Battery swap scheme

India finalizing incentive for battery swap scheme  (benefits, features, registration, objective )

The government has come up with the initiative to offer incentives under the battery swap scheme for electric vehicles. It can be done within the coming months and the main push is to meet the decarbonize goals. The swap service will be for the electric vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, rickshaws, three-wheelers including auto and others. Some of the details of the scheme are detailed below for the help of electric vehicle owners. 

Battery swap scheme 

Name of the scheme Battery swap scheme 
Scheme has been launched in India 
Scheme launched by Indian Government 
Target group for schemeElectric Vehicle owners 
Benefit of scheme replace old battery blocks for new charged ones at swap stations 
Service offered through Subscription or lease model
Objective of scheme launchMeet the decarbonization goals 
Percent to get for battery swapOwners would get 20% of lease money for swapping service as incentive from authorities 

What are the features of the scheme?

  • Target group of the scheme- The target group is owner of electric vehicle who need to replace or service the old batteries as it has depleted with time 
  • Main idea for scheme launch – Owners can change depleted battery with new ones at battery swap stations to be set up newly for help of customers 
  • Incentive policy of scheme – An owner will be given 20% of lease cost of the battery as incentive along with the price of buying a clean vehicle 
  • Importance of battery swapping – The battery swapping can reduce cost of buying new ones and it will offer this service via subscription model to owners at reasonable rate 
  • Start-up to offer the service – It is Sun Mobility that is responsible to offer the swap battery service to vehicle owners 
  • Giants offering collaborative service – Oil giant reliable with Britain’s BP PIc and Hero MotoCorp and Taiwan’s Gogoro have come together to start swap stations
  • Government initiative for scheme launch – It would decide the charging standards and the design mainly for companies that are responsible to set the swap stations 

The government will set the design and standard of features so that it is compatible with EVs across models from different automakers. This will help the owners to get access to the service from different places. No matter which company uses the swap service, it should be able to use it easily. This is how the model of the swap service has been set for the better good of the service. This service proves to be faster than charging a vehicle and therefore, it can reduce anxiety of car owners or drivers. 

Who is eligible to register for the scheme?

  • Car owners – The battery swap scheme is only applicable and beneficial for owners of electric vehicles who can get the service from different battery swap stations to be set up
  • Residence of India – The scheme service will be started by the Indian government and owners in other places cannot enjoy the service benefit. 

FAQ of the scheme 

Q- What is the idea of scheme launch?

Attain decarbonization goals

Q- Who is eligible to get the benefits?

Owners of electric vehicles include scooters, motorcycle, rickshaw and others

Q- How much incentive would be offered to owners?

20% of lease service to be paid 

Q- How actually swapping helps?

Change depleted battery with new ones 

Q- How to pay for swapping service? 

Through subscription or lease model 

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