How to Buy Namotel Acche Din Rs 99 Phone | Delivery Date | Site Not Opening

How to Buy Namotel Acche Din Rs 99 Phone | Delivery Date | Site Not Opening

There have been several attempts by many companies, and here is another similar attempt that has been made to launch in the market, the cheapest phone. The Namotel Acche Din is a smartphone that has been launched at the price of Rs.99.

Below mentioned table portraits some interesting and weird facts of Mobile Phones

S.No Some Interesting Facts about Mobiles Detailed Information
1 India’s Mobile Web Traffic As the recent stat released by CMO Council, India – The second most populous nation has 72% of web traffic from mobile devices.
2 Cost of First Mobile Phone in US First Mobile Phone sold in United States at the cost of $4000 during 1983.
3 Best ever sold Electronic gadget in history Nokia 1100, the best ever sold electronic gadget in history. It is estimated that more than 250 million phones sold all around the world. Still that record stands tall
4 Mobile Technology Current mobile phone technology far higher when compared with the computing technology used in Apollo 11 which used to land on the moon
5 Launch of World’s First Smart Phone In 1993, BellSouth Cellular launched world’s first Smartphone in Florida’s Wireless World Conference. The First Smartphone from BellSouth Cellular’s comes with LCD touch screen display
6 Mobile Phone Manufacturing Facts It is estimated that about 70% of world’s mobile phones are manufactured in China by various companies
7 Wired Fact about mobile phone users As per the recent survey, it is approximately estimated that around 4 billion people own mobile phones, whereas only 3.5 billion uses a toothbrush

The launch of rs 99 phone has been made by a Bangalore based company called Namotel. The new came into light when Promoter Madhava Reddy announced in a press conference that he will be marketing the world’s cheapest smartphone.

Buy Namotel Acche Din Rs 99 Phone

This rs 99 Achhe din phone is said to be available for booking from 17th May till 25th May 2016 and the website of the company is The website of the company says that there are Namotel phones available from Rs.2999 to Rs.99, on a cash on delivery basis. Along with the phone cost, there will be delivery charges levied. But before one can book a phone on the website of Namotel, the prospective buyers should first register on and get a user id and password from there so that the phones on Namotel website can be booked. For registering on the the person needs to pay a membership fee of Rs.199.

How to Buy Rs 99 Mobile Phone | Step by Step Process

  • Register yourself in (You would be charged one time pees of rs 199 for this)
  • Launch the official rs 99 phone website or
  • You would see a screen please select Achee din from that
  • Fill the form
  • Please make sure that you have uploaded your Aadhar Copy (They wont give you this phone without aadhar)
  • Click Submit
  • You will get an email for your order confirmation.  Keep Your Order ID safe
  • Your phone would be delivered to you with an auto Cash on Delivery option.

Features of Achhe Din rs 99 Phone and Delivery Date

The features of the Namotel smartphone includes a quad core processor with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM. The phone is a 3G smartphone and has dual sim options. The front camera of the phone is 3 mega pixel and the rear camera of the phone is 2 mega pixel. The phone has 4 inch HD display with a 1325 mAh battery. The colors available are black and white with android lollipop.

The message on the company’s websites reads that the phone has been launched in order to show support to the Make in India initiative. The phone is applicable for the Indian residents who have an Aadhar Card. Also it is mentioned on the website that the pictures present on the website is just for illustration purpose.

Company have still not made it clear about the delivery date of Achhe Din phone.

The company is using the same trick of launching and selling the cheapest phone in the country. There have been several attempts before. Before this, the Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 was launched. Now it is the turn of the NamotelAcche Din. The Freedom 251 smartphone also claimed that the launch was an initiative to support the Make in India initiative. But all the previous attempts made by the different companies were an unsuccessful effort.

5 Mission Impossible Experts all around the globe predicts that it would be mission impossible to deliver Smartphone at the rate which the developers announced.

S.No Things which needs to know about Achhe Din Detailed Information
1 Cheapest Android Smartphone in the world With the minimum cost of screen replacement of Smartphone revolves around Rs.2000 in the market, Achhe Din Smartphone going to launch at the rate of Rs.99 in India which is nearly unbelievable and it’s the world’s cheapest Smartphone
2 Who is Ringing Bells? Ringing Bells – The developers of Freedom 251. It is Nodia based company who promised to deliver Smartphone at the rate of Rs.251 earlier this year.
3 Make in India – Scheme Though, various speech revolves around the project carried on Make In India Scheme yet there has no confirmation from government officials

Namotel Acche Din Rs 99 Phone | Site Not Opening Issues

Deja Vu same thing is happening again site of worlds cheapest smartphone is not opening and we had seen this in the past with Freedom 251 and we are witnising this again. Let us what does this new Achhe din company have for s.

Now most are of the view that likes the Freedom 251 case, even this phone will not come to anyone’s hand and will remain as fake news to the people. But the marketer said in the press conference that this would actually available to the people and would be the cheapest smartphones available at the price of Rs.99.

The website of the company is open now and many people re trying their luck with this phone. There is no information available about the facts that in how much time the smartphone will be delivered and how much the cost of delivery will be. But the fact is that after so many failed and fakes news about such cheap smartphones, many people would find it a little difficult on believing any such further launches. The launch of the Namotel Acche Din was not hyped as much the Freedom 251 Smartphone. The whole point here is that one should be careful while booking or paying for any such cheap phones.

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