Delhi govt some welface scheme and initiative for Coronavirus (lockdown) 2020

Delhi govt some welface scheme and initiative for Coronavirus (lockdown)  2020

Delhi government stated due to the pandemic coronavirus, it is causing a serious financial problem on the poor people of the state. Owing to this, the government has announced ration shops to offer 50% more ration from the next month.


In addition to this, Kejriwal has also asked people to stay indoors, and the government has imposed lockdown yet. But it may have to do so to curb the virus attack from spreading any further. In this regard, the government also expressed their concern for the laborers and daily wagers. Further, Delhi CM added that the restrictions put in the state due to the increasing impact of the pandemic are causing a serious threat to the poor sections of the society. In this regard, Delhi government has planned to identify people by putting a stamp on their hands who have been asked to remain in-home quarantine. For the ones fleeing from quarantine, strict steps would be taken against them by the state government.

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Announcement details

  • Government has reduced the size of religious, social as well as political meetups to five people. More than five people will not be allowed in one gathering.
  • As some individuals need to travel on the grounds of emergency, 50% of the buses will be available in the state.
  • All goods and service tax would be eliminated to make it easy for people belonging to every section of the society to buy the essential goods at the quarantine period.
  • Delhi government has asked to close down restaurants and stop social gatherings to curb the spread of the virus.
  • In a press conference, CM has asked to close down educational institutes along with restaurants. In this relation, people cannot eat food but take away service would continue in the state.
  • Non-essential goods will be discontinued to curb the spread of the disease further.
  • Initiative would be taken to disinfect public transport from 10 AM to 6 PM for free of cost.

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However, the lockdown announcement has not yet been declared but will be enforced as per requirement. 

Beneficiary of the scheme

  1. 5 lakhs of individuals belonging to different groups like old age, disabled and widow are capable of enjoying the scheme benefits.
  2. Beneficiaries included under the public distribution system will be given free ration, and it is counting to almost 18 lakh families.
  3. People living in the night shelters will be offered free of lunch and dinner as per the guidelines of the scheme.

Important point

  • Offering Free Ration for PDS Beneficiaries –Beneficiaries under the public distribution system or PDS will be offered free and additional ration for a month. In addition, almost 18 lakh families will be benefitted from the scheme.
  • Free Ration to Delhi Ration Scheme Beneficiaries – Delhi government has decided to offer 50% more quantity to 72 lakhs of beneficiaries under Delhi Ration Scheme for 1 month. However, the ration will be given free of cost.
  • 2 Times Free Food for homeless at Night Shelters – The state government will offer free food twice daily to the ones staying at the night shelters. In addition, occupants of the facilities are eligible to get the benefits that include 220 night shelter person.
  • Widow / Disabled / Old Age Pension Amount Doubled – The state government has increased the pension amount to double for the widows, old age and disability pension under the scheme. Under this, almost 8.5 lakhs of beneficiaries would be helped.

Therefore, the Delhi government has requested the citizens of the state to stay at home unless necessary to go out. Theaged persons and children are asked to stay home as being prone to the disease. However, if anyone does not abide by the government rules, strict actions would be taken against them by higher authorities.

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