Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana (BSBY) Rajasthan (Apply)

Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana (BSBY) Rajasthan Eligibility Criteria, Hospital List, Download E-print Bhamashah Smart Health Card, Application Form Process, Contact toll free number

Majority of people, residing in rural Rajasthan, fall under the poverty level. It is rather difficult for these financial weak families to arrange money when it comes to attaining quality treatment in government or private hospitals. Thus, the state government has designed and implemented a medical scheme that will allow these people to obtain cashless treatment for specified number of diseases.

Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana Rajasthan

Launch details

Name of the schemeBhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana or BSBY
Launched inRajasthan
Launched byVasundhara Raje (CM)
Date of announcement2014
Date of implementationDecember 2015
Supervised byRajasthan Government
Targeted towardsOffering cashless treatment to poor

Key features of the scheme

  1. Better medical facilities – The medical facilities in rural Rajasthan are not up to the mark. On top of this, poor people don’t have enough money to attain good treatment. With the launch of this project, government made sure that all applicants have access to treatment.
  2. Cashless treatment facility – All insured applicants will be able to receive cashless treatment. All therapy and medicine costs will be borne by Rajasthan government.
  3. Total amount offered for each family – If the insured person is suffering from any general sickness, then he/she will receive coverage up to Rs. 30,000. In case the ailment is serious, then the person will receive up to Rs. 3 lakh coverage.
  4. Selected private and government treatment centers – The state will identify some government as well as private hospitals and treatment centers. Patients will be able to receive this cashless treatment benefit if they take admission in these centers only.
  5. Coverage of pre-existing ailments – Unlike other cashless or medical insurances, insured person will not have to worry about pre-existing issues. State government has mentioned that pre-existing sicknesses will be considered under this scheme as well.
  6. Treatment packages – For secondary and tertiary treatment, applicants will get separate packages.
  7. Payment of pre-hospitalization treatment – All insured patients will receive the money that had to be paid for primary treatment, before the actual hospitalization. Money will be paid for seven days before hospitalization.
  8. Payment of post-hospitalization treatment – After the patient has been released from the hospital, state government will take the responsibility of paying for medical costs for a term of 15 days.
  9. OPD treatment coverage – Apart from secondary and tertiary treatment, insured candidates will receive cashless treatment for OPD cases.
  10. Mobile app launched – The state government has also launched an application that will assist people to track the application from their mobile phones.

Treatment coverage details

  1. General ailments – 1715 general sicknesses have been included in the list of covered diseases.
  2. Secondary ailments – Under this category, insured applicants can receive 1148 secondary treatment packages.
  3. Tertiary ailments – A total of 500 packages have been identified for those who need tertiary treatments.
  4. Number of packages – For the time being, 67 separate treatment packages have been highlighted in the scheme.

Eligibility criteria and documents required

  1. Registration criterion and documents – As the scheme has been implemented by Rajasthan government, only those applicants will be able to register who have legal residents of this state and have such documents to support their claims.
  2. Beneficiaries of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana – All those candidates who are already registered under the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana or RSBY will be automatically enrolled under this project.
  3. Enlisted in National Food Security Act – Only those candidates will be able to apply for this project whose names are registered under the National Food Security Act. Thus, furnishing this certificate, during application is a must.
  4. No age limit – There is neither an upper nor any lower limits of age. A person of any age will be allowed to get the free treatment facility.
  5. Bhamashah card – Only those applicants will be allowed to get the benefits of this scheme if they have Bhamashah card. This card is issued by Rajasthan government.
  6. Aadhar card – It is mandatory for all applicants to possess their Aadhar card. The Aadhar code must be registered during registration.
  7. Ration card – It is essential for candidates to submit photocopies of their ration cards as well.
  8. BPL card – All interested applicants will have to submit a copy of their BPL cards as well. This means that people, who fall under the poverty level and stay in rural areas will be allowed to get the perks of this scheme.

Application form and registration process

  1. Since this scheme is targeted towards offering cashless treatment to poor and needy people, there will not be any online application. Only manual enrollment is necessary for attaining the benefits.
  2. All interested applicants will have to get to any of the enlisted hospitals.
  3. Each enlisted hospital will have a person who is appointed by the government to help candidates with the application process.
  4. Candidates need to bring in the necessary documents only. Form fill-up will be done by the appointed person.

Bhamashah card

The Bhamashah Card is a new initiative that has been taken by the state government of Rajasthan. The main objective of this card is to make women the head of the family. Once the eldest woman in the family gets a Bhamashah card, state government will open a bank account in her name. It will not only pave the path for women empowerment, but will also transfer all monetary grants, offered by state, into that account directly. The possession of the Bhamashah card will ensure that all financial grants reach the beneficiary as soon as possible. The card is linked with the registered mobile number. It offers beneficiaries all details about account transactions via SMS.

List of hospitals

Several hospitals have been empanelled under the scheme during its implementation during the first phase. To take a look at the list of these hospitals, one has to click on the link Apart from this, the task of adding new treatment center names to the scheme list, for implementation of second phase is in progress. To get hold of these new hospital names, applicants have to click on the link–phase-ii.html. After reaching these links, candidates can download the PDF files. There are separate links for private and government hospitals.

Hospital Enrollment Link

All hospitals or health care centers, which are interested in enrolling under this scheme, will have to click on the link Once the home page opens, the applicant will have to click on the link marked as “Link for Hospital empanelment.” It will open a new page in a separate tab. From there, applicants will have to follow the instructions.

Contact details and helpline number

To attain any information about the scheme or application process, interested applicants can call on the Toll free number 0141-2221590. People can also send their queries mail to

The first phase of the scheme has proven to be successful. The state authority has started work on the second phase. In this phase, new packages and hospitals will be included to offer better service to the poor people of Rajasthan.



Bhamashah Scheme Offers More benefits to The Women of Rajasthan

Contrary to popular practice, the Rajasthan government desires to put the power to run the family in the hands of the women. So, Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan implemented the issuance Bhamashah Card. This card will be issued in the name of the eldest female member. It will empower her. A bank account will be opened in the name of the female who possesses the Bhamashah Card. All financial grants, offered by the state government will be transferred in this account. This card will also allow women to withdraw money at Bhamashah Centers. The state authority has also launched a Bhamashah app. This application offers details about info on all state welfare projects.

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