Atal Sneh Yojana in Gujarat

Atal Sneh Yojana in Gujarat

Atal Sneh Yojana in Gujarat is the scheme that will be launched on 25th of December 2016 on the occasion of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ninety second birthday. The scheme is launched by Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani. The scheme will look forward for a healthy child after their birth. It was decided on Monday, at the Gandhinagar Civil Hospital and it will look upon the children up to two months of their birth.

Atal Sneh Yojana in Gujarat

Key announcements for the betterment of child

The state government announced the following steps, in order to support the child after they are born. The announcements are as follows:

  • The government is planning to start the air ambulance services. So, those women can be easily taken to hospital during the time of delivery.
  • There should a screening process at the time of delivery so that the newborn child does not bear with any defects. The screening is made compulsory at the government as well as in the private hospitals.
  • If the delivery is not conducted at any medical institution then the female health workers, Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram (RSBK), and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) can go for screening to check the defects.

Objectives of the scheme

These are the following objectives that the government has expected to serve for the common people.

  • By this scheme, the children can be provided with better health. The better health will lead to avoid malnutrition, disorders and diseases.
  • Around seven percentages of newly born babies every year are suffering from certain disorder and that has created a serious issue in the international platform. So by preventing such trouble, the country can be in a better position in the international health conferences.
  • With such schemes, the government is also looking for a stronger young generation and this young generation would lead to have stronger nation.

Infrastructure to the health department

Better care and treatment is only possible when the infrastructures of the health care are proper and well equipped. The health should always have the services of doctors and at the same time necessary equipments are available for the doctors.

Therefore the introduction of the air ambulance will help the patients to reach to the medical place within a short span of time. Thus, patients including the newborn kids will not die on the way to hospital. The traffic problems are common in every cities and several numbers of patients die on the way because of the traffic problems. Therefore, the introduction of air ambulance will not be affected by the traffic problems and several lives could be saved.

The government is also planning to double the medical colleges so that people get better opportunity to have their treatment and at the same time more numbers of doctors can be expected over a particular region.

The implementation of better infrastructure and to have better success with the scheme, the government has already launched twenty five ambulances in the state.

Quick Glance into the scheme

Have a glance at the table to understand the details about the scheme and the dignitaries associated with it.

Scheme  Atal Sneh Yojana
Launching date 25th December 2016
Launched by  Mr. Vijay Rupani
Concerned Government  Gujarat state
Health commissioner and principal secretary of health  J.P Gupta
 Beneficiary Betterment to the health of children
Aim Prevent child from birth defects
Medical tests 30,000 schools (approx)
Test conducted by  4 lakh medical specialists
Numbers of children to be checked  1.5 Crore
Health department State medical hospital, Private hospitals, female health workers, Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram (RSBK), and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA)


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