Pension Yojan 5000 Pension Plan in State Bank of India HATIA Branch, Ranchi Jharkhand on 7/7/2015 My Ref. no- is XXX PRAN NO. is- XXX but not debited on My Account Rs-902 . What am I do.? Please Sujest

    Om Prakash

  87. I am separated from my husband for 5 yrs now,can I leave the space for spouse blank and mention my son’s name as nominee?

  88. I am a 18 years student.
    If yes then i contribute a sum of 210 per month after then am i able to get goverment subsidy in my account of “APY”???

  89. I join the APY scheme from June 15, & monthly premium already deducted from my bank account. Can I get any certificate’s from bank or government related to APY ? Pls reply…

  90. Sir my Question is
    agar mai APY mai contribution kar raha hu or 60 year se pahle hi meri death ho jaye to
    APY scheme chalegi ya nahi means
    meri death k hone par jitna Premium maine jama kiya hai uska kya hoga

    • in this case your nominee/wife will get the amount that had been accumulated in this account with interest

  91. My husband has applied for APY. Since its a pension scheme, does he get any documents which confirm that the scheme has started for him and is there any annual/quarterly statement as well?

    • banks can clarify on this issue. As of now it seems the traditional way of documentation is not followed in this scheme.

  92. Sir, I want to know that if I take this pension plan then can I able to take the benefits of senior citizen pension

  93. I already have NPS account and PRAN Number. Can I still apply for Atal pension Yojana? If yes, can i use the same PRAN number.

    • Yes you can apply for APY, you can show your pran number to bank officials. One of readers of my blog said that a new PRAN was generated in APY. I am cannot guarantee about the same.

  94. Hello sir,

    Me private company me job karta hu, mera pf cutata hai..

    Lekin mene Atal pension yojana me apply kiya hai..

    Mene 2 din pehle apply kiya hai, muje us waqt nahi pata tha jinka pf katata ho wo apply nahi kar sakta hai.

    Muje ye skim close karni hai kyuki me eligible nahi hu.

    Uske liye muje kya step lena hoga ?

    Please advise.

    Thanking you,


  95. Sir/Madam

    I want to increase the amount of plan that I have selected. How can I do that? Awaiting your revert.


  96. The EMI for this plan given above in the chart is monthly or yearly, e.g., if I am 40, then the EMI 1454/- for the 5000/- monthly pension plan is monthly or yearly, please state.

  97. Sir plz tel I m income tax payer..I HV continued mi atal pension also….nw I wants to invest in ppf ..can I …wud it affect mi pension…Nd I HV opted yojna for 5000…

  98. Q1) If subscriber dies before 60 years, then is the nominee eligible for corpus amount?
    Q2) If subscriber is not able to pay monthly premium and want to take back the deposited money, should the subscriber wait until 60yrs?

    • 1) in this case nominee will get the account accumulated by subscriber with interest but not the fixed corpus amount
      2) You cannot stop this yojana in between.

  99. Hi, i have a salary account with axis bank, can i open Atal Pension Yojana in this salary account?
    And my husband is in private company and tds is deducted from his salary, is he eligible to open the same account?

  100. Sir , presently I m serving in military service,on which penson stars at early age like at age of 40 year. It is also covers for both husband and wife. Is this pension scheme will affect anyway with the pension from military service age is now 38 and my wife is 35 . both of us want to take APY in individual name. Please suggest me.

    • Atal pension yojana can be taken with any other pension scheme. It will not effect the pension that you will get from army. Yes you and your wife both can take apy separately

    • in this case his/her spouse if alive will get the pension. When both are dead Nominee will receive corpus amount

  101. if i die before 60 yrs, my spouse and nominee did not want to continue or unable to continue, then what shall my nominee or spouse will get ?

  102. Hello Sir,
    As of now am not a tax payer. Down the lane after 2 years if I become tax payer will the government contribute to my pension account or-else they stop contributing to my pension account. Id the government stops contributing my account would my contribution towards my pension increases or remains the same also do I get my opted amount as pension even after the government stops contributing to my account.

    • Government will credit you a maximum of rs 1000 per year in your atal pension account for max 5 years only. Please read the terms and conditions to avail government contribution.
      Suppose you are not a tax payer and does not have an epf account then you will get this contribution in that particular year. If suppose you are out of the terms and conditions then you will not get the contribution for that particular year. But this will not impact the money received previous year.

    • subscriber will receive atal pension account till he is alive. After his/her death spouse will receive this pension if alive. After both are dead nominee will get the corpus amount.

  103. Mere pension scheme join karne ke baad kuch queries mentioned below;-

    1. Premium kam se kam kitne saal jama karana padega?
    2. Pension meri wife ko 60 saal ke baad hi lagegi?
    3. Agar premium maine 1-2 saal jama kiya fir meri death ho gayi tab kya pension lagegi ya 1-2 saal ka premium interest ke saath wapas milega? Agar premium milega to kab tak milega? 60 saal ki age ke baad ya 1 saal tak ya jyada?
    4. Agar premium maine 5-10 saal jama kiya fir meri death ho gayi tab kya pension lagegi ya 5-10 saal ka premium interest ke saath wapas milega? Agar premium milega to kab tak milega? 60 saal ki age ke baad ya 1 saal tak y jyada?
    5. Agar premium maine 15-20 saal jama kiya fir meri death ho gayi tab kya pension lagegi ya 15-20 saal ka premium interest ke saath wapas milega? Agar premium milega to kab tak milega? 60 saal ki age ke baad ya 1 saal tak ya jyada? Ya iska koi aur process/procedure hai.
    6. is sab ke baare me detail me batane ki kirpa kare.

    • 1) Agar aapki age X hai to aapko premium (60-X) years tak jama karani hogi.
      2) Agar aap APY se enroll hote hai and aaki death 60 ke baad hoti hai to uske baad aapki pension aapki wife ko milegi
      3) is case mail amount deposited with interest aaki wife ko turant mil jayegi aapki death ke baad.
      4) same question
      5)same question.

  104. (1) I am an employee of Private sector. My Company deducted PF, at present iam not a tax payer. And also I am Joined in LIC plans.
    shall I eligible for this scheme

    (2) And aslo reply me, can more than one family member can join this scheme

    • Aadhar card is currently not mandatory for enrolling in any government scheme including Atal Pension Yojana.

