Buzz Credit Card by Axis Bank

Buzz Credit Card by Axis Bank

These days, online shopping becomes one of the hot trends for modernized youths and adults. To be frank, people are getting to forget the traditional mode of shopping as the convenient of online shopping attracts them a lot.

Axis Bank’s Innovative Thoughts

On considering those facts and changes expected by the customers and modern peoples of India, Axis Bank join hands with the online shopping legend Flipkart and launched its new ‘Buzz Credit Card’ which is referred as the contactless card from the Axis bank officials. This all new contactless card which is ‘Buzz Credit card’ is especially launched in order to assist the needs of modern people in their online shopping activities.

Buzz Credit Card by Axis Bank

S.No Things Need to Know about Axis Bank’s Buzz Credit Card Details
1 Name of the Credit Card Launched by Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card
2 Worth of Gift Voucher received as welcome offer from axis bank Rs. 1000
3 Percentage of Discounts which can be availed using Buzz credit card in Flipkart 5%
4 Number of restaurants tie-ups with Axis bank to offers 15% discount for Buzz Credit Card Above 5000+ restaurants across India.

Speciality of Axis Bank’s Buzz Credit Card

Along with the various welcome offers like getting Flipkart’s gift voucher worth of Rs. 1000. The newly released Axis bank’s Buzz credit card has various exiting features which are about the discussed below. Meanwhile, the welcome offer of getting Flipkart’s gift voucher can be availed if the consumer prefers to purchase 3 times within the initial 45 days after getting this new Buzz Credit card from Axis bank.

  • Consumers of Axis bank’s all new Buzz Credit card can avail the benefit of getting around 5% discount on their purchase from the new credit card. Simultaneously, the discount would be limited to the maximum amount of Rs.200 on monthly basis.
  • A consumer who prefers using Axis bank’s Buzz Credit card would get (6 or 2) eDGE loyalty reward points for their every purchase made for Rs.200. However, this can’t be applicable for spending money for travel in online.
  • Also the Axis bank’s new Buzz Credit card has the Dining Delights option by which consumers able to get around 15% discount for their dinner in more than 5000+ restaurants all across the nation.

At the same time, consumers are highly advised to read the terms and conditions before applying or utilizing the Axis Bank’s all new Buzz Credit Cards. The terms and condition would enable readers/viewers to understand the features and offers which can be availed using the card pretty clearly.

 Impact of Axis Bank’s New Buzz Credit Card in the market

As the globe turning digital and particularly Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi Ji, urges people of India to opt cashless transaction for their every purchase, the release of new buzz credit card from Axis bank along with the online shopping portal giant Flipkart’s tie-up provides various benefits and enabling customers to enjoy these festival seasons by online shopping.

At Launch Function

Sangram Singh, the Axis Bank’s head of Cards & Payments exclaims the growth of the e-commerce and their customer’s online savvy activities had forced them to introduce such online shopping friendly credit card. Also he added by listing the exiting features and benefits for Buzz credit card at the event.

On the other hand, the Head Category Design Organization of Flipkart Mr. Kalyan Krishnamurthy conveyed as the newly released Axis Bank’s Buzz Credit Card not only offers discount price for consumers while purchasing in flipkart also it provides high number of reward points and flipkart Gift Vouchers for every purchasing in online.

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