Ayog Sakhi Helpline Number for Women in Haryana [Complaint against Domestic Violence]

Ayog Sakhi Number for Women in Haryana [Helpline Toll free number, How to complaint against domestic violence, Register

The Haryana Women’s Commission has taken an impressive initiative to ensure the safety and security of the women, in the urban and rural areas. There has been a stark rise in the number of domestic violence cases during the lockdown. The launch of the Ayog Sakhi Number will enable the tortured women to seek help from the police and women commission in the state.


Launch details of the helpline

The official announcement of the WhatsApp Helpline number was made by Preeti Bhardwaj Dalal. She is the Vice Chairperson of the Haryana State Commission for Women. The department published the details of the helpline and its purpose in an official press release, dated on the 28th of April 2020. The Vice Chairperson highlighted that the helpline number will assist the women to reach out to the authorities for assistance, if they are suffering from domestic violence.

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Details of the Ayog Sakhi Number

The Haryana State Commission for Women launched a new WhatsApp number. The name of this WhatsApp account is “Ayog Sakhi.” The helpline number has been launched for aiding women. The WhatsApp account can be activated when a mobile user saves the particular number in the contact list. The number for Ayog Sakhi is 9560080115.

Purpose of the helpline

Reports suggest that 45% of all crimes against women take place in Haryana. In 2020, more cases of rape, female infanticide and dowry cases have been reported here. Psychologists opine that the nation-wide lockdown, loss of employment and financial stress can increase the percentage of crime against women. Stressed and depressed men may take out their anger on the women as they are comparatively weaker than their male counter parts. It can happen in the form of mental or physical torture.

Earlier, it was easy for the tortured woman to go to the police station, and file a complaint against the perpetrator. The lockdown has restricted the movement of people by leaps and bounces. The tortured women cannot reach out for assistance. The WhatsApp number will help these women to send a message that they require help. If the women cannot get to the police, the law enforcement officers will reach the victim, and rescue her.

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How to register the complaint?

A victimized woman will be able to send a message on the helpline number. For this, the user must install and activate the WhatsApp on the smartphone. Then she must save the number in the contact list. It will activate the Ayog Sakhi WhatsApp profile. If the woman is facing any mental or physical torture in the home, then she can send a message on this WhatsApp number. The message will reach the Women Commission Department. The officials of the department will forward the details of the woman, address and contact details to the local law enforcement department. The local police will take the necessary steps to rescue the woman.

The launch of such helplines sends a strict message to the men who like to torture the women mentally and/or physically. The women may be locked in their home, but they are not helpless. They can report the cases of torture through the helpline number, and put the perpetrators behind the bars.

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