  105. SIR,

    I want to know that is income tax payer can apply for this scheme.
    and if no so wats the process to stop this scheme from my account .

    • is atal pension yojana account holder dies before attaining 60 years of age then his/her spouse if alive will get the accumulated amount with interest. If spouse is also not alive then the amount with interest would be given to nominee.

  106. I am working in private company and have EPF account, but I have joined Rs 5000 scheme, will it affect my debit amount.


    • 1) Corpus amount if fixed as per the pension plan you choose, for rs 5000 it is rs 8.5 lakhs and would be given to nominee of all subscribers irrespective of there current and future economic condition.
      2) Pension would be taxable
      3) you cannot take any tax benefits of the APY premium contribution
      4) Interest on APy is still not disclosed.

  108. Hello Sir,

    I had opened an APY but later realised that I have PPF account and hence won’t be eligible for this. Hence I raised a request to discontinue my account. My bank raised a request for the same. Today, 5000 got deducted under for my APY account. How can this be possible. My EMI is 446.
    Please loon into this and resolve this ASAP.

    • Even PPF account holders are eligible for this scheme. So this cannot be the reason to discontinue APY. You will have to contact bank for any deduction related query.

  109. Sir, I am a Government Employee and have pension after retirement. My age is 34 years can I open Atal Pension Yojana.

  110. sir,
    i had already deposited the atal pension yogana form on my bank since 22 June,2015 ,but till now pension amount is not yet deducted from my bank account.
    Bank Name-State Bank Of India
    Branch Name-SCB Medical Campus,Cuttack,Odisha
    Account Number-XXXX

  111. Respected sir

    if After 5 or 10 year i eligible for tax payer can i get the benefit of Atal Pension Yojana Pleas Explain

  112. I subscribed for Atal Pension Yojana on 19-06-2015 from State Bank of India, SBIXXXXX, Sagar road Branch, macherla Guntur Dist. AP. The Bank authorities gave an acknowledgement no.XXXXXX to me. after that I did not receive any information on APY. Plz guide me.

  113. I am a house wife, completed 39 years on May 5th 2015, am I eligible for this APY. And if I am eligible, If I have to get 5000 pm pension what is the monthly amount I have to pay and till how many years? Can I apply this online and can I do online payment thru my sbi account?

    • yes you are eligible for APY. Your monthly premium would be rs 1318 per month. you will have to this premium for 21 years. You can call the customer care of the bank to get yourself enrolled.

  114. Dear Sir,
    I want to enrol myself in Atal pension yogana now but the last date was in June . So can I enrol now?

    With Regards

    Bhabani Sankar Nayak

  115. Sir, I have NPS Tier I account and when I downloaded the APY form, it has a declaration which says “I do not hold any pre-existing account under NPS”. It seems, someone already have asked this question. Did you get any clarification, whether we can enroll for both NPS and APY and if yes, then how?

    • yes I had asked this question to customer care they said you can ignore that point. According to me just write a note in the application form that you already have NPS account and get a copy of that with you.

  116. sir, I hve a confusion regarding my premium i.e i have to sumbit my premium upto 40yrs or upto 60 yrs …plz clearify the confusion

  117. Hi,

    I have applied for apy in SBI on29th July and updated 1st Aug as debit date of premium. I have received the PRAN from bank but amount did not get debited neither I received any SMS from their end. Kindly advise.

  118. Sir,

    I went to HDFC Bank last month June 2015 and have enrolled the Pension yojana, however since then money did not debit from my account. When i am calling bank authorities they are saying request submitted.

    When i call government tool free number they are saying the process is with Bank? what needs to do here?

    Please let us know.

    • Yes tHe Bank needs to give you this required information. You can call the customer care of the bank and lock a complaint against this.

  119. Sorry to make many questions at a single stretch,

    1.If the policy holder expires before 60, will lump sum amount will be paid to nominee or spouse get the pension amount immediately or do the spouse need to pay premium for remaining term?
    2.If no premium deposited for 24 months, the account gets closed. What will happen to corpus accumulated?
    3.Is it possible to withdraw Lump sum amount / accumulated corpus amount after start of pension by self or by spouse due to death of policy holder?
    4.If the spouse and nominee are same, how will it work for providing pension to spouse and lump sum to nominee?
    5.Minimum 20 years we have to pay the premium, so if a person starts to pay premium at the age of 30 and expired at the age of 55 (paid premium for 20 years and stopped), will his spouse get the pension soon after his death or how it works?

    • 1) In this case the the accumulated amount with interest at that time in APY account would be given to spouse if alive other wise it woulds be given to nominee.
      2) Government has not clarified much on this.
      3) Answer same as 1)
      4) Nominee should be different from the spouse in this policy
      5) 20 years is the minimum period is for a person starting the policy at the age of 40.

  120. if i wish do quit from APY why i can not..? if i am not in condition to pay amount then what should i do ?
    can the amount of contribution decreased…?
    plz guide

  121. Sir,
    I have enrolled for Atal Pension Yojana as well as Accident Insurance Scheme. I want to know that, if I changed my bank account (from Bank of Baroda to SBI) can the same scheme will get transferred to another bank or do I need to opt fresh for the same?


  122. Sir i already taken a plan APY but which website my all information because no any single document to give me APY scheme. my a/c monthly deduction done.
    give me some website i search my a/c no. all the plan details show him.

  123. i have sbi internet banking, in sbi there is only jeevan jyoti bima yojana and suraksha bima yojana i couldnt find pension yojana and i am 21yrs old

  124. Dear Sir,
    I have enrolled in atal pension yojna in the month of June 2015 but after filling application for enrollment same day i contacted to my sbi branch for cancel my name from this scheme (before deduction of amount from my account) as i found this scheme is not beneficial for my. The branch manager said me there is no option to cancel the enrollment and finally the amount is deducted from my account Rs 1318. I give written application for cancel my name from this scheme. but still i my name is not removed from the scheme and once again 1318 Inr deducted.
    Plz. tell me how to cancel the enrolment from this scheme. and how to get return the deducted amount in account.

    Rakesh Pathak

    • i to have this information that you cannot cancel this scheme. You can call the customer care of SBI and lock and an official complaint against it.

