Punjab Migrants (Pravasi) Workers Online Registration @covidhelp.punjab.gov.in

Punjab Migrants (Pravasi) Workers Online Registration Form, COVID Help Portal (Migrants (Go From / Come Back)) @covidhelp.punjab.gov.in, Check Helpline number

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than a 1200 lives in India so far. The medical infrastructure is not adequate to tackle a community transfer in a populated nation like India. Thus, containment is a practical solution. Stopping inter and intra-state state transportation had left many people stranded far from their families in the native states. Similar conditions prevail in Punjab. Some individuals desire to go back to their native states, while residents of Punjab, stranded in other regions, longue to come back to their hometown. To facilitate this, the Punjab government has launched the COVID Help Punjab Portal. If you want to know more about the scheme and the registration process, then read this article.


Launch details of the portal

Name of the portalCOVID Help Punjab Portal
Launched inPunjab
Launched byCaptain Amarinder Singh
Date of launch1st May, 2020
Date of implementation2nd May 2020
Target beneficiariesPeople who want to travel to and from Punjab
Official online portalcovidhelp.punjab.gov.in
Supervised byGovernment of Punjab

Key features of the portal

  1. Making travel arrangements – One objective of this program is to get the details of the people, who are stranded in Punjab, and wish to return to their hometowns.
  2. Bringing residents of the state back – The other aim of the state authority is to gather information and make suitable arrangements for residents of Punjab, who are stranded in other states, and wish to return.
  3. Easy registration process – The launch of the online registration portal makes the process easy for the interested candidates. It is quick and paperless as well.
  4. Application details – The Punjab government has already opened the application lines. The Chief Minister mentioned that the registration lines will remain open till 3rd May, 2020.
  5. Maximum number of passengers – It has been mentioned in the portal that registration is necessary if one passenger desires to travel to or from Punjab. The maximum number of passengers, traveling together cannot be more than 25.
  6. Passenger ID – after online application, the site will issue a code or ID for the candidate.
  7. Mobile notification – To track the movement of the applicants, the state government will issue a unique ID for the passenger or group of people traveling to and from the state. The ID code will be sent to the applicant via mobile SMS notification.
  8. Transportation modes – The interested traveler will be able to pick any of the three transportation modes – air, road or train, to come back or leave the state.

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How to get application form and register to travel from Punjab?

  1. Official portal – If any candidate desires to fill the registration form, and travel from Punjab to another state, then he/she must click on the link covidhelp.punjab.gov.in to land on the authorized website.
  2. Option selection – When the homepage opens, the candidate will find a tab that is marked as “Fill Up Registration Form To Go From Punjab.”
  3. Access to the form – As soon as the individual clicks on the tab, the digitized application form will open up. A click on the Link will give the applicant access to the document.
  4. Filling the application form – The applicant will find various fields on the registration form. It is necessary to mention the name of the district in Punjab, where the person is stranded. The applicant must highlight the name of the place where he/she desires to travel. There are some other fields as well, which must be filled in with correct information.
  5. Submit the document – Once the form fill-up is complete, the candidate must click on the “Submit” button to save the application.

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How to get application form and register to come back to Punjab?

  1. Portal for the project – In case a person is stranded in another state, and desired to retune to Punjab, he/she can click on the Link to gain access to the official website.
  2. Pick the correct option – After this, the candidate must click on the tab that is marked as “Fill Up Registration Form To Come Back To Punjab.”
  3. Agreeing to the terms – The candidate must read the rules and regulations, and then click on the “Proceed” option.
  4. Online application form – It triggers the portal to bring up the application form on the computer screen.
  5. Fill in the details – When the person has access to the online enrollment form, he/she needs to fill it up with personal and location details.
  6. Form submission – Once all the fields in the digitized form has been filled in, the applicant must save the registration by clicking on the button that is marked as “Submit.”

The Health Department of the state has also pointed out that both passengers, leaving and coming back to the state, must go through an extensive medical screening. Those passengers, who lack the Coronavirus symptoms, will be given the permission to leave the state. If any of the passengers, entering the state, have the symptoms of this disease, they will be quarantined and treated, till they are completely cured.

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