Get Jan Dhan Khata benefits with your existing savings account, apply now

Get Jan Dhan Khata benefits with your existing savings account, apply now

The Coronavirus pandemic has already infected more than 11,500 people in India. Medical experts are of the opinion that if the central and state governments increase the number of tests, then this figure will shoot up significantly. WHO has also announced that without adequate tests, it will not be possible for any country to detect the silent virus carriers, and treat them properly.

Jan Dhan Yojna Benefits

Another effective step that will complement the testing and treatment strategies is the countrywide lockdown. The Indian government has recently extended the lockdown span, with the objective of containing the spread of this disease. A massive percentage of blue collar workers have lost their employments. They are facing intense financial crunch. The central government has announced that steps will be taken to merge the Jan Dhan Yojana Accounts with the savings accounts.

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Who will become the beneficiaries?

The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister of India has pointed out that the perks of merging the accounts will be available to the female PM Jan Dhan Yojana account holders. The Prime Minister said that the central government has taken this step to ensure that needy women have financial security during these dark days.

Perks of the revised scheme

Under this scheme, the female PMJDY account holders will get Rs. 500 in their bank accounts. The finance department will make the deposits via DBT mode for the upcoming three months. Apart from this, the PMJDY account holders will be able to merge their savings bank accounts. The process is simple, and can be completed at the respective bank. The beneficiaries will be able to apply and obtain an overdraft of Rs. 10,000. This facility will be available to those women, which have not opted for any loan from the bank. If the beneficiary has missed the payment of EMIs or has low CIBIL score, then she will be barred from getting the overdraft. Additionally, these beneficiaries will attain a life insurance cover and an accidental cover of Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 1 lakh respectively.

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How to link savings account with PMJDY account?

The process becomes easy for those women who already maintain a savings bank account in any bank. The applicant needs to go to the respective branch, and submit a written application. The application will highlight that beneficiary is interested in merging the two accounts. The branch manager will accept the application, and issue a RuPay card in the name of the beneficiary. The issuance of the RuPay card means that the bank has taken the necessary steps to convert the savings account into the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Account. As soon as conversion of the account is complete, the beneficiary will be able to attain the other perks, which have been promised by the central Finance Department.

The scheme will enable the central government to incorporate more needy women in the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana. Additionally, it will offer better financial assistance to the women, in the hour of need.

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