  125. I have submitted my Atal Pension Yojna form to my SBI branch in Barrackpore, West Bengal. After 20 days the branch is yet to take any action. The form is in the name of my wife and she is the first holder of the account. Since She will be 40 next month, the opportunity will be gone after that. How can you help regarding the same?

  126. My d.o.b is 29.06.1984 but wrongly in voter card it is xx.xx.1989 .it is correct in pan card 29.06.1984, premium is deducted 409.00 as per voter card age. My age is 32 they how can it corrected. and what can I do

  127. Suppose my wife and I both enroll to atal pension yojana for 5000 rs. In case i die after 60years, would my wife get pension of rs 5000/month for her own contribution along with my pension amount of rs 5000/month (total – 10000)? or ?

    Secondly, if both die after 60 years and nominee for us is the same, in such case, will the nominee get corpus amount of Rs 8.5 lakh + 8.5 lakh = total 16 lakh? or ?

    Please confirm….

    Thank you in advance



    • yes if either of you would die then survivor will get both the pensions.
      if both of you die then your nominee will get rs 17 lakhs.

  128. Hello,
    I am a house wife & I would like to apply for APY. But I have a question that after attaining 60 years, the pension which I will get is it taxable for me?

  129. my bank has TO TRANSFER/ATAL PENSION YOJNA PRAN-XXXX whats does this mean…….is this no my pran no…..

    when i will get the receipts and documents for my contribution

  130. 1) Is this pension scheme available in State Bank of India ?
    2) How pension will be started after maturity this scheme to me ?
    3) Where to communicate about this scheme ?

    • 1) Yes apy is available in SBI
      2) Pension will come directly in your savings account.
      3) you can connect with any bank.

  131. Hi Sir,
    My age is 25 and i am a self employed running a small business and i want to take 5000 per month plan. I have few questions.
    1. For how many years i have to pay ?
    2. If i want to get my money in between then what is the locking period ?
    3. I am a tax payer so Gov will not contribute anything for me so will there be any extra charges ? because in chart it says 376 per month.
    Please reply me as soon as you can.

    • 1) since your age is 25 you will have to pay the premium per month for 35 years.
      2) this is not revealed by government
      3) no there will be no extra charge your contribution will be as per chart. ie rs 376.

  132. Respected Sir,

    It is being requested that the age limit from 18 to 40 should be relaxed upto 50 years should that the peoples between 40 to 50 may also have chance to join this yojana.

  133. Dear sir,

    My date of birth is 30/05/1973 and my husband is working in private sector ,sir we have no future planning can sir I get change to join APY

  134. Dear Sir,

    1. What is the maximum monthly pension an individual can opt for is it 5k or more than that?

    2. Is the pension amount and premium amount fixed as per the matrix above irrespective of interest rate fluctuations?


  135. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I have few queries as below:

    1. Can I have 2 different pension funds(from government) at a same time. And will I be eligible to get pensions from both the schemes?
    2. Can I register online to this scheme?
    3. If the government changes in between, will this pension scheme may get impacted.
    4. There is already a pension fund for senior citizens in which one has not to pay anything. So at the age of 60 will I be eligible for both the schemes.

    Thanks in advance,

    • 1) Yes you can have 2 different pension funds from government example NPS and APY
      2) There is no process as such currently to register online. But yes you can call the customer care of the bank to get your self registered.
      3) No it wont
      4) Yes you can avail both schemes.

  136. Dear sir,

    I have enrolled for atal pension yojna with State bank of India, Bangalore 2 months ago. The bank has given me acknowledgement also but there is no deduction of monthly pension amount in my account.

    The branch manager says the deduction will happen from SBI Head office.

    What should I do please help me.

  137. my father was a gov. employ. but three years ago he died. my mother is under 40 and she is getting his death pension. so my question is
    1) is she eligible for APY?
    2)If eligible then after joining APY will their any problem in getting her husband’s death pension or it will stop..? plz reply.

  138. Sir,I am unmarried my age is 38 so my question is whom shall i put as nominee and i dont want to put my family members so can i put my friend as nominee and secondly i want to know is ther any chart of corpus amount which will be paid to nominee after death of the subscriber. Pl reply me with my both answers.


      • sir,
        I m work my own bussiness,can i elible for atal pension yojana,if yes then the documents required plz tell.


      • if you are less then 40 years of age you are eligible. You should have a live savings bank account and you are through.

      • i am an income tax payer and was not aware of the details of the policy , that govt. will not contribute if you are a tax payee. bank personnel just gave me a one pager and i was convinced that i will get the said pension of Rs. 5000 for the amount mentioned in the table for my age of 30.
        thus, the premium or monthly contribution comes for me is 577 .
        1.) will i get the said premium after 60 years .
        2.) i got aware with the other traditional plans of other banks and insurance companies which is giving a better return than the APY.
        3.) how can i stop the scheme as i was mis-sold the same ?
        4.) how can i get the refund ?

  139. sir ,
    Sbi bank me form submit car diy hai, wah payment bhi pay ho gaya hai, yadi mujhe kisi karad wash is yojana ko bandh (delete) karana pada toh kya karna padega wah kata hue payment returned account me aayega kya.

  140. My wife Aparajita Ghosh has submitted the filled -up APY form to state bank of India, Station Road Branch, Jamshedpur and accepted about one month back. But the APY scheme is not yet activated.
    Please inform how much time does it takes and what will be proof that account is opened other than deduction of money from bank account.

  141. Dear Sir,

    I have 2 queries for APY –

    1. I am 32 year old. I have filled the form with nominee details. In future, if I will get married then nominee will get the benefit OR my becoming wife?
    2. I have applied APY from 2 different locations(2 SBI branch) for same account number. If the money is deducted from 1 branch then it’s possible that same amount will be deducted 2nd time by 2nd branch?

  142. Dear Sir/Madam,

    The process for paying the corpus amount is yet not clear then how can i enroll for the same. Before enrolling i should read and understand full details of the scheme.

    Also, in event of death before 60 yrs what amount my relatives/spouse will be getting

    only what I have deposited plus interest thereon then what is benefit to me.

  143. Sir,
    I have opened a APY account on Allahabad Bank Bamangachi Branch, Kolkata, some how from the bank they have done mistake on my Date of Birth which was 03-09-1983 but they made it 03-09-1985 so deduction per month making less, kindly guide me how to get rectification on my D.O.B as Bank Manager doesn’t know how to do this.

