Credit linked Capital Subsidy scheme

Credit linked Capital Subsidy scheme

In October two thousand credit linked capital scheme was introduced for technology up gradation. This scheme was mainly introduced by the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises. In two thousand five this scheme was revised. As a result people can get better facilities through this scheme. Government wants to improve the technological instrument. In the advancement of technology everything is related to technology, as a result works are become easy for this improvement minister launched this scheme.

Credit linked Capital Subsidy scheme

Benefits of the scheme

When a new scheme was launched common people can get many advantages. This scheme was the revolution of the society. These benefits are given through the below points;

  • Government declare that for the technology upgradation, fifteen percent subsidy provide on maximum fifteen lakhs for buying plant and machineries. As a result tiny industry became increased.
  • Maximum hundred lakhs loan allows for getting the subsidy. Therefore people can get god opportunities to improve their professions.
  • For getting these facilities unemployment problem can solve by using this scheme.
  • This subsidy money comes from NABARD, designated as one of the nodal agencies, who are always ready for taking the challenge of subsidy. They serve the subsidy through some co-operative banks and commercial banks. As a result by applying the loan amount people can easily get the subsidy money.
  • One project will established through this subsidy, therefore people cannot waste their time and he cannot leisure time.
  • For introducing this scheme, many non productive industries are improved.
  • Bio-tech industry can improve their business by receiving the subsidy.
  • Food processing, drugs and pharmaceuticals, poultry, hatchery, cattle feed industry are grown up by taking the subsidy of the scheme.
  • Apart from these many reputed and small industry improve their production equipment.

  Main purpose of the scheme

In the modern concept, people are very much accustomed with technology. Government realizes that the technological improvement not only limited for city but the advancement of technology is required for the villagers, because, they are the creator of the society. If they do everything which is based on technology they can easily increase the production. As a result whole progression comes from this system. The rural people remain backdated because of the in sufficient amount of wealth. By introducing this scheme government help the poor people who are suffering from sufficient money, by applying the loan, they can get the subsidy, which help them to improve their creativity. This subsidy money makes them rich, if they are concentrating on their project. So the purpose of the scheme was technical up gradation of the plant and machinery, and the whole improvement of the industry with technical instrument.

Year wise performance of the scheme

This is a revolutionary scheme, which was introduced by the ministry of micro and small enterprises. Credit linked Capital Subsidy Scheme became very successful. According to the year the performance of the scheme are given below;

  • In two thousand one and two to two thousand eleven and twelve total beneficiaries, who are listed in this scheme are 16295 and total amount of subsidy released for this scheme was Rs 850.05.
  • In two thousand twelve to thirteen, micro and small beneficiaries are five thousand seven hundred thirteen and the subsidy money was Rs 343.79 crore.
  • In two thousand thirteen to fourteen total beneficiaries are six hundred two thousand seventy nine and the total money was Rs 421.48 crore
  • In two thousand fourteen to fifteen, total money released for this scheme was 448.85and the total beneficiaries are seven thousand two hundred forty six crore
  • In two thousand fifteen to sixteen, total beneficiaries are five hundred forty seven and total subsidy amount was Rs 322.44 crore.
  • But current year total beneficiaries are three thousand three hundred seventy three and the total subsidy is Rs 215.29 crore.

Quick glance

NAME Credit linked capital subsidy scheme
INTRODUCED BY Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium
REVISED YEAR September 2005
                                                          YEAR WSE PERFORMANCE
2001-02 TO 2011-12 16295 854.05
2012 TO 2013 5713 343.79
2013 TO 2014 6279 421.48
2014 TO 2015 7246 448.85
2015 TO 2016 5047 322.44
2016 -2017 (UPTO) 29.04.2016 3373 215.29

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