COVID-19 and YSR Nirman Portals Launched in Andhra Pradesh

COVID-19 and YSR Nirman Portals Launched in Andhra Pradesh

The central government, along with the state governments, has taken the joint decision to extend the lockdown till the end of April 2020. The medical experts have mentioned that it will contain the community contamination of COVID – 19 in India. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has already taken various measures to ensure that needy people get access to necessary commodities. Special steps have been taken to continue the supply of medicines.

COVID-19 and YSR Nirman Portals Launched in Andhra Pradesh-compressed

Now the Chief Minister has launched a portal for the betterment of the MSME business owners, and suppliers. Apart from this, a separate website will allow the cement manufacturing companies to maintain their operations.

The names of these two separate websites are COVID-19 and YSR Nirman portals respectively. If you want to know more information about these sites, then read on.

Industries COVID-19 Portal

The launch of this website will assist the state government to gather information about those small and marginal business ventures, which manufacture and supply essential commodities. Only those venture owners will be able to log in and register through this portal, which have MSME registration.

The Chief Minister highlighted that various MSME organizations supply food items or medicines and other ancillary items, which are necessary for protecting the people of the state. By registering on this website, the organizations will be able to get orders for the government, and make the necessary products. It will also keep these manufacturing units operational and financially afloat during the trying times.

As of now, the Andhra Pradesh government has listed 112 medicine manufacturers. Additionally, the authority has gather information of 41 ventures, which can supply other necessary products.

YSR Nirman Portal

Though the entire country is under lockdown, some of the government construction projects are still operational. Without the continuous supply of high-quality cement, these constriction projects will not be able to remain active. The YSR Nirman website has been launched by the Andhra Pradesh authority to bridge the gap between the cement manufacturers and government departments.

Cement manufacturing companies, and Cement Manufacturers Association can register on this portal. Different government department officials have access to this site. In case any department needs a consignment of cement, the officials can upload the details on this portal. They can also contact the registered cement manufacturing companies directly.

Clearing Incentive Payments for Industrial Manufacturers

To encourage the participation of industries in the government projects, the Andhra Pradesh CM has announced special incentives for the companies. Official reports highlight that the authority needs to pay as much as 4,800 crore to the industries as an incentive for their operations. However, the delay in the incentive payment has left the industry owners fuming.

The Chief Minister has stated though the financial structure in under pressure, the government will start the incentive payment as soon as possible. It will not be possible to clear the payment at once. Thus, the government has decided that the incentive payment will be made in phase-wise manner. The CM said that the industries, which provide jobs to huge number of people, will be given more priority. The small and marginal ventures, having MSME certification, will also acquire financial assistance.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has urged the central government to introduce financial packages for the states. It will help the state authorities to get over this lockdown situation, and offer relief to the common people.

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