  144. Sir, i want to know that . If i apply for APY, for 5000 my age is 30 , and i am not income tax payer, but i have filed ITR for getting more than Rs 10000 interest in fixed deposit in bank,
    Suppose i deposit Rs 577 per month , and i get 5000/ Month pension,,
    i also here that the money which i deposit the same amount of money is deposited by government,it means Rs 577 + 577= 1154 per month for me .then can i get Rs 10000/month of pension,,

    Also what it means that
    “Government will contribute maximum of rs 1000 per year for first 5 years” i.e total only 5000 in 5 year or 1000 monthly per year , *5 = 60000.
    If i get government job i next 2 year then what will be the case

  145. Sir if some one has deposit APY for 5000 plan for 2 years,,if some one is not able to deposit for next 2 year ,, then what will happen for his deposit money ,, and if again he wants to restart after 1 year then what will be the case

  146. I have opted for APY , i have few doubts here , if at all a person Who opted for APY pays the monthly contribution regularly and dies before attaining 60 yrs.

    1) Does his/her spouce eligible for Pension ?
    2) If at all she is eligible to get that pension … does she need to attain 60 yrs to take that pention or
    3) Pension will be given to spouce right after the death of the husband ??

    If any one have clear idea about these, kindly clarify my doubts, It will be really helpfull if you can mail me personally.


  147. In APY Scheme, DOB was wrongly feeded by Allahabad Bank and my contribution became wrong.I asked them to make it correct but they told me that they
    dont know how to do it.Please help me…

  148. dear sir i had joined Atal pension Yojana scheme 3 months ago but still the amount was not debited for the last 2months from my account…i asked my home branch bank they i didnt aware about the details..kindly clarify me when the amount was debited every month. i was called your tall free no buy cant satisfiend answer. they says we have no information about this what to do? pls guide me

  149. Hi Team,

    Could you confirm that, would I opt this scheme without go to the my bank branch… via online banking.

    Manikant Kumar

  150. I have couple of question.
    1. I’m joined in this scheme in july 29, 2015 and the amount for that month, but for next month amount is not taken.
    2. every month will they take the amount only on 29 th or stariting of that month?
    in that case if sufficient amount is not in account means what will happen?
    3. is it possible to change nominee

  151. Respected sir

    my ata pension yojana (APY) Ac No Is (PRAN-XXXXXXXXX) has been activated but ECS not Debited in my Bank Ac i told bank but they don’t know so what can i do

  152. I am a casual daily wage (purely temporary) employee of a State Aided University. Can I open an account with Atal Pension Yojana? Is it possible to change the premium of the said Yojana in future?

  153. Sir, I was not able to pay the last month premium for prime ministers pension scheme due to low balance in my bank account. Whether the policy was expired?

  154. Sir,muje atal pension yojana scheme close karani he ,kya me ye scheme close Kar sakta hu mere account se aur mere account se ab tak 2000 rs cut hua he WO refund milega kya

  155. My younger brother has applied for the APY trough SBI. However his Data of Birth has wrongly taken into system.Please advice what is the procedure for Date of Birth correction.

  156. I joined the APY two months before.I just want to know that if every conditions were fulfilled than the pension corpus amount, in my case its 8.5 lakhs, is this a guranteed and fixed amount?

  157. Dear Sir,

    Now I am 39 years old and interested to join the pension scheme. Presently i am working in a pvt. concern. Every month PF got deducted from my salary and coming year on i have to file income tax. I just want to know whether i can join in this scheme. Also i heard from somebody that if PF deducted continuously 10years then we will get a pension from PF account. from my bank informed if you get any other type of pension then you will not eligible to get pension from this scheme.

    can you please check and clarify me.

  158. I would like to close and quit from this Atal Pension Yojana Scheme. Kindly guide me with the procedure to close and quit from this scheme.

  159. Respected Sir,
    I have applied for apy in SBI on 30th May and updated 1st Jun as debit date of premium. I have received the PRAN from bank.My pran no is-XXXXXXX.Every month my premium debited from my bank account is not same date.sometime my premium debited in 15 days interval or sometime debited 22 days,but when I apply for that yojna,bank assure me,that my premium date is 1st date of every month.Today i visit my bank,to know what is the reason behind it.My bank says they are not responsible for that.This is govt. of India’s project and we are just a agent.If any reason,my account is empty,then what can i do?or who is responsible for my interest?When bank not want to take any burden,then what can I do?Kindly advise.My Bank and Branch detail is-
    State Bank of India
    Tollygunj Branch
    Branch Code-1719

  160. 1. If subscriber will death before 60th age, he is paying properly from 30th age to 50th age until then his death.
    My doubt is what happen in this case for spouse and nominee.
    2. If subscriber some reason he not pay continually but he was paid from 30th age to 45th age.
    My doubt is what happen in this case for him, spouse and nominee. (Can receive the pension or paid amount? )

    Please explain.

    • 1) nominee will get the amount that subscriber has deposited with interest.
      2) Subscriber can close apy scheme any time he wants.

  161. If i will not continue my contribution after 1 or 2 year , can i get my deposited money If yes how with interest or only deposited amount? If my policy lapse how can i continue the same.

  162. Amount is deducting from my account but where it is going,where it will save ,do we have any special account for that ?
    how can access that account kindly reply

  163. I applied for this scheme at SBI Nagar Road and the contribution has started debiting from my saving account. However, I have not yet received the ACCOUNT NUMBER. Kindly advise.

  164. Sir/Madam,
    I has applied for the APY trough SBI Regd No. for APY
    Name : Rahis Ansari, DOB : 09/Oct/1987
    APY Monthly Premium : 446.
    My Aadhar No :
    But I have recently Correction in my Name & Date of Birth For My Aadhar Card and Pan Card and also correction in My SBI Account correction.
    Name : Raees Ansari, DOB : 09/10/1990
    My Aadhar No. :
    Please sir Upadate My Atal Pension Yojna
    However his Name and Data of Birth has Update taken into system.
    Please advice what is the procedure for Name and Date of Birth correction.
    Thanking you……………

  165. Respected Sir,

    My DOB is 27 /11/1979. If I join from this sep’2015 month, How many premium is deducted. What happen in my case for spouse and nominee is are same. I have IT file which is not taxable, So am I eligible to get government co-contribution?. I don’t understand about government contribution in my bank account. Please help me
    Thanking you……………

  166. sir iam already join in APY SCHEME but i want to change my nominee.starting time i don’t have knowledge of nominee. so i want to change my nominee.till 5 month completed.


