Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme in Punjab 2019

Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme in Punjab 2019 for Youths (Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process) [Data, Unlimited Voice Calls]

The free smart phone distribution scheme has started in Punjab. During the 2016 election in the state, Congress made the promise to offer free smartphones to commoners. This proved to be a good strategy for the party as its candidate won the election. But the scheme was not launched immediately. Several changes were made in the perks and eligibility criterion over the years. Finally, the Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme is ready to be rolled out. It will not only offer better communication facilities, but will also help the government in reaching the people via technological gadgets.

Captain Smart Connect Free Smartphone Scheme

Launch details

Name of the scheme Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme
Launched in Punjab
Launched by CM Captain Amrinder Singh
Date of announcement January 2019
Estimated date of implementation March 2019
Target beneficiaries Youngsters of the state
Supervised by Punjab State Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Better communication facilities – Till date, many people don’t have a smartphones. With the implementation of this scheme, eligible applicants will attain free smartphones from the Punjab government.
  2. Implementation in phases – The scheme was originally announced in 2016. It took the state around two years to finally implement the scheme. To ensure that eligible applicants get the benefits, the scheme will be rolled out in separate phases.
  3. Talk time – The free smartphone also comes with free talk time. Any beneficiary will be able to talk on any other local number for 600 minutes. Once they finish this talk time, they must recharge to get more talk time.
  4. Internet package – All selected applicants will be able to attain an internet data pack of 12 GB. This will come in handy when they desire to search the internet to attain any information.
  5. Validity of the connection – As per the details, highlighted in the draft, all the connection, offered under this project, will remain active for one year. After this, applicants will have to pay a certain sum to keep the connection active.
  6. Targeted towards the youngsters – The main aspect of this project is that it targets the needs and betterment of the youngsters. If the state government succeeds in offer better facilities to the youngsters, then they will play an important role in the development of the overall society.
  7. Total number of beneficiaries – It has been estimated that with this project, the Punjab government will be able to offer free smartphones to as many as 50 lakh young people of the area.
  8. Inviting tenders – The state authority, with the assistance of the Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation has also released tender invitations. The officials are hopeful that competent telecom companies will associate themselves with this project within two months.

Eligibility and documents necessary for registration

  1. Residents of Punjab only – As the entire scheme will be monitored and funded by Punjab government, it is only open for the legal residents of the state. If any applicant does not possess his/her residential certificate, his/her registration form will be dismissed.
  2. Educational qualification – The scheme is only for school and college students. As per the 1st phase instruction, only government school and college students can apply for this phone. Apart from this, pupils, studying in technical academies will also get this free smartphone. Thus, school and college admission papers, and final examination mark sheets will be required for checking authenticity.
  3. Personal ID proof – Applicants will also have to submit their personal identification papers. It will help the state officials to ensure that the right candidate is getting the smartphone. Copies of Aadhar or voter card will be considered by the registration offices.

How to get application form and enroll?

Though the scheme had been planned two years back, the state government is only taking measures to implement it now. The scheme details highlight that the earlier enrollment process is no longer valid. Punjab government will soon launch a new portal or highlight offline registration procedures, for the easy of students. When the state authority releases these details, you will get in on this site.

The state government wants to start the scheme in 2019 soon. The common people voted for the Amrinder Singh. Now it is his turn to keep the promise he made. The respective departments have already started preliminary steps to ensure successful implementation of this project. For more information on this innovative scheme, check this site regularly. We will offer all scheme related details as and when the Punjab government makes new announcements.

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