CM Santwana Harish Scheme Yojana 2022 in Karnataka

CM Santwana Harish Scheme Yojana in Karnataka

Karnataka recently launched a new free medical help scheme after the dreadful death of Shree Harish Nanjappa in the month of February 2016. The man himself donated his eyes before he took her last breath. After his name Harish the new scheme Karnataka government has launched in recent times namely Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana. Under this scheme a beneficiary will get free medical help in case of road accidents for the next 48 hours. The scheme is launched for anyone who meets an accident on road.

CM Santwana Harish Yojana

According to the scheme there will be no cost till next 2 days of the actual accidents. The treatment will be free for anyone irrespective of financial status or caste or religion. The scheme has launched to serve the accident victims as soon as possible so that they can survive properly.

Key Features

  • The scheme namely Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana was launched by the state government of Karnataka in the year 2016. The scheme is for the victims of accidents such as road accidents.
  • In this scheme the victim will be rushed to nearest private or government hospital for the initial treatment. Wherever the person will be taken, the first two days’ treatment will take place without any cost. After that the person has to bear his / her medical costs.
  • Each victim will get subsidy of Rs. 1000/- minimum to Rs. 25, 000/- maximum for these two days’ treatment. The amount of money will depend on the loss of the victims’ physical or mental health.
  • This scheme does not have any eligibility criteria. According to the authority this scheme will be available for any person who has met a road accident. The victim can be rich, poor, below the poverty line or above the poverty line and also can be of any caste or religion. The scheme is open for everyone.
  • There are some helpline numbers available under the scheme where passer by people can contact to avail the scheme at that moment. Once the call is made the ambulance will come and pick the victim up and take him / her to the nearest hospital.
  • Each and every public as well as private hospital is aware of the scheme. The authorities have sent the details of the scheme and also ordered them to follow the rules of the scheme. They have to admit the victim as soon as the victim reaches to the hospital and immediately have to start the treatment.
  • Total 200 hospitals as of now had enrolled under the scheme where the free treatment for 48 hours will be given to the accident victims.


Each victim who has met an accident on road is the beneficiary under the scheme. There is no other eligibility criterion for the scheme. As mentioned earlier in this article the free treatment will be provided to everyone irrespective of rich, poor, religion or caste.

Hospitals under this scheme

As said there are 200 hospitals enrolled under this scheme. This include private hospitals, public hospitals, hospitals in Talukas, CHC, Districts and PHC, all the medical colleges including public as well as private, any recognised hospital that is included in GPS map will also be there so that the victim can be taken there easily via following GPS.

Services and benefits of the scheme

Under the scheme there will be a handful of services that each hospital will provide to the victims for the 48 hours that is 2 long days. The services include:

  • Firstly there are 25 packages available under this scheme. The packages are of different prices ranging from Rs. 1000/- (min) to Rs. 25000/- (max). The patient depending on their needs can avail any of the packages.
  • A patient can take multiple packages at any time as per his / her need. He / she can use the entire Rs. 25, 000/- in a day or in couple of days or can use less than that. These all depend on the condition of the victim.
  • Under this scheme there will be Intensive Care Unit facilities and treatments. Also the scheme will have ward care facilities and treatment for the accident victims.
  • Under this scheme there will be diverse treatments like head injury, fractures, blood transfusion, burns, spinal injuries along with primary treatments. Also it will offer special treatments for serious patients as well.

Hospitals and MSH Scheme

  • Once the patients are brought to the hospital, the hospital authority can call or apply online immediately for the unique registration code. The registration of the patient will be done by that time. Also the hospital authority needs to get the approval of the treatment for the victim before starting up the treatment.
  • is the official website where the hospitals can find the software through which they can enrol their organisation under the scheme, register the patients’ names and also can opt for claim process and such.
  • As per the facilities available in any hospital the hospitals will get a gradation. Grade 1 will be those which have speciality treatments, Grade 2 will be the semi special ones and finally Grade 3 will be those which have primary facilities to treat a serious patient.

Funding of the scheme

Under this scheme each patient will get up to Rs. 25, 000/- for his / her treatment. This entire scheme will be solely funded by the state government of Karnataka. The Karnataka government in this current financial year has released Rs. 10 Cr for the scheme. As per the reports government will release 75 Cr in next budget 2010 – 17 for the same.

Contact for help

There are several contact details that are given by the Karnataka government so that people can ask for help in case of emergency.

  • The helpline numbers for ambulance and others: 108 & 104
  • Toll free number for other issues: 18004258330
  • Email ID:
  • For other details and information:

Details about Santwana Harish Yojana

Launched inKarnataka
Launched on8th March 2016
Launched byState government of Karnataka
BeneficiariesAccident victims
TreatmentFree for 48 hours
Hospitals200 in total including public, private , medical colleges and such
Registration of patientsBy the hospitals
Documents requiredNone
Maximum financial assistanceRs. 25000/-
Number of packages25

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