  167. I am Working at Bank of Maharashtra. Would like to apply for APY. I am Already having PRAN no. From Next year i will come under Tax bracket. AM I ELIGIBLE FOR APY??

  168. Dear sir

    The monthly deduction from my SB Account is very irregular. Monthly twice its debiting from my account, even though I gave standing instruction to banker for 25th every month. To whom I need co-ordinate for resolved this problem?

  169. Dear sir,

    I have enrolled through SBI. Am i going to get PRAN card at my residence?
    is there any online login where i can see summary of my all contributions?

    pratik mahajan

  170. i have enrolled for this pension scheme but the amount deducted is1062 for first instalment which should have been around 577 according to my age ? clarify

  171. I have a Atal Pension Yojana account and my monthly premium has been deposited through SBI from July 2015. But till now I have not received my Policy documents. Please guide me what shall I do ??

  172. dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is sourav Banerjee, I join in Atal Pension Yojona from last 3 months from SBI bank.
    1. My 1st query is that I invest yearly approx. Rs. 9024/- and after 27 years, I got Rs. 5000/- per month. I mean I invest in Total Rs. 243648/-. within this long period Hugh transaction are posted in my pass book. please provide me extra pass book for maintain my a/c. properly and it will be help me in future for proof of identification and required for money. so, please provide me any hard copy like aadhare card, pan card, voter card etc. other than , I can’t trust this method. if my money is forfeited, then I will go to road.

  173. sir in the above information submission date is 1st june
    now can I apply for it and is all the benefits available
    I am a student, am I eligible for scheme

  174. Dear sir,

    In case of subscriber death in the middle of age, before attending the age of 60yrs, wat is the procedure to claim.

    Any bond is to be issued for APY contribution. as a proof. pls confirm

  175. Sir, I want to close my APY scheme, as im not able to continue with this scheme. I submitted request letter to bank regarding closing of my bank account. but bank denies to close the APY scheme saying no option is available in their software. please suggest how to close my APY immeduately.

  176. Sir, I am an account holder of APY. I have not got any pass book or any other documents of this account, so it’s not possible me to know the status of my account. Pls inform me how can i get my pass book. I will be obliged if you help me. thanking you,

  177. Hi,
    My name is Neethu Jayesh, i am 24 years old. I am already joined in APY through SBT. But this month (Sep) till 28-09-2015 the amount should not deduct from my account. What is the Reason? And i didn’t get any documents regarding APY from Bank. Where did i get the same?

  178. sir i am not clear about that apy subscriber also avail benefits of social pension given by state govt of haryana.
    is it possible to avail benefits of both schemes by the same subscriber.
    or apy subscriber can avail the benefits of social pension by state govt of haryana.

  179. Dear Sir,

    My self S.Rajesh from Chennai. i was applied for PM scheme of Atal Pension Yojana, Suraksha Bima Yojana and Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana on 25th May’2015 at Canara Bank, Chennai. in that PMSBY and PMJJBY has activated and debited the money on 29/05/2015 but till now the ATAL PENSION YOJANA has not activated. whenever i went to the branch, they said there is no staff. it will take time for past 4 months. please advice what can i do?????

  180. If a customer died in between premium paying period what he/she gets………..
    Whether his/her nominee is eligible for opted pension or a lump sum amount has been paid to their nominee.

  181. I have started the NPS.
    Do you issue PRAN card for the same?
    May we receive the statement of account which amount debited from savings account?

  182. Dear Sir,

    I have joined Atal Pension Yogna.

    I want to know that HOW CAN I KNOW MY BALANCE & FROM I CAN GET THE DEPOSIT STATEMENT of Atal Pension Yogna .

  183. My DOB is 04.02.1977, if i want to subscribe in September for APY for pension of 5000/- per month, then what will be my premium ??

  184. Sir, my wife have opened an PRAN account No. XXXXXXXXXX in Indian Bank on 30.6.15. However, we have not received the card for the same till date. Pl. clarify how we can know/track the position of our Card.

  185. Respected sir, my age is 28 right now i am nither a tax payer nor a govt employee and not any social pension secheme beneficiaries.
    But in next 6 to 12 month if i got any govt job and becone tax payer
    So what the procedure nd then how govt contribute or how i inform them.
    Also one thing after joing govt job the EPF secheme is also started for me then how new PRAN no alloted to me because one PRAN is already alloted to me in APY in that condition department allot two pran no for both secheme?
    Sir please help me by clear all above doubt
    Because right now there are so many doubt reagrding scheme in mind.

  186. Dear sir ,
    We have already applied for this pension yojana and from 2 months amount is deducted from my account & account is with state bank of tranvancore branch airoli navi-mumbai but yet we have not received any certificate for this same.
    We have visited to bank branch & also to website but no information or certificate we got …..
    kind request to you give us all the details to get the certificate …..
    with best regards

  187. I had applied for APY in month of July at SBI Sushant Lok branch in Gurgaon with my documents, till date no action has been taken. After online complaints, I received a call stating that the website of Atal pnsion scheme is down. I have complained thrice but still no action. I wish to escalate my complaint to PMO office. Kindly share the procedure.

  188. Let me know the last date of submit the Atal pension plan form. I was visited the SBI branch office Hudkeshwar Nagpur but he denied to collect the form from us because the Branch Manager tell us that the scheme is closed and last date was 30th Sept 15.
    It is correct or Wrong , Need your kind revert urgently.

    Milind Sakharkar

  189. Sir.
    I am 27 years old if I died before 60 , then EMI have to pay or not if pay then who will pay, and How much moneyor corups will be refund and who will be received

  190. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am working in private sector and had opened pension account with Indian Bank. However later on i came to know about me not being eligible to open this account, me being income tax payer.
    Please let me know, how can i now close the pension account.

    I asked the bank, but they are not aware of the closure process, as they have not received any communication.

