Cheap and Best Smartphones to Buy in India Below Rs. 2000

Cheap and Best Smartphones to Buy in India Below Rs. 2000

We all want smartphones but how many of us actually want to spend that wholesome buck? In India, it is increasingly becoming important to buy an Android phone. Every other day the government is launching a new app or service. The stress upon digital transaction has never been so strong and neither has there been a need to carry out the processes online. Hence one can clearly see that we need smartphones and for the benefit of all concerned we need them in cheaper prices.

Cheap and Best Smartphones to Buy in India at Rs. 2000

Since Rs. 2000 is the standard price for a smartphone to have all the features with, we will tell you about some brands that are giving away their android phones in cheaper prices.

The brands are mostly Indian but since they are Indian they do not have to pay hefty import charges and therefore they are available in cheaper rates to the countrymen. If you have been thinking of buying an Android phone anyway, this is the time and the opportunity for you to do so. January 2017 has brought with it some phones which are cheaper on the budget and still useful overall.

  1. Spice Xlife 415

This phone is very smart looking in its design. Its 4.0 inch TFT display is very graspable and it comes with a screen protecting glass. This is one of the very phones in this budget that supports 3G connectivity and that is its main feature. The battery power of 1600 mAh is ample to keep it working for hours. Also, the phone supports Wi-Fi.

  1. Swipe Konnect 4 

    OS wise the phone still runs on JellyBean – which is operable given its 1 GHz Dual Core processor. The camera features are reasonable for this price the battery though is only 1500 mAh powered and might be a bit slower than Spice Xlife’s. However the RAM and the internal memory are of the same capacity in the two phones. It is a decent phone for all your basic necessities.

  2. Spice Xlife 405 

    The phone comes with a single core processor. The single core processor is of 1 GHz capacity. However given the phone’s basic features, it is quite ample. You will find all basic features like FM, Bluetooth and 2G connections on this phone. The battery life is 1300 mAh and the makers claim that it will last you 10 hours. Camera comes with LED flash and the overall phone is very handy.

  3. Intex Aqua G2 

    Unlike the previous two phones which had 4 inch display, this one only has 2.8 display with 120 ppi. Since the screen capacity is low the battery losing will be curbed and therefore the battery is powered only at 1100 mAh capacity. This is a dual SIM phone and you can also use the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi feature. However, the SIMs that can be used here are 2G only. It is a small phone that fits in your pocket and can be easily used for basic smartphone usage purposes.

  4. Karbonn Alfa A110 

    A little longer than Intex’s handset, Karbonn Alfa A110 prides itself in being 3.5 inch long with a resolution of 320×480 pixels. The lithium ion battery of 1300 mAh supports the storage and usage functions. You can use dual SIMs in this phone too – both SIMs being GSM. Also, the phone allows you to expand the internal memory up to 32GB. This means that internal memory card storage of up to 32GB is supported by this phone. This is one of the best phones in this price range.

  5. Videocon Z30 Pace 

    We have yet another 3G phone under Rs. 2000. Yes, Videocon Z30 Pace is one of the phones that will give you a wholesome experience on budget. The phone consists of 1 GHz single core processor. The screen comes with a 165 ppi resolution and the battery is 1250 mAh only. Other than that the phone is good for day to day usage and you might want to try this phone for your daily use.

  6. Sansui C32 

    This is one of the phones on this list that has a higher resolution than the others. On its 4.0 inch screen you can have a 233 ppi density. Also for smooth operation and to ensure that you can work with it for hours, the battery is powered at 1450 mAh – as you can see that is stronger than many on this list. These budget phones are handy to keep. If camera is not an issue with you, you can go with this phone.

  7. Micromax Bolt A24 

    Micromax’s Bolt A24 is one of the best under Rs. 2000 smartphone in the country. The Android is Gingerbread (v2.3) but that is about it. The screen has 443 pixels per inch and 2.8 inch screen is good enough to surf on. 1350 mAh battery keeps it working for 23 hours with ease.

  8. Datawind Pocket Surfer 2G4 

    Datawind is coming up with new and better phone in the market. This one has a very grainy back which makes it easier to grasp. 900 mAh battery aside, the phone is a steal deal in this price range. You can see that it is priced much lower than the other phones.

  9. Swipe Konnect 4E 

    The gives an average performance for its MediaTek Processor. The RAM and internal are all measured up for it to be a great phone on a budget. The 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery make it perfect for day to day usage – if you are someone who forgets to charge his phone. It is also available in the latest Android KitKat version.

 Tabular overview

Phone name Price Range RAM, Storage Camera (primary, secondary)
Spice Xlife 415 Rs. 1974 512MB, 4GB 3.2MP, 1.3MP
Swipe Konnect 4 Rs. 1999 512MB, 4GB 3.2MP, 0.3MP
Spice Xlife 405 Rs. 2000 256MB, 512MB 2MP, 0.3MP
Intex Aqua G2 Rs. 1929 256MB, 512MB VGA, VGA
Karbonn Alfa A110 Rs. 1999 256MB, 512MB 3MP, 0.3MP
Videocon Z30 Pace Rs. 1990 256MB, 512MB 2MP, 0.3MP
Sansui C32 Rs. 1965 256MB, 512MB 0.3MP, 0.3MP
Micromax Bolt A24 Rs. 1899 256MB, 512MB VGA (main)
Datawind Pocket Surfer 2G4 Rs. 1450 256MB, 512MB VGA (main)
Swipe Konnect 4E Rs. 1999 256MB, 512MB 2MP, 0.3MP

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