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Delhi Driver Scheme 2020 ( apply online for Rs. 5,000 aid Corona Transport Help Sahayata Yojana) (Application Form Online Download, Eligibility, Documents list, auto rikshaws, Taxi , Cab Driver Apply Direct link@transport.delhi.gov.in, Amount, Last Date, Official Portal, phatphat sewa, Helpline number,FAQ)

The number of COVID – 19 positive cases is on the rise in Delhi. Delhi holds the third position in respect to number of COVID – 19 patients and death toll. It has prompted the government to extend the lockdown. It is a desperate attempt by the state government to contain the spread of this disease. Some of the areas have already been sealed off, as they are Coronavirus hotspots. It means all shops will remain closed, and public transport facilities will not be available. The vehicle drivers cannot earn if they do not get out of their homes. However, they will not get passengers during the lockdown. The Delhi government has initiated the Delhi Driver Scheme or Transport Corona Yojana for offering economic support to these individuals. The drivers will acquire financial benefit from the Delhi authority. If you want to know more about this scheme, then read this article.

Delhi Driver Scheme corona transport

Delhi Driver Financial Assistance- An Overview

Name of the scheme

Delhi Driver Scheme or Transport Corona Yojana

Launched in


Launched by

Arvind Kejriwal

Date of official announcement

12 April 2020

Target beneficiaries

Drivers associated with public transport facilities

Registration start date

13 April 2020

Last date for application submission

27 April 2020

Official scheme portal


Helpline numbers for applicants

011-23930763, 011-23970290

Supervised by

Delhi Transport department

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Key features of the scheme

  1. Ensuring financial security – The development of this project will allow the Delhi government to offer financial security to the people, associated with public transport system.
  2. Grant amount – The officials of the Delhi Transport Department has pointed out that each beneficiary will attain Rs. 5000 from the authority.
  3. Payment tenure – The Chief Minister of Delhi has pointed out that the financial grant will be offered to the beneficiaries once. The scheme has been implemented to help the drivers.
  4. Application process – It is impossible for the common people to get out of their homes, and line up in the transport department offices to obtain and submit the registration forms. The launch of the separate website link allows the applicant to enroll for the scheme via the portal. It makes the process easy and paperless.
  5. Payment mode – The Delhi government has announced that necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the eligible applicants get the grant. Once the online application documents have been checked, the money will be deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary through Direct benefit Transfer process.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Must be associated with transport sector – It has been mentioned that the scheme is only for those people who earn their livelihood by driving vehicles.
  2. Taxi, auto and cab drivers can apply – Apart from drivers, who operate public vehicles, auto, taxi, cab, Phatphat Sewa, and other such vehicle drivers will be allowed to attain the perks of this project.
  3. Must possess PSV badge – It is mandatory for the drivers to possess their PSV badges.
  4. Must have a driving license – The applicants of those drivers will be rejected, who do not have a driving license code, issued by the Delhi Transport Department.
  5. Applicable for drivers with expired licenses – The scheme guidelines also highlight that the drivers, with expired driving licenses will also be able to register for the financial perks.
  6. Must have a bank account – As the selected grant distribution mode is DBT, only those drivers with bank accounts will be allowed to partake in this scheme.

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Documents necessary for application

  1. Identification documents – It is mandatory for the interested candidates to upload a scanned copy of their Aadhar cards.
  2. PSV badge number – To become the beneficiary of this welfare scheme, the applicant needs to type in the PSV badge number in the online application document.
  3. Driving license – If the applicant desires to attain the perks of this program, then he/she must upload a scanned copy of the driving license.
  4. Birth certificate – The applicant also needs to upload a scanned copy of the birth certificate. It will also act as the age proof.
  5. Gender certificate – The scheme guidelines highlight that each applicant must furnish a scanned copy of his/her gender certificate.
  6. Valid contact number – The applicant must provide the active mobile number. It will assist the government officials to carry out the background verifications.
  7. Bank account details – As the grant deposition will be made in the bank account, it is necessary that the applicants upload scanned copy of the first page of the bank account passbook.

How to get Online Registration/Application form

  1. Online website for application

    All interested candidates must log in on the official portal of Delhi Transport department. To get to this authorized portal, the candidate needs to click on the link.

  2. Application process activation

    When the website opens, the candidate will see many options on the main page. He/she must select the option that is marked as “Application For Financial Assistance by Para Transit Vehicle Owners.”

  3. Instruction page

    When the candidate clicks on this option, it will bring up an instruction page. The candidate needs to read these guidelines carefully, before moving on to the application form.

  4. Digitized application form

    At the bottom of the instruction page, there is a link that is marked as “Click Here.” The candidate can trigger the site to bring up the digitized application form by clicking on this link.

  5. Enrollment form fill-up

    When the online registration form opens, the candidate must type in the necessary details in the respective fields.

  6. Submitting the form

    Once this step is complete, the candidate can save the application by clicking on the “Submit” button.

  7. Authorized verification

    It will be the responsibility of the officials of the Delhi Transport Department to check these enrollment forms, and conduct the necessary verifications.

When will the application lines open and what is the official registration ending date?

The Chief Minister of Delhi has pointed out that the eligible applicants will be able to log in on the portal and apply from the 13th of April 2020 till the 27th of April 2020.

Will the interested applicants be able to apply offline?

No! There is no scope for offline application for obtaining the scheme perks. The interested and eligible candidate will have to log in on the authorized website of Delhi Transport Department.

What is the link that can give applicants access to the official portal?

If an applicant wants to register for this program, then he/she must click on the link http://transport.delhi.gov.in/. It is the direct link to get to the Delhi Transport Department’s website.

Can such candidates apply who no longer have an active driving license?

The officials of the Delhi Transport Department stated that there are many drivers, who did not get the chance to renew their driving license due to the lockdown. If a driver’s license has expired on or before 1st February 2020, such candidates can apply for this scheme.

How will the Delhi government distribute the grant?

The financial grant, as promised under this scheme, will be deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary. The selected mode of grant distribution is Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT.

Is this scheme open for the residents of Gurgaon?

No! Only those people, who are residents of the National Capital Territory of Delhi will be allowed to apply for and obtain the perks of the Transport Corona Yojana.

Mention the helpline numbers, which have been launched by the Delhi government.

Two separate helpline numbers have been launched by the authority. An applicant, who has any doubt, can call on the numbers 011-23970290 or 01123930763 for gathering relevant information. These lines will remain active from Monday to Saturday, between 9 a.m and 6 p.m. The lines will remain active till the 27th of April, 2020.

The Delhi lockdown has affected the transport sector. The bus and other vehicle drivers, recruited by the Delhi government will get their salaries. However, the cab, taxi, e-auto and other vehicle drivers do not have this luxury. They cannot take their vehicles out during the lockdown. It will create massive unrest in their lives, due to financial constraints. With the implementation of this scheme, the Delhi government can eliminate their problems for the time being.

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