    Manu Mehrotra

  191. Dear Sir / Madam,
    Could you be kind enough to tell me – what happens to the person if dies before attaining the age of 60 years…basically how much does the nominee get – maybe the accumulated amount (paid amount) + interest….what would be the interest rate & how is it calculated

  192. Good evening sir/Madam,

    First thank you alot for giving responses for public queries.

    My query is,

    1) i have opened APY with my wife name. She is current 29 year old. I opted for rs. 5000 pension yojana. For that monthly installment is 529.

    I would like to know, is rs. 529 EMI will renains same upto 60 years of age?

    2) can we change nominee after 60 years of age of her

    3) is this tax releif for my salary?

  193. Sir,

    I have started APY for my wife in SBI and I am the one who pays the amount, can I show this amount for income tax deduction under 80CCD(1B)?

    Best regards,

  194. Respected Sir/Madam

  195. Dear Sir,

    If subscriber die by chance after few (4-5) premiums paid, then Is subscriber wife eligible to claim the corpus amount of 8.5L if APY enrolled for 5000/m.

    would appreciate if you clarify this.

    Suraj Kumar

  196. Sir
    1] I have open an account of APY in SBI…But i have not yet received the hard copy of APY or passbook or statement of APY. whether it will be received or not
    2] Whether the amount debited to APY has income tax benefit

  197. hi I am Bidisha recently I started APY,continue 4 th month running,but recently I face huge financial problem,so I stop this plan .how can stop this PRAN and return my amount.plz help……………..

  198. We are unable to contact our SBI home branch due to long distance but i want to take this scheme. so please suggest us can I apply for it by online and whats the procedure for online apply.

  199. Punjab National Bank ,Ranchi has still not initiated the APY scheme launched by Prime minister.Whether the customers should approach only SBI for all Govt Schemes.

  200. repected sir,
    appreciate as you reply to post it helps in solving most of the queries .
    what should i do if a particular branch of a bank do not perform their task properly
    where should i complain regarding it.

  201. I have open APY in UBI bank and they have given only one slip which is tear from the below submitted application only. Will not get the pass book for the same?

  202. Sir,

    I want to know how can i stop my APY scheme. I went to bank but they told me there no closure form of this scheme.

    Kindly suggest ASAP.

  203. Sir.
    I am a student and I am unemployed can I open APY. My age is 22 year…. I also want to know what will have to government contribution if I get government job in future..

  204. Hi
    My wife is enrolled for atal pension yojana and she is 31 year old

    My query is

    After 60 years, whether she will get old age pension from municipal corporation or she will start getting pension from atal pension yojana?? Or she will get both

  205. sir, ihave two questions-
    1. I have opened an APY account..I am a student of 21 years. I have some money problem so now i want to close my APY Account.. Is it possible to opt out.

  206. Sir,
    My account APY number is XXXXXXXXXX(canara bank), after October, they didn’t deduct in my account. I need to know the reason. and i need to check whether i have enrolled nominee with / not. if not i need the form for nominee enrollment. in which date exactly they are deducting from my account, that date also i need to know for account balance maintaining purpose.At the age of 60/ 61 onward, the pension money will directly credited to my account as same of reverse it or any other process i need to do. There is no Authorized document we don’t keep except PRAN No.Kindly clarify me.

  207. how to get PRAN card and kit for the same. Bank said still its not received from their end. Money is deducting from account. Kindly reply for the same.

  208. Hello dear sir,
    I want make clear about my wife as I already started APY account in SBI.
    My second SB account is in BOB with wife joint type so Can I start my wife APY on BOB joined account.
    And second thing as I nominated my child in SBI APY for my account so again for wife APY who should be nominee either me or child.
    Third is we both get pension on same time with ourself account.
    If I die on pension periethen my wife will get both APY account benefit or not.
    Please describe on this all topics so many people may clear him confusion like me and proceed for both individual APY account.
    Thank you

  209. Hello
    My wife is enrolled for atal pension yojana and she is 31 year old

    My query is

    After 60 years, whether she will get old age pension from municipal corporation or she will start get pension from atal pension yojana?? Or she will get both?

  210. I have opened APY account for Rs.5000 pension slab, my age is 23, from UCO Bank Uttarpara branch on 20.11.2015, & till now only 1 premium is auto debited from my savings account, i.e. Rs.318. But suddenly due to severe financial problem I cannot continue to pay the premium further, so I want to close my APY account permanently. I asked bank for this but the bank staff is saying there is no way to close the APY account permanently, instead I have to close my savings account from UCO bank. But I don’t want to close the savings account from UCO bank.


  211. Hi Sir , i checked with SBI , they said that they are not giving Quarterly and half yearly payment flexibility option . but in advertisement you mentioned that we can choose monthly ,Quarterly and Half yearly ,Please help me . now i am going to pay for this month premium , can i change it from monthly to Half yearly.

  212. I applied for for APY on August and I got the message on activation on November. ALso the amount is deducted.
    When Will I get the PRAN card?
    Any website to check the account summary?

  213. Dear Sir

    i joined APY from last week,through Bank of Baroda auto debit fecility.and also got PRAN A/c num.but my query is how can i know my balance in APY scheme? if any online viewing facility is there? or can i get online passsheet / transaction details from any database?

  214. I am state government Employee. I had new pension scheme in my job. Already I have PRAN number. Now if I want to open APYaccount. What shold I do? Will APY allot me new PRAN number or same will be applicable. As per my knowledge any individual should have only one PRAN number. Please guide me in this respect.


    • Dear sir/madam,

      I have opted to the pension scheme around 5 to 6 months back now due to some problems I don’t want to continue with this anymore & I also heard that now there is an option to optout from this scheme where I ll be charged with some nominal penalty and rest will be credited to my account request you to kindly help me with the closure request form. Please help me on the same.
      Abdul Kareem B

  216. SIR,
    Firstly i have not received any statement nor certificates for opening APY shall i obtain the same and from where since my account is debited every month and i dont have any hard proof.
    Secondly i wanted to ask that can we change the bank in between if yes please let me know how shall i do the same.

  217. Dear Sir,
    Kindly reply following questions?
    1) How can i check whether Government contribution credited to my apy account or not. what is the diff if govt contributed or not. because there is same pension after completion 60 yrs and corpus value. What is the benift of Govt Contribution?
    2) How can i check that what amount of installment credited to my account. Is there any login id or password to check our amount invested or view statement.

