Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana Rajasthan (Free Mobile Phone)

Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana Rajasthan Free Smartphone, Internet Connectivity, Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process, Check Beneficiary list

The Rajasthan government has implemented several projects for the betterment of people, living in cities as well as rural areas. It has announced a new scheme that will pave the path for a digital revolution in rural areas. The scheme is targeted towards low income groups. Under Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana, Rajasthan government will offer financial assistance for purchasing smart phones and attaining internet packages.

Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana Rajasthan

Launch details

Name of the scheme Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana
Launched in Rajasthan
Launched by Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister
Date of announcement 2018
Date of official implementation September 2018
Supervised by Rajasthan state government
Target beneficiaries Poor people of Rajasthan

Key features of the scheme

  1. Spreading digital awareness – The main objective of this scheme is to make poor people aware of the use of smart phones and the internet. It will give a boost to the PM Digital India Mission as well.
  2. Financial assistance – The state government will give Rs. 1000 to all applicants.
  3. In installments – The financial assistance that has been promised by Rajasthan government will be given in two installments.
  4. Mobile for all – All applicants will be able to get smart phones under the Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana.
  5. Internet services – Apart from spreading digital awareness, the scheme aims at educating people about the benefits of using internet. When poor people get mobile phones with internet connection, they will learn to use it accordingly.
  6. Participation of mobile companies – For better implementation of this project, state government will organize camps. Here, mobile manufacturing as well as internet service providing companies will take part.
  7. Purchase of mobiles – Applicants will be able to purchase mobiles from the state organized camps or from other stores.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential requirements – The scheme is only for those families, which are legal residents of Rajasthan. So, eligible applicants must possess necessary residential documents.
  2. Active bank account – As financial assistance will be transferred in the bank account of the eldest female ember, she must have an active bank account. Account number, bank and branch name, IFSC code are some necessary details.
  3. Bhamashah card – Only those families will be able to apply for this scheme, which have the Bhamashah card. If the eldest female member of the family does not possess this card, the household will be barred from registration.
  4. Low income families – Only those families, which fall in the low income group, will be able to apply for this scheme.
  5. NFSA card holder – The rules highlight that only those individuals who have their names registered in the NFSA list will be able to apply and attain the perks. It simply means that if any person gets one kilogram wheat from government ration shops for Rs. 2, then he/she can get Rs. 1000 in his/her bank account.

Whether applicant will get the mobile or not?

  • In case a person already possesses an android set, with internet connectivity, then he/she does not need to apply for this project.
  • A person is free to choose any mobile shop or camp, from where he/she can purchase the mobile phone. All applicants must make sure that their names are registered properly at these stores or camps. In case proper registration is not done, then they will miss out on the opportunity to attain Rs. 1000 from the government.
  • There is no hard and fast rule that applicants must opt for Jio connection. It has been highlighted that customers can freely choose the connection as per their wish. The strength of Jio internet connection is not the same in all areas. If you live in an area that has weak Jio connection, then you can pick any other service provider. This will not lower your chances of getting the financial assistance.

Check your Name, you are eligible or not for Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana? (Beneficiary list)

  1. Not all will be able to attain the benefits of this scheme. Interested candidates may check whether their name in present in the NFSA to ensure their chances of getting the money in their bank accounts.
  2. Candidates can check this by logging on to the official site of the scheme.
  3. For this, they need to type in “Foodraj” in the Google search tab. Once they press the enter button, the official link for Food Department of Rajasthan will come up.
  4. Direct link – Then interested individuals will have to click on this link and get access to the Rajasthan Food Department’s authorized site.
  5. As soon as the homepage opens, people will find several options at the right side of the screen.
  6. One of these options is marked as Food Security Planning NFSA Report. There is a small downward arrow alongside this option. Applicants must click on this arrow.
  7. This will highlight several sub-options. In case a person desires to see whether his/her name is under the NFSA list, he/she must click on the third sub-option. This is marked as “Report of NFSA & Non NFSA Beneficiary.”
  8. It will bring up another page on the screen. Direct link –
  9. Here applicants will have to pick their respective districts, village panchayat samiti, and area.
  10. This will trigger the site to highlight all those government run stores, which sell wheat to BPL families.
  11. Applicants must click on the name of the store from where they collect their ration.
  12. This will bring up the list that contains names and address of both NFSA and non-NFSA beneficiaries.
  13. Candidates can search for their name from this list. If the name and details of the applicant is missing from this list, he/she will not be able to attain the benefits of Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana.

How to get application form and apply for the scheme?

Applicants will have to fill in a registration form. This form will be made available in the nearest District Development Office. Applicants will have to collect the form, fill it with necessary details, and submit it at the office. As the scheme is for the betterment of the rural and poor people, the state government has provided offline application procedure.

How to claim the first installment?

  1. It is the responsibility of the Rajasthan state government to transfer Rs. 500 as the first installment payment under the scheme. Eligible families will not have to make any application to get this money.
  2. The cash will be deposited in the account of the head female member of the family who has her Bhamashah card. It is necessary for the bank account to be linked with the card.
  3. In case the beneficiary desired to attain the funds in another bank account, then that account must be linked with the Bhamashah card. The absence of this card will bar the beneficiary from getting this financial assistance.
  4. In case any person desires to like any bank account with the Bhamashah card, then he/she can do so via the Bhamashah application.
  5. The same can be done at the Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana camps. The state government will organize such camps in all rural areas. Here, the applicants will be able to link their accounts, and attain other information as well.
  6. People can purchase their smart mobile phones, and get internet connection from these camps.

How to claim the second installment?

  • Bhamashah Wallet, e-Mitra application, Raj Mail, and Rajasthan Sampark are some of applications, which have been launched by the state government.
  • A beneficiary will have to download any one of these applications on the new mobile phone to apply and attain the second installment.
  • These applications will enable the beneficiary to register the new phone number.
  • As soon as the candidate registers the new mobile phone, via any of these applications, the second installment will be transferred into the registered bank account.
  • The second installment will also amount to Rs. 500. The beneficiary has to make sure that the mobile number has been registered to any member of his/her family.
  • In case the mobile number is registered to someone else’s name, then the installment will not be transferred in the bank account. The implementation of this scheme will offer a boost to the electronic communication and digital awareness as well.

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