  218. Hi,

    I’m not paying taxes now, but probably will in next few years, so what happens to past Govt contributions if when i’m paying taxes?

    I’m already having EPF, i wish to join PPF as well. than if i join APY, will i get all the benefits of these 3?

    • you will not get government contribution for those years in which you have paid taxes. You can opt for APY even if you have EPF and PPF.

  219. 1)what if the bank get closed after 5-10 years after I started to subscribe?
    2)I don’t have any proof to prove that I’m enrolled under APY?.
    is there any bond etc?.
    3) how will u credit to spouse and the nominee after my death?.
    plz reply.

  220. I am 26 year old and working on reputed company in gurgaon. I am tax payer and EPF account holder also. I am getting around Rs.37,000.00 on monthly basis can I enrolled my wife for this pension scheme how ever she is unemployed.
    Pallav Pathak

  221. Dear ir

    I have applied APY and now its deducting every month from my account. When i read the above conversation i got to know that EPF and tax payer do not get Government contribution.
    If i want to stop the APY then what to do? how can i get my money which already paid?

  222. I’ve opened APY account with ICICI Bank and they provided me with a PRAN.
    How can I check my contribution made in APY? Will there be any document sent by bank or NSDL?

  223. Hi Sir,
    My Self Manoj from Bhubaneswar. I am recently join in APY scheme. How many days it will take to get PRAN card.
    whether it will be sent to my address or to collect from respective Bank.

  224. Hi sir,

    I am using APY, I am paying money from IDBI Bank but i want to switch the account on SBI Bank. Please let me know….


  225. I am 72, retired from HAL. I receive INR952 as pension. Will I get any pension against this scheme. My wife is housewife and doesn’t have any earnings, will she get any pension against this scheme.

  226. If am already having a pension plan with my name and my spouse name in LIC, how can I enroll in Pradhan Mantri Pension Yojna?

    Looking for the your kind attention on my concern and hoping the way out.

  227. Hello sir,
    I m Nidhi, wants to know that as of now i m not paying income tax & no pf is deducted from my salary but i have EPF account as it was deducted from my previous job so will i eligible for benefit of government contribution. please give answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  228. If I acquired a pension plan of Rs 1000 and want to change it into a pension plan of Rs 2000 or Rs 3000
    Would it be possible to change the plan in APY yojana ? Kya plan ko basal sakte hair from 1000 Rs to 2000 or 3000 Rs……

    Reply me please

  229. Sir

    Good Morning

    I want to know regarding APY(Atal Pension Yojna). My mother is 57 years old. I want to apply APY for my Mother , she is housewife. My Father has retired from a private company. Thats why he is not having any pension. Kindly tell me the procedure how to apply. And also let me know how much I have to deposit in her account per month so that
    1) She will get 5000 per month as pension
    2) She will get 10,000 per month as pension after completing her 60 years.
    Kindly tell me the best option so that my mother will be live life independently. Kindly revert as soon as possible.
    If possible kindly provide me any contact number for further query.

    Thanks for your kind co-operation.

  230. sir,

    I am an unmarried person and already registered with APY but question is that 1) after married weather my wife will got the pension or not?

  231. Dear Sir,

    1.Whether i can pay from any post office for payment.
    2.During payment Aadhaar card is required by the payer since i have not yet received Aadhaar Card.
    Thanks in Advance.

  232. I have opened the atal pension yojana in HDFC BANK and now i want to close it . but the bank do not have the closing form and they do not have any knoledge about this .
    so where can i get the closing form.

  233. my question is that I am 36 years old and I contribute the amount of Rs.990/- per month in the Atal Pension Yojna from July, 2015 but not received the PRAN Card so far. What can I do in this matter and whether contact on this issue. second is If I join the govt. sector in future than the allotted PRAN is retained in govt. sector or apply to another PRAN. Please clear those question.

    • my question is that I am 36 years old and I contribute the amount of Rs.990/- per month in the Atal Pension Yojna from July, 2015 but not received the PRAN Card so far. What can I do in this matter and whether contact on this issue. second is If I join the govt. sector in future than the allotted PRAN is retained in govt. sector or apply to another PRAN. Please clear those question.

  234. Hello Sir,

    My question in regard to APY Plan. Is there any possibility of changing this scheme in future after changing of government?

  235. Hi,
    Where do we get the receipt of premium paid to pension scheme. I need that to show proof for income tax dept to get 80c exemption.

  236. Sir,
    I am a subscriber of APY and e-nps in both of them e-nps updated online but when i want try to update my account of APY (atal pension yojna) this is very difficult ( not possible ) to update my account and not possible to check my balance in this account.

    how much time u take time to introduce a link for said updation in APY

  237. I am Govt employee. I already have NPS account & PRAN no. Same NPS PRAN no given to Bank. Bank opened AP Yojana with NPS PRAN no. No new PRAN no generated in APY.
    Whether it’s correct? Or there should be new PRAN no in APY. (Different from NPS)

  238. Am working as an assistant Manager in leading pvt sector bank and I Want to know, how one can close his APY scheme ? and please direct me the procedure in doing so. From the above instruction i came to know that we can give the closing application and close this scheme but where is that closing application available ? Can we get it downloaded from online ??

  239. Hi Sir,

    My atal pension youjna already started. Can i change nominee name from wife to son,
    As per your instruction mail any way wife will default pension after I dead.

  240. 1. Dear sir I am not tax payer i am not eligible for government contribution?
    2. My wife has not pan card can she apply for APY?
    3. Me and My wife have a joint bank account can we both apply APY in same account?
    4. If i dead before 60 years can nominee get a corpus amount of rs 8.5 lakhs?
    5. What is meaning of corpus amount?

    • 1) Yes you are not eligible for govt contibution
      2) yes she can
      3) no
      4) your wife will get the corpus amount in this case but it would be less then 8.5 lakhs
      5) Guaranteed amount.

  241. Dear Sir, (1) Is pension received under Atal Pension Yojna after 60 years is taxable ?

    (2) Is monthly contribution is eligible u/s.80C?

  242. Dear sir,

    1) I m working in an private concern and tax payer. But my wife is not working. Is she eligible for APY and govt contribution.
    2) Can we apply for APY from nearest SBI branch in which we have account or do we need to go to the bank in which we created the a/c.
    3) When is the last date to apply for APY – govt contribution.


    • 1) Yes she is but for that you need to apply before 31st dec 2015
      2) you have to connect with the bank in which you have a savings account.
      3) 31st Dec 2015

  243. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am Venkatesha g from bengaluru – I already enrolled APY Scheme in FEDERAL BANK. i have one Doubt about ‘ i stop the payment after 2 years if any amount return give or not give???? AND if give amount how much amount will gives??

    and one more ” how to get the details about how many months deducted amount(banks give the details in passbook) officially from govt . it is possible ??

    Thank you

  244. I am 45 years of age. I am not covered under Atal Pension Yojana. I am not a government employee and I have no pension. Why no pension schemes are not made for people aged between 40 and 60 years of age. I am ready to pay extra premium and get into the pension scheme. There is no secured pension plan in the market. Please reply

  245. Hi,
    1. Would like to know from where I can see / download all the monthly contributions made till date?
    2. What’s the Significance of the A/c No. given?
    3. We aren’t given any Document mentioning that one has subscribed under this APY Scheme? How would, in future, we show to claim of any kind?
    4. Bank is saying that no PRAN Card would be issued. Is it correct?

    Pls revert for all these.


  246. Hi,
    I am 30 year old .Last year in August2015 I had open APY for Monthly Pension Rs5000/-. The Bank has wrongly entered my Date Of Birth and make my age as 35. Now my premium got deducted as per the age 35 that is Rs.902 which is not correct. I am paying more premium then my actual age.I have also giving written complaint in my Bank. And taking regular follow-up from last 4 months. But my issue not got resolved yet.

    Can any one please help me out.
    Thanks in advance.

    Ravi Shah

  247. i have obtained apy ac. august 2015 but still i have not got any payment deduction receipt from bank other then bank pass book entry, when will i got concern documents ?

  248. I opted for the APY on July 2015, since then not even a single installment had been deducted or any information received ever. Please Suggest. The bank is “IOB”.

  249. Sir/ Madam,

    I have opted Rs.5000/- Pension and paying Rs.902/- per month from Union bank of India, Chalai bazar branch, Trivandrum. I cannot get any records in this regard and only record is my monthly statement. My question is can I get any Certificate or records in this regard? how I will get this? Please give reply.

  250. hi, i am chethan from bangalore, i have registered APY with Canara bank, every month amount has been debited from canara bank as well as credited to APY account,

    the Question is till now i am not receive PRAN card ? when should i receive ? who is responsible for issuing card, whether NSDL or Canara bank?

    thanks in advance..:)

  251. Dear Concern,
    This is to inform you that I am an employee of a reputed non-governmental Ltd. Company, right now I am not a tax payer but soon will be. As I work for a Ltd. Company I have an EPF account. In this scenario can I become a member of APY and going ahead when I will be a tax payer does it will create any problem ?

  252. Hi,
    Today (7th jan 2016 )i went to both ICICI and SBI to get myself enrolled to Atal pension Yojana in Bangalore but the branch executives told me that the scheme is stopped and the last day was 31st Dec 2015.

    Please let me know is it correct?is the scheme really stopped? the scheme will extend or not??

  253. Sir, I have opted for APY through BoB since July-15. Monthly deduction is regularly through my savings bank account. I am yet to receive any documents concerning APY – like PRAN Card or some kind of Statement of Accounts etc. Can you help me getting the same please ?

  254. Hi
    I have already enrolled my name in this scheme .Now the amount deduction from my bank account has been started and I am receiving sms for the same in every month. Now my question is that how to get the statement of APY ?

    Please inform ASAP

    Saikat Nandy

    • there is no way currently in which you can get any APY statement. Since the scheme guarantees of proving the fixed pension so it seems there is no need of providing any statements.

  255. Dear sir,
    Started Apy from Indian bank, but decided to cancel, as it did not suit my needs, the same day.first instalment was already deducted. bank says they cannot cancel it. it is almost a month now and time for the second instalment. ive been going to the bank almost everyday regarding says absolutely no. they have no knowledge regarding closing application. kindly advice.

  256. I have applied for APY on 31/12/2015 through icici bank Jamnagar solarium branch the person nit gave me acknowledgment and on other day after insisting he gave me acknowledgment in which there is no PRAN no he says that PRAN number can not be generated instantly ,till date no amount deducted from my account I had opted for 5000 pm and amount to be deducted pm is 824 please help as I have been watching banks are not interested in opening such account rather then to sell their own pension product

  257. I missed this opportunity to open account please I want to b part of this yojnaa will u plz provide me forms…or else let me know the extended date of this yojna..thank you

  258. Sir,
    I am a employee of a private organisation, I am already enrolled in EPF pension scheme. Can I apply APY for a pension scheme for future.

  259. Dear sir,
    I have started Apy from SBI on dt: 29/09/15, now i decided to cancel because of it’s instalment are not suitable for me. I give closing application to bank they says it is not possible to close this. kindly advice me what to do……

    • this seems to be a common problem with lot of the subscribers. The process is long but effective. You have to raise an offical complaint about the same in your bank get complaint id with you. Even after your complaint in the bank does not respond then use this complaint ID and raise a new complaint in RBI.

  260. I have passed 40th birthday on 09th December 2015. Now I am 40 years and 1 months old. Can I subscribe to Atal Pension Yojana?

  261. I m investing since 10/aug/2015 in APY & now my accountant asking me to show my savings & I said that i m investing in APY but he asked me to show in written that How much amount is being deducted & since when ? Please tell me how I can I show him ? Is there any online account for my Pension Yojana where I can see my details, download & print all about my account ? & if it is not available than plz tell me why it is not available ?

  262. Dear Sir,

    What is the procedure to rectify date of birth in this pension scheme, because bank staff entered wrong date of birth in their record, Now they have rectify their record but unable to rectify in the pension scheme.


    Sanjay Mishra

  263. Dear sir
    can I access my APY account?
    I have registered for APY in SBI. How can I check my current account balance or transactions.


  264. Hello ,

    I am interested to enroll for Atal Pension Yojana? now .

    1) Could you please help me knowing that i will get govt shares for 5years or not ?

    2 ) I heard this APY is stopped on 31st Dec 2015. Is there any chance to extend the date by govt??

    3) what the interest rate given for this APY ?

    Thanks in advance.